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  1. Handbook - Screen Version (Low Res: 77k) Handbook - Print Version (High Res: 380k) With the latest version of The Handbook, I came across a few things that should be noted. [*]The Battle Group Deployment Timetable is basically thrown out the window [*]The Battle Groups are "stacked". [*]Half of the fleet personnel have some sort of Officer rank or special role in the fleet. Key problem is that we have 35 people in the fleet. 18 listed as active, 17 MIA. 2 Battle Groups with 4 people, one with 2 people, two with only 1, then 2 in the IMB, 2 cadets in the ACADEMY + Badger, and then Darien Wolfe doing that solo special ops thing with Shadow Company. We're spread thin. Back in the day, it used to be we grouped everyone by time zone. But with this 4-5 Battle Group arrangement, I beleve perhaps we should also prioritize equal division of the fleet between Battle Groups. Or, to re-organize the fleet, or to specialize the battle groups more. Naturally, most of this organization only applies in an RP context, considering the lack of availability of online play and our personnel getting online. Just think about it for a while. I have three weeks, lol. PS - I noticed the www.orionfleet.com domain is registered to one of those cheap-ass little ad companies until April 2004. Having trouble?
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    Off Duty

    I've had this scheduled since like March, but I forgot to post about it until just now. From June 8-28, I won't be home. Occupied with some things. Like, pretty exclusive hard-to-get-into stuff I can put on my near-empty college application. Won't be able to participate in the Fleet Wars if it takes place during those three weeks. Heads-up. [ 06-07-2003, 01:54 AM: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]
  3. None of us have the system to run a server. Or most of us don't have the connection to run a reliable server. So no, there are no servers present right now. Just chill and wait for the big official public servers to come online.
  4. Yeah, it's line of sight. Also, there's a range where it seems like it won't want to shoot at you. So you could probably guess minimum range, but I really don't know. Myself, I don't care how it works, as long as it does.
  5. Where's your system profile info? MindFever, put your system profile info into your sig. Then, do the following, exactly. No fiddling around with command line settings, no screwing around with trying to save your savegames, no changing ANYTHING. [*]Uninstall BCMG. [*]Go to the folder in your hard drive (should be "C:Program FilesDreamCatcher3000ADBattlecruiser Millennium Gold") and delete everything. [*]Install BCMG to the default folder, which should be the above. [*]Download the patch. Do it again if you've already done it. Just in case. [*]Copy the patch exe to the game folder. [*]Run the patch, make sure it picks the folder that you installed BCMG to. [*]Use the start menu shortcuts to run the game. Screw any command line parameters you have already made. If you have done this, your patch should work. If you're having trouble, you either have a problem with where you installed it, where you're patching, there's some sort of glitch in the matrix, or you've obviously screwed something up. There are updates to the single player core, in the update. (RTFVCF) There's a bad lack of servers right now. As of this moment, I see exactly zero online.
  6. Have you ever taken a station, on your own, in a cruiser? Here's a strategy I've done before, though it doesn't work half the time. Upgrade EVERYTHING. Max out your engine power and basically everything else. Jump to the station, and make a beeline for it, trying to get within one of the blindspots before you die. It's suicidal, but it's worked.
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    I'm pretty sure you were. Because I don't remember you getting demoted again, and having any trouble from SC or anyone since March of last year when Greg said you were promoted back to commander.
  8. And after 20 million sig edits, I think I've gotten my sig under control.
  9. Hm.. That caught me completely off guard.
  10. It's called bounty. And yes. It's worth a ton of cash. Try doing it with a Starwarrior Heavy Cruiser. You'll have enough power to jump and fly around at decent enough speed to keep doing this. Also, salvaging ships that are disabled or have an SOS gives you more bonus cash and EPs. I do this a lot when I'm out of almost shield fuel. "I don't have time to put up with this, and I don't feel like running away." Be warned, though. When towing carriers, their little minions come out and hit you when your shields are down. Oh yeah: And you can't tow in MP.
