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  1. If it's alright, continue without me please. Thanx. [ 04-30-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  2. Welcome aboard commander! Like Shingen says, we can use all the indies we can get. Experiment with all the race/castes when BCM releases and have some fun. If you want the freedom and exitement without all the rules and politics that the fleets have, you'll make a great indie. Opportunities are endless for you to be hired as a indie working for several factions with jobs ranging from trading, assasination, scouting, and more! Just be careful not to make every faction your enemy or you'll soon be on their hitlist and out of jobs. Be safe and have fun! [ 04-30-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  3. Ok, I assume your gonna play my character Epsilon5?
  4. Sent u and e-mail on your request Epsilon5. I'd be happy if you'd play my character.
  5. As the imminent release of BCM closes in I was wondering what kind of machines the indies here are running. These are my PC specs: 466MHz Celeron e-machines 256 megs RAM 32mb PCI graphics card win98 SE 5x DVD-ROM drive 8.4 gigs of HD soundblaster compatible card Not exactly a beastly machine like the 1 gig monsters with all the bells and whistles but it's what I have to play BCM. [ 04-26-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  6. Anybody is welcome to play my character. Just a suggestion to the other indies. I'll keep you posted on that part.
  7. Well since this topic is so quiet, I would like to say that this would be a good game to buy for those x-box owners who like space combat with FPS thrown in. I wonder if anybody read the article on this game?
  8. Disregard the parts where I said I had a cloaker since this class of ship cannot carry one. 05:40 Aft section, UCV-Outlaw Star [RP] Walking around the ship was great. The freedom of exploring not just the stars but the inside of the ship observing the activities of my crew at work. I happened to catch Seether nearby and I was thinking of learning some combat tactics. "Seether, hold up! I was wondering if we can talk." The bulky Kandorian walked towards me with a warrior's posture and demeanor. "Hello Outlaw, is there something I can do for you?" "Yes, I was wondering if you and I would like to have spar a little for a while, to brush up on unarmed combat." Seether smiled aknowledging to accept. "Of course. Just so you know, since we don't have a marine contingent aboard, it'll be us and the crew to fend off intruders. I will schedule martial arts classes for the crew on a weekly basis to keep us ready." Being a Gammulan, combat is a very important skill to my race and the crew needed these skills to survive. "Outlaw, Megaron-class carrier is hailing us. Were back in business!" "Well I guess were gonna have to cut that spar session short this time big guy. Sorry about that. We'll catch up later alright?" "No problem. I look forward to learning some of your Gammulan fighting skills." Seether smiled as he turned and walked away. As I raced to the bridge I can't help but feel excited so I unleashed a thunderous Gammulan war cry at the top of my lungs. "Alright Twighlight, put it onscreen." We were back in the game. [/RP] [ 04-23-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ] [ 04-23-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  9. 05:35 Bridge [RP] "Alright Curameng, take us into Centris and make an approach vector on the planet." "Aye sir. Any luck on getting some jobs?" "Alas no, but I have a feeling that someone here will be needing an extra gun." There hasn't been any action in Alpha Centauri for a while now and Galcom patrols have increased. "Outlaw, there are some merc ships in the area, should we hail them?" Suzuka was getting exited by the minute. "No let them call us. I want it to be a surprise." I smell a job and it smells great! [/RP] [ 09-15-2004, 01:24 AM: Message edited by: Shingen ]
  10. Let's see if I can contribute. 05:00 AM 12th May 3008 Aboard the UCV Outlaw Star, Alpha Centauri Bridge [RP] Being a merc ain't so easy as I thought. I gotta share my creds equally between myself and the crew to maintain this damn ship. As I ponder the stars I can't help but wonder about job opportunities. "Curameng, park us near the jumpgate and make a full halt." The Outlaw Star had a skeleton crew but we made do with what available resources we had. My ragtag crew consisted of various races who shared a common goal: working any job if the price and work is right. Flying this monster is Jerelle Curameng a human who can mow through any obstacle. Working the weapons systems is another human of Asian descent named "Twighlight" Suzuka. Working navigation is Melfina, a Droidan. My jack of all trades chief engineer is A Vesperon named Dakhath. Handling internal security is Seether my Kandorian combat officer who's warrior pride can get the best of him. And finally my medical officer is a human named Jensine Largado who's soft touch makes you feel at home. "Twighlight, monitor enemy traffic and lay crab mines just in case we get ambushed." Being the most hated race in the galaxy was tough and being a Gammulan commander with a crew of different races took time to adapt. But we had no real ground rules. Every one of us were free to express our opinions of what we wanted to do and it worked. [/RP] [ 09-15-2004, 01:25 AM: Message edited by: Shingen ]
