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    PC help!

    No it's definitely the power supply. The last thing that happened was that the power supply crackeled and popped and some smoke emerged from it. The mobo is fine and no static was emanating from it or worse.
  2. Yo Shingen, how the heck did u come up with the idea that I was in the Gammulan military for 4 years? I'm not mad or nothing but I was gonna write an RP story in the future about my character's past and his involvement with the 'Gam military. My 'Gam character is a vet so I'd probably be in the service a little bit longer. Nice website. Can't wait for more content!
  3. 10:16 May 12, 3008 UCV-Deathstrike Command-suite "Alright Shingen u got a deal, I'll do what I can to stall the oppposing force but when u get on the shuttle, do your thing and bug out. The galcommies may or may not intervene if the shit hits the fan." Shingen obviously wasn't too worried by the look of his face. "Don't worry, I got a few surprises of my own. They'll never see it 'comin." [/rp] Sorry 'bout the delay. Been trying to set up a new PC but still no luck. [ 05-29-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  4. Outlaw

    PC help!

    Just when I had my hopes up. I turned on the pc and then a few seconds later it turned off on its own. Now what?
  5. Outlaw

    PC help!

    Got it fixed. I just had to screw in the spacers underneath the MB. Thanx for the help guys, if I need some more help I'll keep u posted here.
  6. Outlaw

    PC help!