  11. I can get you started on the Fleet system and the way our online community's already been organized. See the (newbie.info) link in my sig. It's over a year and a half old, but it's still mostly valid. It's a very rough overview of the key races/castes, some brief information about them, and a nice thing on the Fleets. Provided the fleets themselves haven't gone through major structural changes in the past year and a half (I don't think so), the information's good. I had a guide on role playing, but that's kinda faded away.
  12. http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...ic;f=5;t=000175 I'd request to be on said list, provided it doesn't take place between June 7-29. And I think we'd better start a roll call (another thread, please) right around now. We've been waiting for this.
  13. I remember last year's ruling, and *****ing about that for about a week. Well, that's over with.
  14. It was on a Dateline special on the War on Iraq that was saluting certain people in the war. There was another female pilot they talked about, too. Pretty neat, if you ask me.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: wot? you never seen a booty shake icon before? If thats the case, then this one is really gonna hurt. Better climb out of your geek suit quick! LOL! That is the best icon EVER. Rock on. I'm using that from now on.
  16. IRWIRARNIAR.... It's Ready When It's Ready, And Right Now It Ain't Ready!
  17. Blind guess is about a month. The better guess says this summer. MP's all disabled right now, so yeah. But using All Seeing Eye, you might be able to spot a server on once in a while, (it's as rare as an elvis sighting) though you're never going to be able to join until BCMG is patched.
  18. You can't change waypoints up and down, unless I've been missing something THIS WHOLE time. (lol, that's a possible scenario still.)
  19. Spindoktor has the idea, but no help, nonetheless. It's the issue having to do with the codec that the thing's encoded in, when you have the Windows XP Service Pack 1. It's the Intel Indeo thing, IIRC. Lemme go check the documentation for a sec. *flips through web pages* quote:Q. THE GAME DISPLAYS AN ERROR OR A BLACK SCREEN WHEN I START IT UP A. This may be a video card graphics driver glitch which should clear up after the first few frames of the AVI are played. If an error is displayed, just click OK and the game will continue as normal. Note that the original Dreamcatcher logo was encoded using DivX and this may not play on certain systems. An Indeo version will be available in a future patch. The game requires Indeo 5.10 or higher codec. If the logo does not play (neither will in-game explosions and other effects), install the latest version of Windows Media Player on your system and read the next item if you have winXP. You can also disable the intro animation by editing the properties of game shortcut and adding the /n parameter. For example go to START/PROGRAMS/DREAMCATCHER and edit the target properties for the Battlecruiser Millennium Gold shortcut so that it looks like this: "C:Program FilesDreamCatcher3000ADBattlecruiser Millennium Goldbcm.exe" /n Q. I JUST BOUGHT A NEW SYSTEM THAT CAME WITH WINXP SERVICE PACK 1 AND THE GAME WON'T PLAY THE INTRO OR EXPLOSIONS A. With the September 2002 update to Windows XP (known as Service Pack 1), Microsoft is no longer distributing any version of the Indeo codecs with its operating system. This only affects users with new PCs that are shipping with Windows XP Service Pack 1, or clean installs of Windows XP SP1 on an older system. Installation upgrades of SP1 and the use of Windows Update does not remove existing Indeo codecs from your system. Microsoft now have a fix via their KB 327979 article See if that fix works. Hope I've been more of a help than a hassle. I'm the Newbie Welcome Wagon. Any questions, feel free to ask in the Newbie Forum. They shouldn't get deleted on sight, unless they've been asked millions of times, or unless they're spammy. Any legit concerns are good to go. Peace.