  11. Alright I'm in. I'll try to catch up if I can with you guys.
  12. Shingen, very interesting rpg story so far and it sounds like it will be even better. Love to step in but I'm not very good at storytelling and all. Maybe you can give me some pointers? Nova, glad you responded to my RPG topic.
  13. After the space sims my next favorite genre class are the rpg's. The ones I'm playing now are BG2 and Fallout 2. Anybody else play rpg's?
  14. From the indie side, a very happy B-day to you commander! Oh BTW, I won't save the pic but it reminds me of the hentai sites I often visit! [ 04-18-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  15. And you can't go wrong with the sexual references that pop up from time to time hehe.
  16. Hell yeah! Farscape is my second favorite sci-fi show and the characters and acting are great. Ben Browder's character as Crichton is so cool especially when he's always so paranoid and crazy. Also the funny moments when Scorpious pops up to torment Crichton and the episodes when it all becomes an acid trip to the senses. The other characters are great as well especially D'argo and Aeryn.
  17. I have to tell you, nothing gets me emotional than watching the B5 series over and over again and having to shed tears in my eyes when Sheridan dies and when Londo becomes a puppet to his parasitic Keeper. Although the B5 movies were good and all, I just hope they can deliver with the upcoming movie about the rangers. How do you feel about B5 and its future? [ 04-11-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  18. Spooky, but why isn't anybody replying to my post?
  19. It has the FPS and space combat elements but not the sheer depth that BCM brings. Ahh, reading the article reminds me of the days when I was addicted to privateer. Check out the article at gamespot.com in the video game news section.
  20. Still here commander. As an indie, I like to keep a low profile. [ 04-08-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  21. Right I went completely went off topic. Case closed. ------------------ Commander Gene Starwind UCV Outlaw Star "You better get ready!"
  22. So what if ST gets Q? It's not like you can summon him like a genie and he'll appear or call his name and let him do your bidding. The force hands down makes much more sense as a power to harness and can be used offensively and defensively, and Eclipse is right, any jedi is skilled using a lightsaber. A standoff won't work. The jedi masters and sith lords don't need lightsabers. If I'm right they can also mask themselves from sensors so a transporter lock won't work too. Approach with caution. Remember the lightsaber is just a weapon, but their force powers can also be used against you if your careless. It's all mystical and magical but Q ain't gonna exactly be there when you need him when the jedi and the force stand in your way. Alright, this ends my point. No more for me. ------------------ Commander Gene Starwind UCV Outlaw Star "You better get ready!" [This message has been edited by Outlaw (edited 04-04-2001).] [This message has been edited by Outlaw (edited 04-04-2001).]
  23. From the merc community, happy B-day SC! ------------------ Commander Gene Starwind UCV Outlaw Star "You better get ready!"
  24. And about the transporters being a serious threat, if any ST boarding attempt were to be made against any SW ship, well all it takes to stop that are a handful of jedi knights and mission accomplished. And don't even tell me any borg attempt might work as well. Those lightsabers will cut through their so-called adaptable shields and turn them into spare parts. And even if I'm wrong, their Force powers are enough to stop them including dark side powers. Hell, throw in one jedi master or a sith lord and it's all over too! You can debate on who's ships and weapons are better, but their ain't no ground force or troops no matter what technology that can stop the skills and discipline of a jedi be it light or dark. ------------------ Commander Gene Starwind UCV Outlaw Star "You better get ready!" [This message has been edited by Outlaw (edited 03-26-2001).]
  25. And another thing, why is it that we rarely have any RPG stories about indies? I mean the fleet RPG stories are good but we really need some good indie stories to spice things up. Who knows, maybe their will be a crossover type of story where the indies play a major role that earns us our respect and recognition. ------------------ Commander Gene Starwind UCV Outlaw Star "You better get ready!"
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