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  1. [rp] U should have stayed as as merc Nova. Why da hell would u wanna b a cop? Hope u won't turn up red on my scanners. I got friends too u know. Reconsider your caste options. The merc caste is the way to go. [/rp] Shingen, some wisdom please.
  2. [rp] Heh, just b sure not to abuse your police "authority" upon us or I'll b the next merc to b a "cop killer". [/rp]
  3. If u need me to protect your cargo, I'm game for a price.
  4. I'm assuming most of u guys downloaded the demos with cable modem or some high speed access 'cuz if thats the case, then u guys already have the advantage in multiplayer. 56k ain't gonna cut it 4 me in multiplayer or downloading the demo. U guys r so lucky.
  5. Yeah, the CGI people said that the hair was definitely the hardest thing to create. Can't wait to see the movie!
  6. Ok, time to signal the Epsilon 5's forces. [rp] 23:37 May 16, 3008 UCV-Angel of death Admiral's quarters Looks like the Admiral's gonna b taking a long nap for some time. Damn, where the hell is Shingen? I can't risk contacting him on the ship because I'll blow my cover. My only hope now is to leave the ship and signal Epsilon 5's forces to take control of the system. Time is running out. I have to leave now. "Guard, the Admiral needs to go to medbay." "What's wrong with him sir?" "He's a bit drunk. We had a nice relaxing talk and the Admiral must have gotten so tired from the exitement." "Alright, I'll go get some medics right away." I was walking towards the flight deck when Tar'nok saw me. "Colonel, how did everything go?" "Very well Tar'nok. In fact I was about to go back to my ship. Good hunting to u out here." With that said I boarded my shuttle and went back to the Outlaw Star. The fireworks were about to begin. "Melfina, plot us a course to Lydon." "Course laid in sir." "Alright, let's bring in the cavalry!" The Gammulan fleet maintained halt position in Zelana unbeknownst to them that a galcommie strike fleet was about to jump in and attack. 23:40 Lydon, Krynon "Suzuka, open a channel to the Stalker IV." "Channel opened sir" "This is commander Valdemar of the UCV-Outlaw Star. Commander, the time to strike is now. The Admiral is outta the picture for a while and this is your chance to hit them with everything u got. They don't know your here." [/rp] Alright Epsilon, time to show us how the big guns fight. [ 06-21-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  7. Shingen, looks like Herro had me pull off the hit prematurely for u. Looks I should bug out and signal Epsilon 5 and his forces. Or do u want to come in the Admiral's quarters and finish him off yourself? I don't know how u wanna do that since the Admiral is poisoned by my ale and I don't know where u r on the ship. What do u have in mind?
  8. Time to say hello to the Admiral. [rp] 23:22 May 16, 3008 UCV-Outlaw Star Bridge "Sir, the Admiral's flagship is leaving the system! Looks like their making their way to Lanix V, should we follow them?" "Yes, but stay as far away from it as possible. We don't want to startle its escorts. It's time I talk to the Admiral." "Course set for Lanix V sir!" "Alright, let's follow them." The sleek UCV cruiser hastily sped away from Lydon and made its way to Lanix V unbeknownst to the Gammulans that a surprise visit awaits them. 23:25 Zelana, Lanix V "Suzuka, hail the stormcarrier. It's time we made our move. Now remember folks, we gotta stay cool. My people won't hesitate to fire on us so we can't make any mistakes now." "Channel open sir." "Put it on screen." It's been a while since I have spoken to the brass of the military but now I'm gonna b talking to the Admiral! I'm sure he'd recognize me but I'll have to smooth talk to the guy to buy Shingen some time. The bridgeviewer materialized and there stood the Admiral himself looking stern and upright with a perfect posture. His uniform was decorated with numerous medals from countless battles and wars. His eyes opened wide with surprise as he looked at me. "This is commander Valdemar of the UCV-Outlaw star. Admiral, its been a long time. I am greatly honored by your presence. May I come aboard your ship? I was hoping that we can talk and have a drink. I saved some of the finest Gammulan ale during my military service." 23:27 UCV-Angel of Death Bridge "Valdemar! By the glory of the empire, it's so good to see u again! Of course u may come aboard!" With a devilish smile on his face, the plan was working as expected. "Tar'nok, prepare a welcoming party for our guest." "Aye sir. Who's coming aboard if I may ask?" "Colonel Valdemar of the Gammulan special operations division. He's retired now but I expect u to behave and make him feel at home." "Of course sir. I'll have my men standing by on the flight deck." [/rp] Alright Herro, u can play my character as u wish since I'm now on your ship. [ 06-20-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  9. Outlaw


    I like the glowing eyes. But it would look better if they were glowing red.
  10. Outlaw

    PC help!

