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  1. Hi Sho, Been playing it yesterday so sure we can try some more. We'll try some DM and COOP. Like i've never been away Cya soon, Mano
  2. Hi Sho, Same here was a fun short encounter!. So next month another MP game an hour later ? and Thanks SC that's good news. -Mano
  3. Same here Sho had a blast as well , litteraly that is. Sho and RT really got me, still hurts and still recovering i really got beaten up. Hopefully we have more people next time. Btw can the multiplay be moved to the 2nd sunday of Februari? (or late Januari). Anyways it was nice and next time te more the merrier!!! Cheers, Mano
  4. Cool, so that's UTC-5 right? I'm in UTC+1 so that's a 6 hour difference that's cool. Count me in. -Mano
  5. There is no 1.00.39 Steam patch because Valve still has not corrected the problem on their end. I am going to be following up with them next week on that. So until then, the Steam version is locked at 1.00.37. Sorry. Ok, no problem. Thanks for resolving the issue. So, i'm ready for MP . So when is the next MP game ?
  6. Ok, not the right thread i think for this but thought there was a issue with Steam Patch 1.00.39 . Last version was 37 when i tried. Send me some PM's if you like too update to 39 so we can play MP.
  7. Cool , i have the Steam Version though. I'll have to download the DR version first i guess for MP. Stand by.
  8. Anyone for a AAW MP game this weekend? Cheers,
  9. A Happy New Year to all!! Hope that everybody gets a good and healthy New Year. Will be waiting for the Galactic Command Online in 2011 . My girlfriend bought me a new PC that can actually run AAW and some recent games.
  10. Haha, consider myself cannon fodder anyways Haven't had much practice i fear you'll notice it. Mano
  11. Hi Sho, Would like to try some time guess that will be during te weekends. Regards, Mano
  12. Guess it has been almost a year since i've played a game ( Wii doesn't count, it more like a social event). Probably was DCS Black Shark , UC or Armed Assault. This time last year my wife got pregnant and didn't see a PC gaming after that time Was talking to a collegue last week about games being better in the past ( ok i admit i'm gettin old). At least the gameplay part. Eyecandy is nice but it doesnt last very long. Was waiting for a new PC since my current PC ....old. but it wont be coming soon so i figured i order AoA /AAW anyways. What can i say......WOW!.... even on this old rig!. Feels like....napalm in the morning ( i mean smells like... ). Feels like coming .....HOME. A sim which i love to play! Some things do get better just like the old days. I fired up steam ( was initially looking for CDs to order ) and tuned down the graphics. Didn't want my old PC to have a meltdown. I started a mission as brad but lookign at the start menu i watched the rotating marine and thought "wow that looks pretty good already on this machine". Did a selection since was vaguely familiar with the weapons profiles with previous 3000ad series. No IA mission for me need to look around first and see how it al works, it has been awhile. So character appeared a selected my weapons ( still remembered the buttons 1-5 ). I was already impressed with the graphics at this point. Then i zoomed with the mousewheel and i went "cooool". Nice crosshair with a blurry out of focus sideview. I fired some rounds and had some serious backfire. Then i a tossed a few flash grenades which looked very cool ( though there is not much you can see u few seconds later). Running around the base i noticed the detail in the objects and ran to the gunships. The interior alone looked very nice and smooth. Looking closer you'll see the seats will become yellow, you can now actually sit and be a passenger. So i ran to an APC checked in with "e" and there i was in the APC looking at the cockpit/dashboard. Switched to the gunners position and fired a couple of rounds. I fired up my jet a flew to a jumppoint and was teleported to a hostile base. I selected V and was on the ground. Zoomed in and some not so friendly contacts where heading my way . I took some shots and sneaked past a building and noticed and entrance . I thought "cool but it will probably be a closed door" but i could actually go into the bunker ( i think it was a bunker ). I looked inside and admired the view but while i was doing that it seemed i was not welcome and got and got a final resting place. Dusk, dawn and weather effects are really cool even on my system. Later on i switched to fighter pilot in an IA mission trying to defend my base. Found and old Thrustmaster gamepad ( no joystick here yet ) and configured it. I ran to the nearest fighter VTOL-ed and then full throttle and gain some height. Warning sounds were alraedy over the place and missiles where heading my way. Activated the EMD and pulled hard to the right trying to dodge the missles. I swicthed to the external view. You could see some contrails from my wingtips while i was franticly trying to avoid being hit..........beeep...beep..beep....boom. "Shield are down" echoes through the cockpit and my head. I take a hard turn to the left and hear the missile alarms screaming. Beep...beep..beep.........and a lot of smoke guess i didn't make it. Tried this a bunch a times. Yeah , this is what i was looking for. Not many survived but there are still a few good sims. Mano