  20. A http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-...outh.info"+scam" target="_blank">google search came up with two very good leads: One Two Here's a snip of the first one. It's fairly conclusive: quote:Posted by: monkish Got a new and interesting piece of email the other day saying that someone had "filed a report on me", at this website. word-of-mouth.info claims to be a service that allows people to trade information about others anonymously. I got a free membership so I could see what had been "reported" about me, but they tell you you have to contact the other person using their anonymous email system and ask them. I couldn't figure out whether someone had requested info about me or whether they had information about me. When I saw that you had to pay a fee to use their anonymous email system to contact the alleged other person, and that they only seemed to have my email address, I realized it was probably bogus. They also go on to offer disclaimers that they are basically operating outside the law and can't be touched. This seems bogus to me but I issue a warning because of connections to possible activities discussed here. If anyone knows about this website, or has experienced this type of email claiming someone has information on you and claims to not be spam, please feel free to comment. I'm thinking it's probably a bogus way of trying to extort money from people and I'm hoping to hear from someone to confirm my suspicions and to relieve my mind. I consider myself to be a law-abiding citizen and resent attempts to dig into my private life like this. I would like to remain gainfully employed. I think it borders on stalking, but hopefullly is just my own paranoia. ---------- Posted by: Minh There is no obvious check-and-balance function for this service. Yhere is no method of of refuting the information that anyone choses to post about you. This could be dangerous. ---------- Posted by: bicuspid Before you worry too much, check out this link: It basically says it's all a scamAnd here's number two, in entirety: quote:So I get a spam this morning from some web site called word-of-mouth.info. After poking around the site a bit, here's what I was able to find. It's pretty funny.. pathetic, actually... (click more) Okay, well, it started with this e-mail I recieved in my Yahoo! mailbox. Okay, I thought, who did I piss off this week? So, throwing caution to the wind, I followed the URL and recieved an error message that the report could not be found. Fine, I thought So, I started poking around the site. Okay, they want me to sign up before I can access anything. Sure, why not: they obviously already have my E-Mail address, so why not? The first thing I start noticing at this point is that everything on the website IS TYPED IN ALL CAPS (well, more or less). Uh oh. [riffling through paper] Isn't the Apple ][ look supposed to be a warning? So, after registering, I get an E-Mail with my new user password. Oddly enough, my new user password is "NEWUSER". How original. BTW: what's with the "information is worth USD0.01" disclaimer? Is this really necessary? Could I now send these people a bill for US$0.01 and collect it? Any rate, after wandering a bit around the site and typing a few connotations of my name, I realise that perhaps I've been fooled. There is no information about me on this site. In fact, I begin to wonder if there is any information on anybody on this site. So, I diddled around with the system and discovered that their CGI scripts (well, okay, ActiveScripts) were.. well, a little funky. For one, you can get around the requirement to have an account by just simply rejecting cookies. If you have cookie control, reject the cookie when you follow this link and you'll get one of their wonderful reports. Praise Jesus. Perhaps the best part of all is you can list all the reports on the system simply by passing the search system no CGI parameters. 20 reports? Wow, I'm excited. And check out the reports. Some of them are actually.. well, funny in a pathetic kindof way. BTW: I'm pretty sure, after playing around, that regardless of what ID you put into the ID field of the "WARNING" report, you get the same error. I wouldn't be suprised if the WARNING report even queries the database. Two things scare me about this site. One: that they actually went through the trouble of buying (apparently) some kind of spam list to promote the site when apparently there isn't much there to promote, and Two: they actually expect people to pony up a couple of bucks for this crap. Oh, the About Us page is a real hoot. Seven million reports? Since 1998? The .info TLD has only been around for.. what, like a little less than a year? Oh, brother.There is no evidence supporting the alleged site as a "real" informational site. Considering it's claim that it's been open since 1998 (lol, read that second to last paragraph of two) it can't be possible that NO ONE is going against the claims that it's a scam site, unless it is a scam site. Five years. No positive claims for the site. In fact, I don't even believe anyone's joined the site technically. Everyone's believed a scam from the start, more or less. So, no, I don't think you'll find anyone with a membership. Unless they got one of those spamvertisements with a "free membership" attatched. I think that about sums up a quick five-minute session of researching and cross-referencing this.
  21. Final Link. You have to log in to the next forum to read posts, so I can't get any farther than this. And that didn't take me more than like, 3 minutes. I'm disappointed.... = Edit: And you know, I'ma gonna spread this, too. XD Lengthen teh chain or whatnot.
  22. I'm gonna find the start/end. I'm already at posts marked "4/24/03" which is good. As long as they're going in reverse chronological order, I'm good. Once I find an end, or a loop, it's over. There will be an end.
  23. It's a modding thing. People have been asking about textures and modifying them and whatnot in and out for a while, and all those threads have been put in that forum. Ship Skins Texturing question Upcoming models i'm working on etc.
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