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  1. Hey, Tyr kicks ass! Without him, the show wouldn't b as good as it is now. He definitely acts better than the other characters IMO, plus he is a nietzchean.
  2. Well being a devoted scifi fan I have seen the many great shows come and go but nothing grabs my attention more than Andromeda. I especially like the whole thing about Nietzcheans and the prides. Too many scifi shows focus a lot on exploration and different alien cultures which don't feel realistic to me. The Nietzcheans in Andromeda r human and despite the genetic modifications, the writers have the potential of creating more realistic, emotionally impactful stories that makes u wanna watch it over again. Robert Hewitt Wolfe, considered to b Andromeda's best writer has left and that has saddened me much. The second season has its ups and downs probably because of the new writers(I still can't believe Rev Bem is gone) and I hope that the new writers can make up for this. U can say Hercules in Space all u want but the show got me hooked because of the characters especially Tyr 'cuz he is a Nietzchean and Harper the most funniest engineer of all scifi shows! And u gotta love the space combat on the show. Andromeda is a warship not some peace loving, exploration starship. No lightsaber? No problem, when u have a force lance, u too can become an army of one. And last but not least, u gotta love those memorable quotes at the beginning of the show. [ 02-15-2002, 10:37: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  3. Limp d*ck and Kid Rock go hand and hand and r the worst of the lot. Rage Against the Machine IMO, is the best rap metal band ever made. 'Nuff said. [ 02-14-2002, 12:26: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  4. Well an Andromeda mission would b nice anyway. I guess I can do without the force lance.
  5. My personal favorite weapon if it was in BCM would be the force lance from the Andromeda series. An all around swiss army knife weapon which can fire energy shots from the handheld or retracted position which can also b used as a quarterstaff, bury it on the ground for use as a mortar, and if an enemy manages to 'nab yours he gets a shock which incapacitates him because the weapon is DNA encoded by the owner not to mention it would greatly reduce fatigue factor and increase mobility on those grueling ground assaults. Is it possible to use GBS II to import this over?
  6. Intercorp, old school privateer for the indies!
  7. Heh, the business is now in full swing. Great job guys, maybe when high speed access becomes cheaper I'll join Intercorp or u can recommend me a service providing cheap high speed access? In any case, I know u guys will have lots of members.
  8. Look out guys, it seems to me that the bad guys r the sith lords from the SW universe and come to convert us in the ways of the dark side!
  9. LBC? Good luck Jag, considering LBC is so so but my best bet would b to move into nearby Lakewood since I lived there for about a year back in 2000. A great community IMO.
  10. A must see. Much respect too all the Rangers and Delta Force operators who gave their lives in that event. Rangers lead the way! [ 01-12-2002: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  11. When XP1 is released, all these reviewers will bow down to BCM!
  12. After XP1 is in my hands it will truly feel like being in episodes of Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star!
  13. quote:Dynamic auto-generation of missions, assignments etc depending on player race/caste while in ROAM scenario. Most will be available at station pinboards (when you are logged in) or communicated via NPC communiques etc Alright! This feature definitely brings back the glory of old school Privateer! Thank u SC for putting this feature in. This add-on will b must- buy on my B-day this summer!
  14. Wassup indies! Guess each new proposal and offer for Intercorp keeps improving. Keep it up guys, this is sounding more and more like old school privateer back in the DOS days.
  15. I just wanted to see more dwarves fight in the battle scenes.
  16. Excellent movie. Although I wish they used Gimle the dwarf a bit more in the scenes. I always respected John Rhys Davies work but sadly there just wasn't enough of him. I think they put too much emphasis on the elves rather than the dwarves. Oh well, maybe in the next 2 sequels will see more of them in action. I bet Orion fleet agrees with me when u want brute force nothing beats a having a dwarf or 2 along for the ride. [ 12-20-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  17. [rp] I was thinking we all should have a RPG story dedicated to the Gammulans and only Gammulans. No galcommies unless it involves us blowing the crap outta them and winning. A lotta stories here r focused on the galcommie side and the Independent Way was just not really working out. We gotta show the galcommies that we r a force to b reckoned with and our mighty stormcarriers aren't for show. The galcommies have always held us back in our quadrant and had their share of victories over us. The Syrions and Droidans r our focus now but conquering them should b no problem right? My ship and my crew stand with u and even though I am a merc doesn't mean I will turn against u only to b hired for money. My loyalty to my people comes first and I'll b damned if we r to sent to extinction by our enemies. I Valdemar, will not die without a fight and will not allow our race to be converted into the galcommies ideals nor will I show cowardice when utter destruction is upon me. For the glory of the Gammulan empire! [/rp] Heh, I can't help it. When the Gammulan fleet was formed, I was so overcome with joy that getting into character would b fun to do.
  18. Mining? Bah, I get more creds scooping up juicy cargo pods after taking out carriers and cruisers that get in my way than waiting for the drones to fill up. I hope the debris fields come back in a later patch though. All in all, u get more from combat but that's just me. Oh BTW, choosing a Raider career helps too 'cuz almost all NPC's want a piece of u. Reap your rewards well chummers!
  19. Read that little link of yours Nova. Heh, u really know how to piss off this indie! [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  20. When the stormcarriers keep pouring in, b sure u have plenty of cargo pods for me to collect preferably weapons, system upgrades and artifacts when your destroyed.
  21. Shadowrun IMO, is the best PnP game I played that would b great if made into a PC game. I played the SNES and Sega Genesis versions back in the day and rumour has it that Microsoft is developing a PC Shadowrun game when it bought FASA a while back. Any other Shadowrun fans here?
  22. Good to see u again Jaguar! May the might of the Gammulan Empire crush all that stands in our way!
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