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  1. I just wanna say thank u Derek for creating the best damn PC game ever made and the best tech support for it. Now I don't have to waste money buying more PC games and constantly upgrading my PC but only for this game and the upcoming BC games. Your website simply is the best.
  2. When u play a merc as I like to do in the game, you can't go wrong with Rage Against the Machine.
  3. Still here buddy. I'll come up with something soon. Give me a recap on how you'll get away from the 'gams 'cuz now they suspect I'm a traitor. PM me if necessary
  4. One of the this years best! Can't wait too see Lord of the Rings!
  5. U know its funny, before I quit Intercorp I was very surprised of why I was member when U knew I was a Gammulan. Think twice if u think about placing a bounty on my head. U wouldn't want to lose a lot of members against a stormcarrier strike fleet.
  6. Unfortunately for me since I'm a Gammulan it makes no sense being a member of Intercorp since I will obviously show up red on your radar. Heh, that's all right because I will be hired by other Gammulans and the Valkyries plus I got stormcarrier backup.
  7. Hehe, that's the Shingen I remember!
  8. Yeah, well try not to put a bounty on my head will ya? I don't wanna have to call in a few stormcarriers to ruin your day.
  9. Exactly why I call it quits to Intercorp. Good to see u again Shingen!
  10. Sounds good my lord and I will not change my allegiance nor my race other than Gammulan. I am proud to be a Gammulan. We live to conquer our enemies by strength. BTW, call me by my Gammulan name, Valdemar. I chose this particular name from the indie merc in the playstation space combat game, Colony Wars: Red Sun.
  11. Kinda leaves me at a disadvantage my lord. I will defend the empire even if it means not getting paid but in the end who will hire me?
  12. Best Farelly brothers movie yet. Gwyneth Paltrow was scorching hot! [ 11-11-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  13. Hey forget Intercorp man. This proposal of yours is BS. I'm an indie and being member of Intercorp doesn't exactly make me a indie. Count me out. My brothers in the Gammulan fleet will back me up always and no politics involved like in Intercorp will get in my way. Out.
  14. Advil, how do I get those pics attached to my sig?
  15. Congrats u guys! Looking forward working alongside u guys even if I don't get paid. The might of the Gammulan Empire will crush all opposition that stands in our way!
  16. Ah another Gammulan merc with the same choice of ship as mine. Welcome, you chose the best race and indie ship for yourself. The Gammulan War Council would b proud. Expect many contracts from our military. For the glory of the Gammulan Empire! [ 11-05-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  17. My services r at your disposal. For the glory of the Gammulan empire!
  18. My services r at your disposal. For the glory of the Gammulan empire!
  19. Ah, I'm so glad I'll have those stormcarriers backing me up when I need them!
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