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  1. I've been sick for most of the week, staying home from school and sleeping. I overheard on the news while eating lunch yesterday, that a big solar flare was on it's way here. I thought about all that hype about sattellites losing power and crap, and forgot about one big thing. Today, my girlfriend asks me if I saw the aurora last night. I've been home asleep for almost two and a half days, for crying out loud. Heh. Google Search Massive solar flare headed for Earth Scientists: Solar flare may cause power outages Auroras seen from Missouri CNN Slideshow of last night's aurora activity Snippet from the second article: quote:One expert called this latest event the strongest flare in 30 years. Others are putting it in the top three.Snippets from that CNN slideshow: quote:A giant stream of ionized gas swept past Earth October 29, sparking spectacular aurora displays as far south Texas. quote:Even here in the depths of the Bootheel of Southeast Missouri we got a little show,' said Gavin Thomas, who shot this digital photograph of the northern lights on October 29.I'm still recovering from a cold, but hell--I have to stay up tonight. I'm charging the batteries for my digital camera. Anyone here see any aurora action? I was the nerd boy. (I call myself a nerd with pride, as well.) I was the guy who took a summer class on astronomy. I was the self-proclaimed space freak. I was supposed to know first... Heh.
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    Some of these are so terrible they're funny. I'll escalate the situation to a point where it's not even funny anymore. Blerm, this is partially your fault, because you reminded me of some jokes a friend of mine had. quote:Your mom is so stupid she tried to use substitution to find the definite integral of f(x)=x^2 over the interval 0 to (pi)^(1/3). Your Mom is so stupid she thought that e^(pi*i) was equal to -2. Your Mom is so fat, when she walks she sheds vortices so large that modern synoptic-scale models include her as a factor. your mom is so stupid she thought that the indefinite integral of 4x^3 was x^4. your mom is so stupid she though that the partial derivative of v = 2xyw^2 + ln x * z/3 + e^(3y) was just: 4xyw + 1/x +I don't even understand the last two. So there.
  3. Cmdr Nova

    TV Shows I can stand: SCRUBS on NBC

    I've seen at least a handful of episodes, and I love it. My mom's a nurse, and it's funny stuff to watch as a family. Good show.
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    Behavior Modification 101

    Heh. I'm 16 years old. I can feel for this. And I feel pissed. quote: Because if the kid is out of control, it is the parents fault, sorry, but that is the way I feel, and to punish the kids like this for the parents failure is insane.I agree with that as well. I feel so pissed off after reading that. You want to make your teenager trust you? Why don't you trust them first? Why don't you at the VERY LEAST respect their rights? Just a little bit? I agree, incarceration would do nothing better. However, a true attempt to get into the psyche of one of these people would probably reveal something behind it--like parental problems in childhood. Bad kids don't have a rage for no reason. They either grew up to have a vengence, grew up uncaring about morals, or grew up with bad influence. Parental properties. quote:Chappuis: "People who say this place is too harsh, they've never had their own troubled kids. If you criticise it you don't know what the hell you are talking about. And if you think you have had experience, then I challenge the success of your experience."Bullshit. Does he even have any CLUE as to why the kids are troubled in the FIRST PLACE? Seriously. If I didn't have anything else to do, and if it was possible for me to, I'd open my own center with different ideals. 1) Dealing with an issue isn't simply getting through it and feeling indifferent about it. 2) Trust is hella important. 3) Care is hella important. When these kids grow up, how the hell are THEIR kids gonna act? I'm almost afraid to know what kinds of influences they'll have on their kids as they grow up. These people are brainwashed into one way of thinking--cold, emotionless, and uncontemplative. This is cruel and unusual punishment, and it's not even really the child that completely deserves it. It parallels Plato's Allegory of the Cave. (The Republic, Book 7.) The best solution for people that you believe are lower than you, or are less deserving than you, is to keep them ignorant. This is, if you're pushing for an "ideal" situation--ideal for your intents, not for theirs. I hate this with a passion. I've always been pissed off at every little thing that people do wrongly to children. Since I was like 8 years old, I've felt strongly about children's rights. IMO, children should have the same rights as adults, in many respects. In this case, they need the right to at the least, choose--the hard way (more traditional counseling, including actual family counseling, or whatever the situation warrants) or throw your childhood away at Tranquility? Seemingly damned both ways (to them), at least giving a choice would help. I hardly think that shipping your kid out of country, without warning, is very legal at all. And even if it is, it shouldn't. And if not, it's still very wrong. quote:I meet a student's aunt visiting from Texas. 'Oh, you would not believe the change in her! It's amazing, the way they change a kid's life. She's so polite now, I wouldn't know her. They all look so happy!' A song by Usher is playing, and the words burn through the hard Caribbean heat. 'You remind me of a girl that I once knew. See her face whenever I look at you.' The Texan's niece pauses her dancing. As she stoops to take a drink of water, I catch her face, and think she looks like the saddest girl in the world."They all look so happy!..." "She looks like the saddest girl in the world..." These people know how to be slaves to their parents, how to be slaves to the system they're in. They've learned not to think, not to learn. It makes me sad. (I'm one of those really deep thinking contemplative types.) Having people highly restricted, punished, tortured, etc. really pisses me off, when the circumstances causing that don't warrant it. I agree with making the kids better. But I'd rather them not even think about going Tranquility. Shit, just kill the kid instead, if you're gonna force them there. Give them up into adoption or something. Goddamnit. Give them a choice at the very least; you're throwing away their youth like a jail sentence.
  5. Cmdr Nova

