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  1. Holy damn, I like the idea. I mean, I'm in the planning stages of redecorating and overhauling my bedroom... This'd be nice to go with the TV and computer.
  2. Trapt - Headstrong Drowning Pool - Bodies Various Linkin Park, Evanescence, Twelve Stones, Slipknot, Metallica, and other rock. Those are pieces I listen to whilst in the heat of a large attack. Anytime else, I listen to lighter songs, like techno/trance, and some lighter rock. Instrumental stuff with like, that power feeling. Some rock/classical like Trans-Siberian Orchestra is nice, too. Blue Man Group. Etc. I dunno. Haven't had time to play BC much recently. But that's what I was listening to last time.
  3. Something attacked your ship, damaged it, and power was adjusted? Or, something happened that made the AI decide that power had to be adjusted to other, more important, systems. IIRC, if you're spacewalking, you can enter your ship by pressing the / (forward-slash). Try that.
  4. Gam/Raider. A lot of hate for being a Gammy, a lot of hate for being a Raider. You have few, if any, friends at all if you're a raider--any race. lol ;p
  5. See this rig? I've been doing so much more regular internet stuff than gaming on it, that it makes my brother want to puke. (He's using my old POS 500mhz Celeron.) Well, I've been playing a bit of Jedi Outcast, Madden 2004, BCM:G, and The Sims recently. But that's about it. lol... I'm not half the gamer I used to be. Happy hunting with your new rig.
  6. What Vixef said. Keep trying to jump into the FF repeatedly until you get out. Although, yes, you may end up in a black hole. Consult the nav charts for info on this. There's data on black hole links and exactly what fluxfields go where that you might be interested in. It's in the Appendix.
  7. First thing: Register and put your info in your sig. This is required. Hm. MP3s, eh? Look at ID3 tags. I don't recall any changes to this since BCM, but ID3v2 tags seem to cause a problem. Also, long filenames. I've used ID3-Tagit to remove the ID3 tags completely, and rename the files to something short. I mean, just to be on the safe side. See if that doesn't help.
  8. Lol. Couldn't believe it until I saw the URL. Airbag. It's a blog I've bookmarked and frequently read when I'm bored. This is classic Greg Storey. Gotta love it.
  9. Coolness. Good to have some fresh people around here. I'll have to take a look at this planet myself, sometime. quote:Originally posted by EvIl-MaX: (please pardon me if this is in the wrong place i still havent gotten the feel for posting yet :/ ) You're doing just fine.
  10. No. You only need the reactor upgrade itself. If your ship can't accept that kind of reactor, you can't upgrade it. Try another type of reactor. Out of curiosity: what ship, and what reactor are you upgrading to? You cannot upgrade the solar reactor. (S/REACTOR) You upgrade the nuclear reactor, marked N/REACTOR in Logistix. The data files for the ships show what upgrades are allowed, by item number. Perhaps someday, there'll be a mini guide to what upgrades you can get on what ships.
  11. The GBS:II system for BCM and BCM:G haven't been released to the public yet.
  12. I agree with that. Good authors, however, can change that. Really good authors can blend the relationships and emotions with the objects and people themselves. Or something like that. Most of the short stories I've written in the past year (for school) have ended up being darkly, emotional things with people dying and the emotional causes and effects of it. (War, vengence, depression, etc.) It's the kind of writing I do, I guess. I'm more of a person who'd rather record ramblings in a journal than write stories.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Bandus: Oh my god. You're thinking what I'm thinking. This pirate = dead.
  14. Heh. Try going in the blind way, without jumping into blindspots or cloaking. In my Starwarrior, I've captured about 5 stations. Jump in, and run like hell until you're too close to the station that the weapons can't fire. Aye. I am the Madman after all.
  15. 15. Run into the other car repeatedly... Mandy passed away.... XD Yeah, I'd actually do that IRL, too.
  16. Ah. I'm far too young. So I don't have an original to base it off of. The more they diverge from the original, the less of a "remake" it is, and the more of an "alternate" it becomes. The Time Machine was different in the book, the 60's movie, and the recent movie. (Which sucked.) Provided the plot doesn't suck terribly, it should be pretty nice. Then again, I'm just a youngin. quote:Originally posted by Or: Why do they have to remake old classics, do none of these overpaid gits have an original idea? Ideas are for the writers. The money men are paid for certain things like this. And with all the fuss it causes, the plan works. I've got some friends who were actually waiting for something like this.
  17. LXG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) Princess Mononoke Ghost in the Shell
  18. This, too is somewhat dated (not nearly as old) but still mostly relevant.
  19. Cmdr Nova

    Off Duty

    /me hath returneth.
  20. I'm kinda gone right now, and I was just checking up on my usual messageboards and noticed this. Thanks, Derek. It's quite an honor. Eh, since I'm not home, and don't exactly have access to my computer, I won't complete my registration until I get back, because I can't remember exact specs and model numbers and versions and etc. But yes. Thanks a ton. (Edit: but that won't stop me from fixing up my sig pre-emptively. )
  21. It's not an old, scrapped rule. You get one warning. Consider yourself warned now.
  22. *RAR* You don't understand the situation. It's our domain, or was. And Blades handles that, anyway. And change your avatar. That's Blades's personal avatar. Hell, the avatar selection page says, "Do NOT select someone else's custom (has same name as their forum name) avatar!!".
  23. Cmdr Nova

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    Final note, I should be doing a hiatus special on my blog, on my website, while I'm gone. See my website link in my profile. If you're bored enough to keep track of me, that's all the better for me.
  24. Cmdr Nova

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    Blah. Bored. Let me make a quick explanation, by quoting posts of mine from another board. (I dunno if you'll be able to use that link.) quote: I'm filing an application for this rather spiffy state summer academy program for "gifted" kids, which would look pretty nice on my resum├®. (Missouri Scholars Academy; you can also find a read-only sample of the actual application form for it, here.) quote:I got accepted, and I forgot to thank you guys a couple months ago when I did. So basically, starting this Sunday, I'm basically living at Mizzou (University of Missouri - Columbia) for 3 weeks. Sweet deal, even though it sounds like I'm getting myself into school for the summer. I think of it more like school, except without all the bullcrap I have to put up with at school. And they're not allowed to give us homework, because there's too many activities so we wouldn't have time to do it. Double score. I'll probably have net access in and out during the 3 weeks, so I might get on teh boards once or twice if I'm REALLY bored or if I have NOTHING to do (unlikely, lol). Peace out, guys. I'll definitely be on some boards, or e-mailing people I know at random from there, if/when I get on and I feel like it. Edit: I'm also pretty much 100% accessible at my e-mail address, [email protected], which I'll be using to keep in touch. If I need to know something, if there's something urgent, or if you're bored and want to help me kill off some of my idle time while you're at it, you know who to call. I dunno, I rarely ever exchange massive amounts of e-mails with people, because I'm very accessible through other means. I guess here's a start.
  25. Cmdr Nova

    Off Duty

    Oh yeah, I'll have net access, so I'll still be able to get on the boards once in a while, probably regarding the BG Deployment and whatnot subject I just posted on. [ 06-07-2003, 01:55 AM: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]
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