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  1. Hehe guess britney spears ain't the only one who lyp-synchs.
  2. hopefully this will b the definitive single playter rpg I hoped for.
  3. Well more and more developers are moving into MMORPG bandwagon and the single player pc rpg's are becoming rare these days. The only MMORPG that interests me that doesn't have a monthly fee is Guild Wars. I'm going back to console rpg's they seem to be more immersive and fun but are there any good ones coming soon besides the obvious square enix FF12 or kingdom hearts 2? I hear Shadow Hearts Covenant is pretty good and I already have Star Ocean Till the End of Time which is ok but could have been better. Any recommendations?
  4. Outlaw


    She's dressed up more like a dominatrix and catwoman wasn't too popular to begin with anyway. Definately would like to see a silver surfer movie myself though!
  5. A prequel to Pitch Black would have been better even though the game has this already. The movie trailers look like a bad star trek borg episode.
  6. let's hope the movie doesn't suck 'cuz from the looks of the trailers, I'm not that impressed especially with the whole necromonger thing sounds like a cheesy borg assimilation rip-off idea. instead of the game prequel it would have been better as a movie adaptation so the focus would be more on Riddick.
  7. Ron perlman rocks, he's truly an excellent underrated actor that can play a perfect villain that truly deserves more credit.
  8. Rome Total War is gonna be the best strategy game this year!
  9. Man I used to hate FPS games but when I bought UT2004 I was hooked on Assault and Onslaught. Fun and easy to pick up, action packed, this is a must buy!
  10. quote:A little mysticism next time, please Give me a break scrivener, this is a horror movie not a sci-fi movie. Wait for AvP or CoR for that if your seeking answers. If you say its an above-average horror movie then why give it a 6.5? Your review sucks.
  11. Best horror and zombie movie ever made. Crappy lines here and there but the gore and action makes up for it. Gonna watch this multiple times. Hehe, the lounge version of Disturbed's "Down with the sickness" was hilarious. Better than the original. This is what Resident Evil should have been, puts House of the Dead to shame. Horror fans, this movie is for you. I'm definately getting the director's cut on DVD. George Romero would have been proud of this movie can't wait for his zombie movie. 9/10
  12. Best way to learn IMO is to throw yourself into combat a lot. Not only do you get experience points but when the dust clears, those cargo pods you scoop up will earn your income when you make that next transaction and it also doesn't hurt to save those OTS missiles you scooped up to nuke enemy bases.
  13. Nicely done Jag, hope we bring more Gammulans to our cause because we simply are the best race in the game!
  14. Good to see that I'm not the only one who makes money by destruction.
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