  13. Kinda late but Happy Birthday !
  14. Merry Christmas to all of you out there and i wish you a healthy and happy new year!
  15. Awesome . Geez, yesterday i scanned my original bc3000ad CD 1996 (silver box - for fun) which leads all the way up to these products . Thanks for hanging in there all the years.
  16. You were dissapointed ? Still think it's a good combat flightsim. I'd like to focus on the combat i don't care much for IFR/VFR and flying using beacons etc i think it's boring. I could play MS flightsim for that which isn't really my thing. Just running through the Flaming Cliffs manual but how real do you wan't it ? Still got that most VS, TWS,SST etc in there and just checked the Allied Force its 716 pages don't think many gamers these days have to patient to read that. Besides just looked in my orginal F4 manual it dates from 1998! This looks like the best helo sim since Janes Longbow and EECH (community version). The cockpit of black shark is full of switches and all of them can be flipped so guess that anwsers your question. In real mode you have flip a ton of switches to get anywhere (batteries, Intertial navigation, fuel valves etc). In instant action i know how to trim and hover above the treetops at 25meters and managed to stay alive but didn't fire a missle yet. Takes quite a few switches. Targetting looks like FC SU-25T. The manual is about 380 pages or so. Check simhq and read the articles they even have the manual so you can judge for yourself. I frankly fear the word realism. I always have a feeling when people mention the r word the sim/dev team is never heard from again. http://www.simhq.com/_air12/air_390g.html
  17. If you are into helo sims, this is one of the good ones. The makers of lock-on and flaming cliffs a lock-on add on. Like 3000ad titles , all aspect warfare it's one of the few games i was waiting for. To my surprise it was released yesterday and it is available for download. http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/
  18. WOW, it looks real nice . Looking forward to the next one. Where was that pre-order link again ?
  19. Thanks, i'll give it a try. Should be placed in RP now that i read some of the other messages.
  20. Thanks, i thought i'll give it another twist . I forgot (geeeez) to put any spacecombat in there. I'll add some in one of these messages. The engine smoke trails tend you curve when manuevering, and i like the hyperspace etc. What can i say just a great game!