    Combat Help!

    quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Tried using a naming system kind of like the Enterprise for my ship and it's decendants... GCV Vigilance GCV Vigilance A GCV Vigilance B -snip-lol, I just used the Roman numeral system for mine, depending on what ship class I'm using. GCV-Supremacy (Starwarrior) GCV-Supremacy Mk. II (Spacestar) GCV-Supremacy Mk. III (Warmonger) GCV-Supremacy Mk. IV (eh.. heavy carrier) GCV-Supremacy Mk. V (Firestorm) Yeah. I don't die. I just barely limp off the battlefield, and eventually stop using that save file and move on to another post. lol.
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    UBB code and post format....

    Use font tags. You can use named colors or RGB Hex colors. code:<font color="red">red</font> <font color="#fa38fc">pink-ish</font> <font color="black">black</font> <font color="#000000">black</font>red pink-ish black black
  7. Cmdr Nova

    Matrix : Revolutions - OMFG

    It's not the Osiris, it's whatever ship the protagonists are in in the other parts of the trailer. Considering the Nebuchadnezzar was also destroyed in Reloaded... Yeah.
  8. Cmdr Nova

    Software company to sue student over SHIFT key

    It's not that they're suing him over the shift key that's what I love about this. It's the fact that they created a CD protection scheme and this comp. sci. student at Princeton did some research on the protection itself, and found out it simply loads a driver on Windows autorun. Autorun. Meaning to say that any idiot could get around the copy protection anyways. The student's report is here. The slashdot article about him originally writing the report: here. Article about the possible lawsuit. Also, it seems that SunnComm decided to back off.
  9. Cmdr Nova

    Matrix : Revolutions - OMFG

    Yeah, a friend of mine showed it to me last night. Damn... I'm in sheer anticipation now. Warner Bros. apparantly set something up where they're releasing the movie at the exact same time worldwide, so no one gets it "first". It's like, 9am Eastern, 6am Pacific, 11pm Tokyo, etc. 8am here... Hm, I wonder who's skipping school on November 5th? We're already making plans.
  10. Cmdr Nova

    Blame The Game? AGAIN!?

