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  1. Partially good news SecuROM support mailed me an answer today with a link to a fixed .exe , patch1.00.09 works with this fixed one (in singleplayer that is).Now that the multiplayer part uses a different .exe i replied to them asking about that They did however say nothing about what caused this conflict on my machine,so that i could possibly fix it . Ah well...lets wait for the answer to my reply to them
  2. Ok ill post the reply as soon as i have one . Thanks for your help
  3. Well thats odd...newly installed UCCE ver 1.00.03...runs Patched to 1.00.07 doesnt start,conflict with emulation software detected... Patched to 1.00.08 starts and runs...
  4. LOL Strange that all other games i own and use SecuROM run without problem (BIOSHOCK etc.). Maybe i could try out an older patch for UCCE to narrow the search?
  5. I did download and use Process explorer,but i didnt find anything related to Nero nor a debugging tool...maybe its a conflict related to my Boards tools or something.I created a analysis file as mentioned by securom and did send it to them.They answered that the developers of securom has to look into it... lets wait and see what they say
  6. Hi Im not quite sure if this is the correct way to post my problem with the copy-protection. I got my UCCE DVD from BMT on wednesday and installed it right away.Game runs fine in the out-of-the-box version,but after updating via the updater to 1.00.09 i get the "emulation software detected" message from the copy-protection.I uninstalled the game and downloaded the patch manually from the 3000AD website,but the problem stays.I do not have any kind of emulation tool like alcohol or daemon tools installed...i tried uninstalling my nero 8 ,but that didnt help either.I searched the web for a solution...nothing which helped found. So maybe someone here has a solution for me? Thanks in advance
  7. Steffen Frey

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Thank you , sirs! I hope i did get my sig right...or would it be Cadet?
  8. Steffen Frey

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Registered just before this reply... and ,on a side note,changed my system profile to the appropiate one
  9. Steffen Frey

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    I am interested in joining the Insurgent Fleets. Got my AWA last week...which means that im new to the changes in this installment of the title,but since im a long time follower i think i can be of use to the Insurgency Ill leave it to you ,to which fleet i should register.
  10. Steffen Frey

    New Debate :Israel vs Palestine/Arab States

    Originally posted by Jaguar: [QB]Sorry Menchise, but your definition of Terrorism DOES NOT fit mine. My definition of Terrorism is as follows. The Use of Force against Civilians in order to coerce or force a government to submit due to civilian casualties. That is terrorism, when you target civilians in order to intimidate.[QE] So you say that bombing civilian targets is terrorism? Who said that to the Allied Forces as they bombed German cities to ashes or the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were annihilated by the US with the Bomb?
  11. Steffen Frey

    Turrets different in Firepower?

    Phew...so im after all not blind Btw could the strength of the Violons turrets be increased a little? im finding it quite hard to kill a enemy fighter with only the turrets...so practically they are quite useless for defence against them... [ 03-20-2002, 12:09: Message edited by: Steffen Frey ]
  12. Steffen Frey

    Turrets different in Firepower?

    OK maybe im blind or dumb ...but i only see stats for the main guns and quantity of the turrets...nothing about strenght of the turrets...
  13. Steffen Frey

    Turrets different in Firepower?

    Wow fast answer No i didnt stumble across that...can someone point me to that? Thanks [ 03-19-2002, 14:59: Message edited by: Steffen Frey ]
  14. After playing BCM for quite some time,first with a Firestorm ,then with a Violon (i like its shape ),it looks to me as if the beams of the Violons turrets are not as powerful as the Firestorms (i know that the Firestorm has 10 turrets and the Violon only has 8 ). But even with 3 beams hitting from my Violon the shields of a enemy fighter seem to drop not as fast as hitting with 1 beam of the Firestorm...could this be or am i assuming shit ? [ 03-19-2002, 12:38: Message edited by: Steffen Frey ]
  15. Steffen Frey

    Aw, crud!

    I think they were called Spemin not Spuzzum... Steffen