  21. For those who 've not yet tried the beta 2 patch some first (WOW) impressions Has been a while but i figured since no one made some shots i'll describe some missions i've played. I must say so many new features and so smooth even on the old beast ( AMD2600 , 2B , HD3650... he...you stop laughing now!) i got pretty good frame rates. As an old vet i was stilll able to hold my ground though my spacecombat skills seemd a little rusty ( darn, these fighters are tricky! ) UCCE has really been fine tuned and balanced i must say. FP is really nicely done, been playing the last coupla days though kinda sad though some of this is leaving us ( space, transporter,mining etc in newer titles i assume) sometimes you only see how good something is/was when it's gone (and other (space)sims). Anyways since it already had the spaceships, battles, fleets, FP, sim part it basicly had all the great features, but i must say the graphics really add a nice touch it. For example the explosions make it much more immersive! The smoke/contrails , explosions, the clouds, the smoke, lighting . It gives that much extra because it already has so many features this is really the icing on the cake. On a planet you usually see a lots of fighters and gunships flying and SAMs firing but you now really have a feel the bigger picture. You see explosiosn in the air and on the ground. Several smoke trails of several fighters exchanging missiles. Then SALs firing their lasers and SAMs creating more streaks across the sky. So i made a bunch of shots but all graphics are on low i know for a fact the water looks much better than in my screenshots. Bunch of stuff is put on low settings. ( yeah yeah, u can stop laughing now) 1st Day my arrival I tried my first mission and it has been a while but they still knew who i was and send me to do a specops mission. Liberating a city which was full of hostiles. So i signed up with my team and got down to business. Once in the city all hell broke loose . I didn't know where the shots were coming from , it was pitch black , so i activated my infrared (SHFT + \ ) to make my life a little easier i designated my targets to effectively employ my tactics. While my buddies did the "ground work" i decided to support them and lift myself to a higher plan or should i say fight from i different perspective . So i fired [ F ] up my booster and began a rocky ride and put myself into an advantageous position. I landend on the place where i had a good overview of the situation and having the edge if you will. But i was determined i was gonna liberate this town and i knew for sure they they be looking up to me if not now than in the near future. While the platoon was keeping them pinned i took upon myself eliminate the reinforcement. Starting by taking out their APC. After some good teamwork we got rid of the remaining pockets of resistance and mopped te place up. Though it wasn't easy and felt releaved my booster didn't fail on me. Had to use the backup system on our last operation that was scary but made it home in one piece. 2nd Day Geeez, the 8 hours past already? We were woken way to early for my comfort wtf? What happend to the 8 hours of R & R promised to us by Command HQ , but this was a special mission. Don't they say that with all specops missions? No this one is really special they assured us. They sure know how to sell this stuff. Intel briefs us this is an oppertunity several hostile MFB's have been sighted near the frontline and this will surely offer some space for the 56th which might have their flank exposed it the enemy forces keep pushing furher. Intel continues and points us to a nearby base which will be the secondary target. So im assigned to the guys the heavy equipment the Assault Force Marines. It had been a while since i used the rocket launchers , but they joked the latest MK4 is so easy and effective they will even let people my me use it. The're so funny. Ok we found them alright or should i say they found us. Not a landing i like every day , good landing nonetheless sine i can walk away from it. Several gunships where downed by the MFB , hope my buddy made it, but i managed to get on the ground. I took some succesful shots but it was getting risky. I had to hide between some rocks. They localized the azimuth of the shot. I used a diversion launch , the launcher is in deception mode, it has a lower kill probabliltiy since it has a longer fligthtime but they ussually fire artillerty or smart weapons to the last know position. Me and an another AFM finally found the right spot and were able to take out the last MFB. A big cheer over the comms , flank of the 56th is safe for now and primary objective has been met. Though it was snowy and cold, you could sence even trough your gear, sights where obstructed every now and then. We had a special particle viewer which was not influenced by these harsh weather conditions like you would have with laser or IR but it drained the resources. Advise was to use it scarecly but try to think of that when your under fire and your view with the conventional sensors are obstructed. It was quite a trek but when we reached the enemy base the resistance was light. A lot of burning craft but we started to destroy most of the defences so enemy reinforcements won't be able to use them. The terrain was horrible and we dragged ourselves to the extraction point. After some succesful battledamage repairs the gunship took of and we were heading back to base. 3rd Day finally some R & R? Seems this war drags on but i was trying t get some long deserved rest. I was watching some news om my mobile hologram. The enemy has been going on the offensive and GNN showed some holo's of allied gunship which took out some ammo depots, the base, near the 56th which was under attack, and air defences working around the clock. I'm looking out the window at the red sky and see lotsa action. I'm gonna try and get some sleep.
  22. Hi Derek, Has been a very long time since i've been here (too long:) ). Just watched some pics and i must say WOW you've come a long way! all aspect really looks nice. haven't played much last coupla years (too busy) but this seems like a good reason to start again and buy a new PC. Finally something or a sim to look forward to. I'll be tracking it more closely once again Cheers, Mano
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