    See, that's the problem. That line of thinking can't fix the problem--that line of thinking is just out of rage and spite. I wish the morons of the world would just disappear sometimes, but that isn't happening any time soon. You have to find a way to deal with it. My thoughts are that sometime in the near future, we're gonna have some groundbreaking case where someone speaks of the current precedents of games, movies, books, music, and etc. with violence, and some psychologist will draw some sort of line. That line is obviously gonna be flawed without some sort of comparison to influences by other media. Universities will publish some lengthy reports about games, but without comparing the game-violence relationship to other medias and their relationships to violence, the modern day precedents against violent games will remain. (I mean, research like this has already been going on, but they appear very subjective, IMO.) People and companies do get sued for very oddballed things. The purpose of the court in new kinds of cases, is to make a precedent, and make sure it's not a hassle after that point. At this point, I believe in situations where a game had an influence, it is the firm responsibility of the player (or guardian, if minor). Even if the game was re-encated in full. If it were a movie scene re-encated, the person would still be responsible. The only thing I see mixing this up a bit is pleading insanity, but then again if you do acts like this, your mental/emotional state is already really f***ed up. Summary: Even if influenced by media, a killer is a killer. Like that guns and killing people quote.
  11. Cmdr Nova

    Blame The Game? AGAIN!?

    I believe everyone here is thinking on the same page. That means there isn't a debate here, although I see many long ranting posts. Too much general banter that no one appears to be reading through anymore, because it's all just the same opinion. What I'd like to see discussed, if you choose to rant, is what you believe is the most feasible course of action to take regarding this. You believe it's incorrect. How do you correct this legal battle?
  12. Cmdr Nova

    Alter Ego Equipping

    I do not belive you can change the loadout of your AE's gear. You begin with the default gear; that default is based on what career you choose. When it appears you aren't holding any weapons, maybe you haven't switched to your weapons. Press the various number keys (1 through 0) on the top of the keyboard (not the num pad) to switch. Read the manual regarding this.
  13. Cmdr Nova

    Buying a new monitor advice

    I've got a 17" KDS on my old computer. It's a good bargain. I'd go for it.
  14. Cmdr Nova

    Blame The Game? AGAIN!?

    Jack Thompson is gonna one day end up dying due to some obsessed fanboy. http://www.stopkill.com quote:You may be a parent whose child is addicted to video games. You may know someone harmed by someone addicted to violent entertainment who copycatted that violence. The victim, whoever it is, needs help.I couldn't help but laugh... Then, you realize how serious he is about it. Then you're pissed off. Thompson's apparantly been around for a long time. I've got a bone to pick against him now.
  15. Cmdr Nova

    Verisign screws the pooch

    Bah. Pre-registering for an already existing domain has been going on forever. Network Solutions had a service like that before Verisign bought them out. All the domain registrars I look at have services like that. You know, I was actually thinking Microsoft when I said "unfair advantage...monopoly". lol.
  16. Cmdr Nova

    Verisign screws the pooch

    quote:Network administrators are fuming about changes made by domain registrar Verisign to the DNS system yesterday that they say violate longstanding Internet standards. Verisign yesterday added wildcard DNS records to all .com and .net domains - redirecting surfers who get lost on the Net to a search page, called Site Finder, run by the company. Those who type in non-existent addresses will also be served up Site Finder, instead of an error message. ROFLMAO. THEY F***ING OWN THE INTERNET PRACTICALLY. I had to check... www.vihyahzi.com redirects to http://sitefinder.verisign.com/lpc?url=www...ww.vihyahzi.com It's true. And so f***ing wrong. That's practically owning the internet. It's like, unfair advantage, or a monopoly of domain or something. Or, at the least, there's gonna be techincal problems down the road if their example is followed.... Good god, it is true. I had to check it again: www.joiaweheiughoaioawerjioerafgiowarjigopheajyukyugkygkugyukgykuoipbhwoairb.net
  17. Cmdr Nova

    The Halo PC gold cd ...

