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  1. Heh. And the volatile gaming software industry surprises me yet again. This could actually be pretty funny. Westwood reborn under a different name. I have this part of me that's skeptical about it, but it sounds cool, nonetheless.
  2. Lol... I've been reading up on this thread for a while, but haven't had the time to say the following: I think it belongs in here, as this thread is MOD related. I'd move it if I could, but you know...
  3. BCMG VCF BCMG Troubleshooting FAQ You're talking about bridging a LAN/Internet game, right? In that case, I don't think there's an answer in the documentation. From what I understand, the answer is no. Just bridge your LAN connection to the internet and connect to the internet on your gaming computer, and connect to the server through the net. Yeah, I felt nice today. And yes, we're not very friendly to people who ask questions that are already answered. But I don't think that's been answered. (Bridging LAN/Internet in a game.) I'm the Newbie Welcome Wagon, so naturally I'm supposed to be nice to n00bs. So it's cool. Next time, register the game and put your info in your sig, though, or your posts get deleted on the spot. (In the Support Forums, at least.) In fact, I'd do that ASAP, and edit your sig into your two already existing posts in this thread. Peace out.
  4. Yeah. It's not a popup war. It's the spyware war that's being fought in this court case. "Dialers" can be found everywhere from bad Kazaa downloads to invisible things that come in on popups. Every way is bad. I'm glad someone's doing something about it, at least.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: "petroglyph is a great combination of talent and creative energy," saud Bostic, who has been programming computer games since 1889."... The future is bright and we have the vision." ---------------------------------- I read that in the news paper and copyed it all here (hands hurt) did it all without looking at the screen so please forgive me if you see any spelling errors Anywho I'll keep you all up-to-date =) Mmm.... Punch-card goodness. Lol. It'll never be Westwood again. Trust me. Their main licenses and copyrights are owned by EA now, anwyay. If we see anything at all, I believe it'll be the kind of thing that you'd see as "old ideas that they never had time to do."
  6. First off: Wait out the credits for the "Matrix: Revolutions" teaser trailer. The credits are about nine minutes long, but it's worth it if you're a Matrix fan. Probably less than 10% of the theater stayed, because they didn't know. =) I like Korono's interpretation of that scene. I won't go into much detail about that. Good movie. You have to know the first movie and also understand a lot of it to be able to watch this. (Watching The Matrix again the weekend before you go is a good plan. Worked for me. ) A lot of action. Extremely nice CG. While you could tell through some of the "super fast" fighting scenes in the "Burly Brawl" that it was CG, it was still the most realistic CG work I've ever seen. (Read Wired Magazine regarding that scene.) Some light spoiling ahead. If you don't want to spoil ANYTHING, don't read Time magazine, and don't read below. ^^ (I heard there was a major spoiler article in Time from a teacher of mine.) Nicely played, although they put a lot of emphasis on action. Then again, it was still good. The movie was nicely played out. That sex scene wasn't unanticipated--it played out better in the movie than I expected; read Korono's post about that. Deeper messages come at times like that; people put in scenes without speech or much action for the purpose of things like pondering stuff like that. Hellbinder, the first movie was rated R. I've seen what I believe to be much worse in PG-13 flicks. In terms of plot and the "emotional value" of the movie, those said scenes have major roles. There's a really weird feeling you have when the "dream scenes" from the beginning play out. That fuzzy feeling. It's all because they draw out that portion of the plot, while creating the main plot above it. And I liked the Morpheus "preacher voice." It's like 23xx Martin Luther King Jr. or some crap like that. XD "Everything you know is a lie." I like how that plays out into the second movie. Bigger than anyone expects. The Architect part was probably the most complex part of a movie plot I've seen recently. And he talked kinda fast, too. "Sophomore" things have bad reputations. Music Albums, movies, etc. It's natural. I think this one did fairly well. You have to be able to think outside the lines of a normal movie. Sure, there's discrepancies once in a while, but almost no movie can avoid that. (i.e. "if the humans (or machines) are so smart, then why didn't they....?") Fact is, beautiful action and CG. Great plot (unexpected twists) and a pretty nice setup for the final film. Answers a deal of questions from the old film, but adds like 498290348 million more. They make you want to see the third one. Movies like that are great. At least I don't have to wait another 4 years. The words: TO BE CONCLUDED hurt. It ended in a more tense spot than LoTR ever did. *rar* I loved it. I hated the ending. I was loud and rowdy during the credits, waiting for the trailer, and then I was satisfied. The plot is designed to make you think. Suspense and complexity like that--the twists in the plot are awesome and totally unexpected--keep a movie like this good in my mind until the next one comes out, and the mass speculation of EVERYONE is finally sealed shut. 10/10 - Action/Graphics 6/10-8/10 - Story***** 9/10 - Sound/Music ~8/10-9/10 Total *****(A hard choice to make. The possible eight comes from the possibilities/uncertanties that the final movie will clear up. Thinking in terms of a Trilogy, the plot wasn't as bad as originally thought. I thought it was borderline decent at first. Realizing the third movie puts more perspective into it.) End of story. Also: Best car chase/whatever scene on the freeway out of any movie I've seen.
