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  1. I've got a bunch of programs on that list and haven't had any trouble with any of them. DivxPlayer Kazaa Norton Antivirus 2003 - Windows Security Center sees it but it can't do that integrated monitoring thing. Yahoo Messenger Zone Alarm Granted, I'm using the latest versions of these. Latest version of StyleXP also supports WinXP SP2. Browsing this list and checking the version number, I can pretty much tell you that most of these have patches out or newer versions, most of which have been released over the course of the past few months. My brother had some trouble with Warcraft III, but I never had a chance to really check it out. It might've been Zone Alarm, because I also installed that along with SP2.
  2. Never saw original thread, but I'll make a guess. Spare Parts. You need to make sure you have one of every item needed to repair that system.
  3. 1) Don't PM me telling me to "help (you) with (your) post 'troop deployment". Hell, I didn't even frelling know which forum it was under. Hrm... Nah. But you're already inching it. PMing moderators for a frelling game answer is NOT proper conduct here. 2) RTFM. 3) Look around on the boards. It has a search feature. With that aside, I'll give you your answer provided you follow the above FROM NOW ON or face severe penalties? Savvy? Let's begin. Welcome aboard, newbie. Info covering items already in the manual, removed [ 04-25-2004, 10:53 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  4. You cannot buy extra assets that you can't use (fighters when you can't launch fighters) and use them. But you can buy replacements in the event the assets are destroyed. You can go into your own assets, like the shuttles and OCs, and use those, AFAIK. Your question was worded somewhat badly. Your primary asset is your CC. That is your asset, so to speak. You cannot switch assets. You can utilize the sub-assets therein, however.
  5. Some of these are so terrible they're funny. I'll escalate the situation to a point where it's not even funny anymore. Blerm, this is partially your fault, because you reminded me of some jokes a friend of mine had. quote:Your mom is so stupid she tried to use substitution to find the definite integral of f(x)=x^2 over the interval 0 to (pi)^(1/3). Your Mom is so stupid she thought that e^(pi*i) was equal to -2. Your Mom is so fat, when she walks she sheds vortices so large that modern synoptic-scale models include her as a factor. your mom is so stupid she thought that the indefinite integral of 4x^3 was x^4. your mom is so stupid she though that the partial derivative of v = 2xyw^2 + ln x * z/3 + e^(3y) was just: 4xyw + 1/x +I don't even understand the last two. So there.
  6. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Tried using a naming system kind of like the Enterprise for my ship and it's decendants... GCV Vigilance GCV Vigilance A GCV Vigilance B -snip-lol, I just used the Roman numeral system for mine, depending on what ship class I'm using. GCV-Supremacy (Starwarrior) GCV-Supremacy Mk. II (Spacestar) GCV-Supremacy Mk. III (Warmonger) GCV-Supremacy Mk. IV (eh.. heavy carrier) GCV-Supremacy Mk. V (Firestorm) Yeah. I don't die. I just barely limp off the battlefield, and eventually stop using that save file and move on to another post. lol.
  7. Use font tags. You can use named colors or RGB Hex colors. code:<font color="red">red</font> <font color="#fa38fc">pink-ish</font> <font color="black">black</font> <font color="#000000">black</font>red pink-ish black black
  8. It's not the Osiris, it's whatever ship the protagonists are in in the other parts of the trailer. Considering the Nebuchadnezzar was also destroyed in Reloaded... Yeah.
  9. Yeah, a friend of mine showed it to me last night. Damn... I'm in sheer anticipation now. Warner Bros. apparantly set something up where they're releasing the movie at the exact same time worldwide, so no one gets it "first". It's like, 9am Eastern, 6am Pacific, 11pm Tokyo, etc. 8am here... Hm, I wonder who's skipping school on November 5th? We're already making plans.
  10. I do not belive you can change the loadout of your AE's gear. You begin with the default gear; that default is based on what career you choose. When it appears you aren't holding any weapons, maybe you haven't switched to your weapons. Press the various number keys (1 through 0) on the top of the keyboard (not the num pad) to switch. Read the manual regarding this.
  11. I've got a 17" KDS on my old computer. It's a good bargain. I'd go for it.
  12. Yeah, I've read about the Opteron quite a bit. FYI: With a 64bit processor, it's not only the speed that matters. With 64bits, you can theoretically process twice as much information at the same time. Meaning to say that it's an even better leap than traditional new lines of CPUs. 64bit isn't not a big deal if you're an average internet user, but it is if you're in business with multimedia or if you're a speed freak. I liked the benchmark results. Probably in the next 5-10 years or so, I'm hoping to see the 64bit market expand from just servers and high-end workstations. I mean, at 3+GHz, 32bit processors seem to be running out of room to go; increase of speed in higher clocking systems isn't as much as it used to be. And, um... Yeah.
  13. That is totally hands-down freaking awesome. Damn... If only.....
  14. Something attacked your ship, damaged it, and power was adjusted? Or, something happened that made the AI decide that power had to be adjusted to other, more important, systems. IIRC, if you're spacewalking, you can enter your ship by pressing the / (forward-slash). Try that.
  15. What Vixef said. Keep trying to jump into the FF repeatedly until you get out. Although, yes, you may end up in a black hole. Consult the nav charts for info on this. There's data on black hole links and exactly what fluxfields go where that you might be interested in. It's in the Appendix.
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