    "Halo Gold Master Pic of the Day" http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/images/knifeguy.jpg lol... God, they even have a feature pic of the day. That's rather hilarious, actually.
  18. Cmdr Nova

    Orion Fleet website.....

    http://www.orion.i8i.co.uk/forum/ It's still around, although I seriously haven't personally logged in there for at least a couple months...
  19. Cmdr Nova

    AMD Opteron: 64 bit chip

    Yeah, I've read about the Opteron quite a bit. FYI: With a 64bit processor, it's not only the speed that matters. With 64bits, you can theoretically process twice as much information at the same time. Meaning to say that it's an even better leap than traditional new lines of CPUs. 64bit isn't not a big deal if you're an average internet user, but it is if you're in business with multimedia or if you're a speed freak. I liked the benchmark results. Probably in the next 5-10 years or so, I'm hoping to see the 64bit market expand from just servers and high-end workstations. I mean, at 3+GHz, 32bit processors seem to be running out of room to go; increase of speed in higher clocking systems isn't as much as it used to be. And, um... Yeah.
  20. Cmdr Nova

    New amphibious car

    That is totally hands-down freaking awesome. Damn... If only.....
  21. Cmdr Nova

    Netscape or Internet Explorer?

    Yes yes. Mozilla Firebird is a separate product from the Mozilla/Netscape, based on the Mozilla Gecko engine. Firebird's all new. I think I didn't mention that. Firebird runs like a dream.
  22. Cmdr Nova

    Orion Fleet website.....

    http://www.missouri.edu/~msa0288/ofhbk.pdf I think that should work....
  23. Cmdr Nova

    Orion Fleet website.....

    Indeed, at one point, we had quite a website at www.orionfleet.com. We were, as far as I know, the first fleet to have it's own domain.... Until there was a little messup with it recently. I do have the Orion Fleet Handbook that's been work-in-progress since like, 2001. I'll upload what I have ASAP. The information in the Handbook should give you a very good idea of the fleet.
  24. Cmdr Nova

    Netscape or Internet Explorer?

    Oh, man. Perfect thread for me to ramble about some stuff. I took a challenge to use Mozilla Firebird, the new Mozilla browser that's in development right now. See this semi-official site for some info on it. This forum is where you can find the latest development builds. (Seriously, they add and fix stuff on a daily basis.) It's fast, it's got a good featureset, and it's solid. There are some bugs, but it's constantly being improved on. Built in popup blocking, settings to block certain javascripts (like status bar text changing, and window size modification), and the ability to block images (ads) from certain domains. And it's extremely skinnable, so you can find themes to match your tastes. (Currently, there are some bugs with themes on new builds.) It also has FULL capability of PNG alpha transparency (which IE doesn't have) and complete compatibility with XML and XHTML, to W3C specifications. If you look up PNG transparency, you'll see some info and examples of the lack of IE compliance with it. I'm also using Mozilla Thunderbird, partially because of that challenge. But I still say if you're used to Outlook or OE, and you don't have any qualms with it, you don't need to change unless you want to try somethign new. It takes time to learn to cope with a new mail program. I LOVE Firebird. Every other browser can go to hell; or at least, stay off my computer. Seriously take a look into it. Some of the unofficial builds are even compiled with procesor-specific settings like SSE2 for even further improved speed, if you're in for that.
  25. If it's a decisive quick-action spearhead assault you like, then it's Orion Fleet for you. Darnit, I had this REALLY LONG (and old) document about the fleets written up for newbie info. Had it linked to in my sig, but I took it out, and I can't remember the URL at the moment. Ah. Well, I've just now uploaded a new copy here. Note, it hasn't been updated since late 2001. But it gives you the jist of every fleet's primary function. Going in Star Wars/Star Trek terms, GalCOM is like the Federation or the rebellion/New Republic. You're definitely in for that, I believe. Read through that guide of mine, and figure out where you think you're heading. Then report to that fleet's forum for recruitment. If you need any help, just give a post.