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  1. Uh no, u better back those contracts up with some reinforcements otherwise u can do the bleeding. Ain't gonna let my ship go to waste if u don't have your fleet ships alongside me. My vessel ain't gonna tackle a sizable force alone.
  2. Alright I'm planning to buy a motherboard and CPU combo this weekend to build a new pc. Is it possible to transfer my existing hardware on my other pc to the new pc I'm gonna assemble such as hard drive, cd-rom, etc? Anyway, here are the combo specs: 800MHz AMD Duron Processor with FIC Motherboard -AMD Duron 800MHz Socket A Boxed CPU -FIC AZ11 motherboard with: -Via KT133 chipset -1(4x)AGP: 5 PCI slots -3 DIMM slots for up to 1.5GB of pc-133 memory It's priced at $119 at Fry's Electronics! What a deal! Does the Duron processors perform equally well as the Athlon and also is it better than the P3 processors?
  3. And the best hentai material u can ever find on the web!
  4. Legalize marijuana. 'Nuff said.
  5. When I popped my first starstation and all the hostiles bugged out!
  6. Don't forget if u choose the commercial trader caste u get to fly armed transports so u traders might get a job or two from us mercs providing not only resupply of weapons and parts, but some extra firepower for backup.
  7. My first was Ninja for the sega master system when I was just only 5yrs old. Ahh the old school days of 8-bit...
  8. Yea, gotta agree with the SC there. Would be cool if the Rock would fight at the end as himself and not as a half scorpion. Overall the movie was good.
  9. I'm assuming these guys r the biggest targets of them all. I mean currently there is no official gam. fleet to join. These targets will always come up hostile unlike the indies who initially are neutral until they reveal their evil agendas to fleets and neutral targets. But hey, look on the bright side gammulan military commanders, u got the mighty stormcarriers to play with and you should be proud if u choose this craft. Treat her well and u will be a force to be reckoned with. Now u may think I'm gonna ally myself with 'em but not totally true. It would be nice to have new commanders become gammulan military on the forums. When I started the "Know your role" topic in the indies forum, I wanted to gather the Han Solo's, mercs, and privateers and make ourselves known that we are an important element in the GAME and not cannon fodder for the fleets. Many of the fleets consider us targets but when the gammulan military commanders emerge, they will be the ones that the fleets will truly despise as their ultimate threat. I am really impressed when the fleets write epic stories with the 'gams as the villain. Is there gonna be a 'gam fleet and forum in the future? Remember their r many "goodie goodie" fleets to join but don't forget about the opportunity of being a gammulan military commander wielding a "star destroyer" like ship that commands fear and respect. Diversity is what makes the GAME the best their is. [ 05-06-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  10. I like it so far Epsilon 5, especially when you keep it simple and not go into technical details. As u can see from my previous posts that I dont go into the technical stuff and go straight into the story. Great stuff!
  11. You will lose sleep, u may never buy another game, u will be addicted! Long live BCM!
  12. We don't use your facilities, we have our own owned by us. So think twice if your gonna attack or take over ours without just cause.
  13. I just registered last night and found out that my ship name was already taken but I believe Cmdr. Nova has my ship name under Mike Starwind under "Mercenaries" on the DB.
  14. Thanx. U have the evidence to support my opinion Gallion.
  15. This is to the fleet commanders and administrators. There is another commander on the database with my ship name but under a different commander name listed on the mercenaries section. Would you be so kind as to e-mail this guy and have him register under a different ship name other than mine to avoid confusion? His registered commander name is Mike Starwind. BTW I found out about this when I registered myself to the database. There can only be one Outlaw Star and its gonna be me and not this guy!
  16. You always got me to hire hehe!
  17. Alright I was outta line when I was posting on the RP forum on the topic "BCmk3 versus...etc" babbling on something other than topic so I'll be fair on this one. Which ships or tech would beat each other. And I'm not gonna include ST tech 'cuz for some reason almost every internet site says ST tech can defeat the other ones. Alright Here comes the list! Gimme your best conflicting arguments and knowledge of who can battle the other and come out the champ. B5(the epic space opera) SW(the timeless epic) Andromeda(trying to be an epic) BC(THE GAME, epic, legend that is BCM) You can also include major characters or races of each show to support your debate. Man, I really got a lot of time on my hands hehe! I hope this gets you all hyped up in anticipation for BCM! [ 05-02-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  18. Indeed... Just looking at those laser turrets is just scary. Hate to be the one targeted by those and not be aware of it. Gonna be a pretty cool death animation once hit!
  19. Heh, if you like that one Akuma, try listening to the Jedi Gangsta rap topic below this post. You'll love it!
  20. Defintely pick the merc career Nova! Wide assortment of jobs only limited by the game itself. I think the scientist and police caste speak for itself in terms of gameplay its resricted to. I also like your idea for an indie hangout. My ideal one would be like what the insurgents have: New America. The hidden heavily armed base carved of asteroid that would be hard to take down with conventional tactics. I hope in GCO, we get one.
  21. Outlaw

    Jedi Gangsta

    ROTFLMAO! This is some great SW humor! Catchy beat too! [ 04-30-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  22. No time, I'm afraid. I got studying. But this story was a big inspiration for me as an indie 'cuz this story might be a potential epic like the fleet stories.
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