    I plugged in the power supply connector in the motherboard, plugged the black cord to the wall outlet and to the back of the power supply. I have two switches 115 volt and 230 volt set to 115 volt. No life in my pc so far. [ 05-28-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ] [ 05-28-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  7. I just built my new PC but after I installed all the components(hard drives, floppy, cd-rom, CPU etc) the damn thing won't turn on! I know for a fact that its the power supply because when I turn on the switch nothing comes to life! Should I replace the power supply or is there something amiss?
  8. Yo, Menchise if u want to get around the politics u seem to be facing now think about all the things u can do if u were a merc or assasin. U don't have to be in a fleet if u want to do things your way. BCM is a dynamic persistant universe that always changing. What better way to experience it as an indie? It's better to do things your way not the fleet's way. [ 05-26-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ] [ 05-26-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  9. [rp] 09:59 May 12, 3008 Jupiter, Sol Hangar, UCV-Deathstrike We made our final approach to the DS and set down on the hangar. I brought along Seether for backup. The hangar was bustling with activity as engineers performed a variety of fuctions from diagnostic checks to welding battle scars on the hull. As we stepped down from the shuttle, we were greeted by a half-breed alien. He sported an assasin's garb but the thing that got my attention the most was that his features hinted of Gammulan but not entirely. His eyes were blood red which glowed like an engine. It gave him the demonic look that our people were so famous for. Yet the rest of his features looked terran. "Greetings commander, I am commander Shingen. While your on my ship I expect u to behave yourself as well as your Kandorian friend. Let us go into my office." The Deathstrike was a big ship indeed. As we made our way to the turboshaft I had eyes all over me and it didn't feel too good. U expect this often as a Gammulan because all the known races perceive u as their enemy. We finally were in Shingen's office and got our business in order. "Thanks again for the help out there with the fighters. I didn't know if my ship would've lasted any longer if u hadn't been there." "It was no problem. Always glad to help a merc." "Commander Shingen, our galcommie escort ain't gonna be there for us and it really pisses me off. They have been cloaked the whole time as we battled those fighters. They have been observing us and I suspect their lead ship, the Stalker 4 is cooking up some bad intentions for us when we reach our final destination." "We gotta stick together if were gonna survive this mess. Our ships combined have the firepower but I need to know now if u will join me. U have Gammulan blood in u that I know. Let's teach these galcommies a lesson they'll never forget! [/rp] There u go Shingen. Things are certainly getting interesting!
  10. My plans were that I act as an emissary or decoy to distract the Gammulans when we encounter their fleet while u plan your assasination of the admiral. If u recall an earlier post on page 1, u posted about your tools of assasination and how u would use them. Our meeting was to become acquainted and discuss the nature of our mission.
  11. Not bad merc. Good to see another indie story. [ 05-23-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ] [ 05-23-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  12. A definite must have for BCM. I always wanted to fend off intruders inside my ship in FPS style.
  13. Well since you are designated a UCV vessel, why don't u try becoming an indie instead? U Have more freedom to do what u want, roaming the galaxy, not taking orders from the fleets, and knowing the fact that u are truly in command. The possibilities r endless and u will enjoy being your own boss. This is what BCM is all about. Think about it.
  14. Exactly, Hercules and Andromeda are two different shows with different themes. Hercules is greek mythology while Andromeda is purely sci-fi.
  15. How do u guys get those logos on your posts? I wanna get my Gammulan logo ready to put fear in your souls!
  16. Well if u think of the show like that, you obviously didn't see the final episode of the season. A definite must see!
  17. Alright since most of the replies to the subject so far hate the show, is there anybody here that actually like the show?
  18. Shingen, since your to involve the Gammulan's as a major character in the story, when we do come face to face with them, I could probably act as some sort of emissary or a decoy since my character is obviously Gammulan and can talk to them without provoking hostile intent while you come up with some plan to assasinate the Admiral. Keep me posted on this matter.
  19. Now that I would like to see. It would be nice to have someone RP from the Gammulan perspective in the story so we'll know first hand how this story will progress. Your right about this weird mission Shingen, but it keeps getting more interesting!
  20. 09:54 May 12, 3008 Jupiter, Sol Bridge, UCV Outlaw Star [rp] "Sir we have commander Shingen onscreen!" As soon as the screen materialized, I got a first look at this particular merc and was surprised that he looked very much like a Gammulan but some features were very human to me. Before he could respond the expression on his face was with shock and disbelief as he stared at me for a few seconds. Their crew looked at me the same way. This merc looked a lot like a Gammulan but certain features on his face looked human to me. "Greetings commander, thanks for the help. I didn't know if I could hold off those fighters any longer." The Deathstrike's bridge was a mess indeed. Wires and cables were hanging down and sparks erupted left and right from the attack. "No problem. I'm not supposed to say this but I'm gonna tell you anyway 'cuz I don't trust these galcommies for a second. I'm here to escort you as part of a group consisting of galcommie ships and me. One of their warmongers was destroyed and I have taken its place instead. Commander Shingen, you have Gammulan blood in coursing through your veins and I can put my trust in you. Their's something fishy going on here and I suspect that you knew it by now. Would you mind telling me what's going on?" [/rp] [ 05-17-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  21. Lets do this. 09:49 May 12, 3008 Jupiter, Sol Bridge, Outlaw Star [rp] "Outlaw, were in Jupiter". The Outlaw Star has exited hyperspace only to be ambushed by enemy ships. "Outlaw, the Deathstrike is under attack and shields are falling fast!" The Deathstrike was being swarmed by Valkerie fighters and continued to be pummeled. "Suzuka, raise PTA strength at 30% and target the closest fighter attacking the Deathstrike and select Questor missiles. Those damn galcommie ships are slow as hell compared to my ship so I gotta run point for the Deathstrike to compensate for the galcommie's speed. "Curameng, I want u to get as close as possible to the Deathstrike and position the ship so that its blocking the Deathstrike in view from the fighters so it can evade them." The Outlaw Star accelerated at full speed to the Deathstrike and as we moved into position, the fighters immmediately turned their attention towards us. "Target locked and firing missiles!" The ship opened up with a flurry of death as the questor missiles hit their targets and shaked the fighters in a spin while more missiles sent them into a fiery oblivion. "Activate main guns and PTA systems and fire!" The turrets swiveled in different directions aiming themselves at their targets and as the yellowish beams contacted their target, the fighters shields faded and the hull melted like hot butter and then burned. "That's it boss, All fighters have been destroyed and the Deathstrike is intact!" Suzuka smiled with orgasmic pleasure. "Hail the Deathstrike I wish to speak to her commander". [/rp] Well this should take care of those pesky fighters.
  22. Well I think its great that its got a lot of humor in it like Farscape which BTW is a great sci-fi show with great acting. I mean too much seriousness and less humor kinda makes a sci-fi show too boring. Let's face it, Voyager's finally over, ST's fate continues to get worse and the next B5 movie will determine if the series will continue. To all u people here who don't watch Andromeda, give it a chance, it's only season 1 and it will keep getting better with more seasons and better plot. Watch the season finale this Saturday and you'll get hooked. Also check out the website and the BB!
  23. If u guys need the extra home guard protection, u know where to find me. Always willing to help a fleet for a price.
  24. I'm assuming I get my Sunflash cruiser to start off with since I'm a merc and not start off as a spacefighter pilot and move up the ranks and earn that carrier or cruiser with experience points in the military caste right? If so, there's gonna be a lot of fleet types here gonna hire me for protection!
  25. I just wanna know how many of u people watch Andromeda every week and their opinions on the show. I think its the best sci-fi series since B5 ended and its easy to understand as B5 was unlike ST with too much technobabble. Also the tech in Andromeda is more realistic than ST. And the actors are just wonderful especially Keith Hamilton Cobb who plays Tyr Anasazi, the genetically engineered human and Gordon Michael Woolvett who plays Seamus Harper, the ships engineer. The website is pretty cool to with lots of info on the show on www.andromedatv.com. Don't forget to watch the season finale this Saturday!
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