    Jaguar I finally got a 300 watt PS but here's the weird part: all the drives and connectors r plugged in but the pc won't power up unless I unplug the power connector to the hard drive leaving me with the floppy drive and cd-rom plugged in. What's wrong?
  11. "Mom, I need a Geforce 3, it only costs 400 bucks!" Mom says, "U crazy boy! Buying a $400 video card for one game? Get yo ass a job!"
  12. Pre-ordered mine. Anxiously waiting for ground zero!
  13. 23:06 May 16, 3008 UCV-Outlaw Star [rp] This is it. The crew is on full alert and we are surrounded by my people who seem anxious to fight. Shingen has boarded a shuttle and made his way to the Admiral's flagship. Damn, if it were up to me I would have taken his place. It's all up to Shingen now. I just hope his half-breed appearance doesn't compromise the mission or were gonna b in for a hell of a firefight. I gotta stall my people for as long as I can so that Shingen can do his thing. They won't attempt to engage me since I am Gammulan but anything is possible now. [/rp] Were up close and personal now.
  14. Shingen, how'd u get to the gammulans so quickly?
  15. quote:and eventually those Galcom and Insurgent fleets will be outnumbered! We may b small now, but we r still newbies and outnumbered. The small but growing insurgent fleet can take out even the most numerous of us because the majority of them r the most experienced vets here. Rest assured, our role as the indies opens up many ways to enjoy the game as long as we don't make ourselves targets to all the fleets. Why don't u try being a merc or asassin? Certainly being a cop isn't more exiting than those 2 castes I mentioned? Think about it. [ 06-12-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ] [ 06-12-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  16. I thought about being gammulan military riding a stormcarrier but wanted to be a gammulan merc because of the freedom as an indie and 'cuz gammulans r the coolest race in the game to b!
  17. Watch your back commander, u might have your stormcarrier but the galcommies outnumber u 10 to 1. U might wanna hire some mercs.
  18. Hehe, seems like Epsilon 5 is really heating up on the situation now! Let's hope he doesn't start firing out of frustration! Nice ending Shingen.
  19. quote:perusing the threads we already have one GAM commander. Make that 2. I was the first Gammulan commander. The other was 'Gam military. I would definitely like to see an extensive history of the BC races. Makes for a pretty good read. [ 06-05-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  20. Post edited Epsilon5. Bet u like that firefight eh?
  21. [rp] 10:16 May 12, 3008 Jupiter, Sol UCV-Deathstrike "Damn, their on to us earlier than I thought." Seether was furious as ever as he was ready to pounce on those galcommies. "Seether get to the shuttle now! Prep for launch and open a channel to the Outlaw Star!" "Shingen, I might need some help on this one. The Megaron might try to board our ship and we currently dont have any marines to stop intruders. Will u provide some for us until this situation is over?" Shingen, paused briefly thinking if he should let the Gammulan "borrow" some of his marines. "Alright, I'll beam over a squad of 10 marines and have them on search duty. U better hurry to the shuttle, they might attack any moment." "Thank u Shingen. I'll beam them back to u when this is over." The Gammulan raced to the shuttle with all his strength and finally got on board. "Channel open boss." "Suzuka, fire up the weapon systems and prep missiles. I'm heading back now but I'll be an easy target for the galcommies. Target and destroy any vessel that attacks me. Watch out for those fighters." "Curameng, match speed with the Deathstrike and maintain escort profile." The Outlaw Star hastily maneuvered towards the Deathstrike while the shuttle glided its way into the hangar. [/rp] [ 06-01-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  22. Yes, and u better turn off the PTA system and cloak immediately if u don't wanna be locked on and shot by those red blips!
  23. Outlaw

    PC help!

    Uh no, I did have a mobo manual I consulted when I was building the pc.
  24. Outlaw

    PC help!

    Just to be on the safe side I'll try returning in the parts and replacing it and then starting all over. PC building was harder than I thought. [ 05-29-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
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