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  1. Carpenter's best since Escape From New York. A must see!
  2. Since were talking about mechs, does anybody have Armored Core 2 Another Age for the PS2? How does it fare against the other mech games?
  3. Heh, I happen to b a 'Gam and not to b arrogant or anything but I was the one who inspired the indies when I started the "Know your role" topic a while back. So I guess that means I'm kinda important eh? Oh and u Orionites can hire me anytime provided u got the cash and weapons for my services.
  4. Back on topic, has anybody got the new Gravis Destroyer joystick with force feedback at a steal for $29.99?
  5. To make this short and simple without confusing anybody, BCM is the only game u need to play!
  6. The last game you'll ever play that will ruin your social life forever!
  7. You think AvP2 is scary try playing Silent Hill through the night with the volume up and see if u can sleep normal. And do the same thing when the sequel comes out for the PS2 coming soon! [ 08-17-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  8. Hehe, George Carlin is the best damn stand-up comedian I have ever seen. A true realist IMO. His best work IMO is definitely the HBO aired "Your all Diseased". Great for the whole family. A must see!
  9. Mecha has been a favorite genre for many years and I was wondering who has the advantage to dominate? Alright give me everything u know about the Mobile Suit Gundam series and the Battletech franchise and give me details on strengths and weaknesses that ultimately lead to who is the best. Let the war begin!
  10. I highly recommend u purchase the PC game, Heavy Gear 2. It's the closest u can get to piloting a mech that captures the spirit of the mecha anime that started it all, Mobile Suit Gundam. You'll feel like Commander Shiro Yamada of the 08th MS Team leading his squad into battle! A must-have before BCM. [ 08-15-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  11. I also forgot to mention to watch the spinoff series, 08th MS team on the Toonami Midnight Run. Check it out! [ 08-15-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  12. Also check out the groundbreaking series that launched the popular mecha genre, Mobile Suit Gundam! Suit up for the first time! Repeat after me, "HAIL ZEON!" [ 08-15-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]] [ 08-15-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ] [ 08-15-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]
  13. How about a MOD for a Mobile Suit Gundam BCM? Now that would be awesome!
  14. Well I didn't preorder online but I did preorder it a few months ago at my local EB. Does this mean I get it on the first production run?
  15. Sorry if I'm a little late here, but I had to rely on the library's 'puter until I get mine up and running. This idea was discussed before and I'd like to see where it will take us. C'mon indies! Were here to stay and one day we'll b only popular caste here!
  16. Heh, I knew this was 'comin the moment u said u were considering joining a fleet in the future. Offer me a contract anytime, my ships worth it!
  17. [rp] Spoken like a true Gammulan my brother. With your stormcarrier and my ship at your side, we will conquer all that stands in our way MUAHAAA! [/rp]
  18. My favorite indie music inspired by some indies and some not but great to listen to. Rage Against the Machine (my all-time favorite indie band) Cake(heh, some funny tunes) Disturbed (kick-ass metal) Korn (good metal band) and plenty of others to numerous too list. Great to listen too in times of stress, break-ups, and when your always depressed as I am.
  19. Toonami revived reruns of Outlaw Star the best anime since DBZ. Check it out people!
  20. Agreed. Awesome movie with the best visuals since FF8. Gonna watch it again!
  21. quote:My 'lil ol heavy cruiser does have an EMD ya know [rp]True, but it won't matter after I unleash 12 turrets and main guns upon u after your futile attempt to "arrest" me. [/rp]
  22. quote:unless you guys formed a mercenary company which is entirely possible. Oh, there will b one in the future. quote:I'll run a standard Cargo Manifest scan... I prefer to blow up smugglers rather than escort them [rp] Try that on me and you'll b FATAL'ly destroyed. [/rp]
  23. Remember, I was the one who started the "Know your role" thread and gathered all the indies to come together as family. If nobody stepped up, we wouldn't b as organized and respected as we r now. Let's not make enemies of each other if were 2 work together.
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