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  1. Upgrade my ship constantly and keep fighting.
  2. Well I'm happy with my Sunflash. Got 12 turrets that can get me through most firefights which is more than any other capship in the game.
  3. Damn I was expecting it on the 5th and they go changing it again. When the hell is this coming out now?
  4. Intercorp is getting big at last! Soon were gonna have more indies than fleeties!
  5. Yo Riga just wondering, where the heck did u get the name for your ship anyway?
  6. Very good indeed. I am an avid Andromeda fan and the show keeps getting better every week. From first season finale and the priemere the story and characters keep getting interesting.
  7. The Gammulan pic is the best one in the game IMO. I'm not in the Gammulan fleet, but rest assured I will b hired plenty of times by them. We need more Gammulans!
  8. Hehe, the looks on your faces when a stormcarrier strike fleet arrives at SOL.
  9. Heh, contracts will b easy to get for me now with the new Gammulan fleet. There b some interesting RP stories to come with this fleet and my character in the future!
  10. Finally, some much needed backup! Heh, better watch out for those stormcarriers crashing through your door!
  11. I think George Carlin said it best when he discussed about religion in the HBO stand up "Your All Diseased". Not only is it funny, but true.
  12. I agree with u there wolferz but I'm not to sure about the heaven and hell part though. I Stopped being religious years ago and nobody knows what is in the afterlife. So all that is irrelevant to me.
  13. Now I know u guys r eagerly waiting for BCM but I know that u guys r itching to buy an x-box this November. I mean, u got the best next-gen system coming out with a huge amount of developers making games for it plus getting a copy from a retailer won't b difficult since its closer to home. I know I'm getting my copy. [ 09-29-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  14. Ok now that I am the ONE(pun intended), what next for me? What rank do I attain? Once approved, will we get started in BCM mutliplayer? Sorry lotta questions, but very exited that this corporation is soon becoming a reality.
  15. Consider me one of the first members of your organisation!
  16. This is coming along really well. What r the requirements for me to join?
  17. ACM and ROAM with the Outlaw Star and the same thing with a stormcarrier. I am gammulan after all.
  18. See what happens when u guys go off topic? [ 08-28-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  19. quote:Harry Potter can suck my Hairy Bean Bags Hehe.
  20. Yup, that sums it all up!
  21. Yeah, I agree with u there SC. They should have toned the violence down a bit. If they made it along the lines of Pitch Black it would have been better.
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