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  1. Awesome movie but I definately agree with my gammulan brother here about it should have been a massive war instead of a skirmish battle.
  2. I'm still here, and I'll b drinking galcommie blood if u allow me to join the boarding party and loot the place.
  3. Bleh, pretty decent game at first but single player game will dry up pretty fast. Will wait for my pre-ordered copy of Icewind Dale 2 collector's edition. This is RPG combat goodness at it's best.
  4. 22 and counting. It's so good to b an indie! Freedom without boundaries make us stand apart from the fleets. See u out there!
  5. Number 2 was a classic!
  6. You'll think I'm crazy but I got all 3 consoles and the cube just keeps getting better BTW.
  7. Average at best, thought that the goblin was too cheesy. Let's hope that they put Venom in the sequel.
  8. quote:Now, for instance of a Gammulan, let's take Outlaw. He is a Gammulan, he is a mercenary, he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He is NOT in the Gammulan Chain of Command. BUT, if he gets into trouble, the entire Gammulan empire will back him. If that happens though, we expect a discount on his services, a LARGE discount. Those ships aren't free, but the fact is, he is a Gammulan, and therefore we will back him. So, say that Outlaw is in a Terran sector and gets some Galcommie PO'd, he screams for help and runs for the nearest neutral sector. We will meet him there with reinforcements, and if his pursuer doesn't break off like a smart commander, then we will destroy him if necessary. Point is that Outlaw is free to have a ball, but will have backup if necessary, he's his own man, after all he chose to be a mercenary, but he is Gammulan, therefore we will back him up, militarily if that is what is called for. One for all and all for one. We don't just see the universe, we CONQUER it!! Thanx boss, and my services will b always b cheap for the empire no matter what odds stacked against me. We tread where others fear to go. I can hear Orion fleet boasting about themselves now.
  9. Most indies such as myself run with a skeleton crew and that's all I need. The less the better.
  10. quote:That's what happens when you let a bunch of n00bs climb into your command chair, and play with pretty flashing buttons, they have no clue as to what function they actually do. Chaos soon consumes the bridge, then the rest of the ship, of which becomes easy pickings for the hostles. Then the next thing u know u got hull breaches up the yin yang and your crying like there's no tomorrow when u announce an abandon ship but not before u personally take out those noobs yourself and then Resnig.
  11. Let the conquerers b present, where my gammulans at? [ 05-01-2002, 04:18: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  12. Happy B-day SC! The drinks r on me!
  13. A must see! Better than the original and hoping the 3rd will b even greater. Yes the gore is there but its appropriate IMO. The best damn comic book series adapted for the movie screen. U want "superhero-light" go watch spiderman or anything else coming soon although I will certainly see it. The Blade 2 DVD is gonna rock! Eat your heart out batman!
  14. Upgrade this ship to its best and conquer or destroy anyone in my way. Hey I am a merc and a gammulan but I still got the the whole gammulan fleet backing me up. Go where others fear to tread? I'm there, this is a warship not a exploration vessel. [ 03-21-2002, 06:05: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  15. Yeah I read part of the script for Blade 2 on IGN and the reviewers said it would include a lot of gore. I hope Blade 3 would end it well since it was originally intended as a trilogy. I'll give my review when its all over.
  16. Saw it as well. Pretty good and yes the jump kick on the zombie dog was horrible! Overall not bad since the first MK movie. Stay tuned for Blade 2!
  17. Whoaa, felt my heart pounding and the surge of adrenaline rush so quick I don't wanna see it again. Nice one though.
  18. Any practitioners of Capoeira? BTW nice site Stormshadow.
  19. So the Army Rangers know some Ninjutsu techniques but not the whole training for it? Interesting because last I heard that this art was taught only to family in Japan back in the early centuries.
  20. Does anybody here practice any forms of martial arts? Have a favorite? Why did u choose to practice that specific style out of the others? My favorite is the Brazilian art of Capoeira and Jeet Kune Do made famous by Bruce Lee himself. [ 03-08-2002, 14:15: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  21. Sunflash definately. A merc's gotta have a combination of speed and firepower. Great hyperjump engines for those escapes along with plenty of turrets for taking down big carriers. This is the Millenium Falcon of ships.
  22. I agree, although I will get freelancer because I love privateer, XP1 definately makes BCM even better with more gameplay features that freelancer just can't top. Commanding a ship is a lot more fun than flying a fighter. This neuronet thing in freelancer is just what a previous post stated that its "combat on rails" and since freelancer's gameplay is about simplicity, a lot of people will probably use it. Besides, is the neuronet exactly the same as the AI in BCM anyway? Well in any case the space sim genre will live on and hopefully never die.
  23. Hehe, beware of the Portuguese Man 'O War!
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