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  1. B5 was the best scifi series I've seen because of the story but I equally enjoyed Farscape not only for the humor but for that oh so babelicious Chiana.
  2. If the movie becomes successful, maybe they can return to that planet with the aliens in it from pitch black. They said CoR would be more action focused which is cool but I liked it better when it combined horror elements from the first movie.
  3. Best star wars game I ever played on the x-box. Bioware makes the best rpg's!
  4. Still here as usual guys, watching my favorite anime cowboy bebop on dvd to get myself pumped up for UC and I could care less about christmas so to all the gammulans in here, merry christmas and happy holidays!
  5. quote:I guess I'm going to have to bring a bottle to pee in. Yeah I felt that effect later on during the movie watching the first showing and I only drank coffee to keep me awake! Overall, it was an awesome movie to wrap it all up and the extended dvd will be a keeper considering it will be even longer. The trailer of the Chronicles of Riddick got my juices flowing though. Gonna see this movie one more time baby! 10/10
  6. Any of u guys own the morrowind game of the year edition for the pc or x-box? Is it worthy of a purchase? I currently play neverwinter nights and hordes of the underdark and think its the best rpg for the pc.
  7. Did u see that basestar? In the original series the Galactica destroyed one with some clever tactics but this one seemed like what a typical starstation from the BC games can dish out if u attempt to attack it minus the lasers.
  8. Saw the last one. Not surprising that the ending leaves it open for a weekly series. Its gonna be great!
  9. I liked the show a lot. So what if Starbuck is a female. Too many complainers here about it. In fact she reminds me of Maniac from the wing commnader games who was a hotshot pilot with an attitude Edward James Olmos never ceases to amaze me and he is IMO the greatest hispanic actor ever and his portrayal of Commander Adama was awesome. The space combat scenes were great and the CGI people got it right by not adding sound in space and those zoom in and out shots were awesome. It was like wing commander in space not star trek where every damn term was confusing and unrealistic. This was a space navy. I agree with SC about the cheesy love scenes. I mean c'mon, Baltar the ladies man? Yeah right, should have stuck to his character in the old series instead. Damn shame Apollo died though, I guess it was inevitable and the XO's performance was laughable at best. The review at IGN.com pretty much covered the flaws but overall it was a great show. 8/10
  10. If the Wachowski brothers or any other director consider venturing into the cyberpunk theme they should make it along the lines of Shadowrun the PnP game but better story not like Johnny Mnemonic and less confusing like the matrix sequels.
  11. Saw it last night. Man the movie sucked period as did Reloaded. Part one was the best by far. I was expecting Revolutions to be as clever and groundbreaking like part 1 sadly it failed miserably.
  12. Where are u guys? I keep posting and u guys don't seem to acknowledge my presence.
  13. Oh man, Ep, that's some funny stuff!
  14. As usual, Quentin Tarantino at his best. Beware, this movie is not for the faint of heart. If you like blood, carnage, over the top action and comedy and great music, you won't be disapointed. Can't wait for volume 2 on February. 10/10
  15. I'm still here. Hey Jaguar, ever tried tried space empires 4 gold? Pretty good game just like MOO plus you can mod it the way you like. Well back to conquering the universe!
  16. It's there SC but not over the top as Cabin Fever.
  17. I liked it. Reminded me of when I saw Blade for the first time. Any vampire or werewolf movie always gets me hooked. 8/10
  18. Yeah but think about it, there were a lot of gory movies in the past that were absolute cult hits including Dawn of the Dead(best zombie movie ever made) and Evil Dead hell even the Nightmare on Elm Street movies were gory but there was humor that spawned so many sequels and made Freddy a horror cult icon. Horror comedy IMO is better than just pure horror. BTW, how was 28 Days? You like zombie movies be sure to check out House of the Dead this year!
  19. Got the game. The space combat is awesome and reminiscent of the cool space combat scenes in Andromeda. Forget all the othe RTS games because this is the best you'll ever play. Get this game!
  20. I liked the movie as well. My favorite Robert Rodriguez movie is From Dusk 'Til Dawn.
  21. Saw it, cool horror movie and no monster villain this time. 8/10
  22. You can't go wrong with the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.
  23. Hey guys, what's up? Been in a slump lately and I received word today from my national guard unit that next year we might be deployed to either Bosnia, Kosovo, Sinai in Egypt, or gitmo in Cuba. I'm feeling excited and nervous at the same time as this will be my first deployment overseas for active duty. I definately can't wait to get BCG but for now I'll be playing homeworld 2 pretty soon. Gammulan to the core I am and an indie I'll always be.
  24. I'm back from the army. Infantry training at Fort Benning was easy. Glad to be back home. I'm officially a soldier in the nasty guard hehe.
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