  7. I'm enjoying this, because two years ago, the three letters ATI sucked ass in front of the power computing community. (I've been an ATI fanboy for a while. ) I like this. No more one-sided, one-company domination of the GPU market for now. Whenever nice competition rolls around, you'll see new chips come off the block every 3 months (or less), instead of having to wait half a year or more. And yes, there have been countless driver hacks/cheats in preview releases. And then there's the fact that some games are optimized for one company instead of the other. The real thing may live up to the hype, but not at the level expected. It looks like a close race to me.
  8. Yes. And another reason why Microsoft won't fall to Linux and the like is because of ease of use. Sure I'm a techy. But I don't have the time to set it up. And then, there's the lack of apps and compatibility and games and crap I use daily for Linux. Which would be another forever and a day that'd take me to fix the OS and such. If it involves gaming or generalized day to day use, let me have Windows. If it only involves office work and media applications like Photoshop, I'd love to use a Mac. (I've always wanted one for a "work" environment PC.) If it's about advanced web work, programming, and stuff I don't do anymore, then sure--Linux would be fine. But yeah. To me, that'd only appeal to about 5% of computer users anyway, if even that high. And that little talk about how proprietary software isn't as safe as open source things doesn't necessarily prove true. Even though everyone has the opportunity to check for little loopholes, since you have the possibility of learning EVERYTHING about it, there's always going to be one person who knows in. If we built the safes at our Federal Reserve Banks off of blueprints that were public knowledge, I don't think that'd work right. I got into a nasty argument the other day, trying to defend the open-source thing, while some completely valid points were brought up. IMO, as long as a company's doing somewhat decently with their security and their programming, there doesn't need to be an "open source" watchdogging of the software.
  9. Pffft my ass. I was born a consoler, so most of you wouldn't understand. I like being able to import crap to the sequel games. It's something you almost NEVER find in the console industry. The Madden games have had a good history in the past few years of being the BEST console pro football games, anyway. If I wanted my frickin goodies, I still have my gameshark. I like the idea. Holy crap, do you people even realize that you can't import files from 989's NFL Gameday 2002 to NFL Gameday 2003? (OMG REALLY?) You can only import files between the college and pro sports versions in a couple of titles right now, as well. These are only incentives to already good games. (EA Sports is the norm right now.) Frankly, I like it, but it's not gonna make me want to buy it more. I already want Live 2004 and Madden. (I already own the 2k3 versions of each.) Don't gripe about mainly console-based games if you're not a consoler. There's more to be *****ing about. (EA didn't "own" Westwood until a bit down the line of Renegade development, IIRC. I hate them for closing Westwood, but I like what they've been doing with Maxis. I've been a Maxis fan since around Sim City 2000. EA still is a good company in my book. It's Sierra that's lost it's touch.)
  10. There's a 10pm showing next Wednesday of it, at all the St. Louis theaters. I'm hoping to reserve my tickets today, for a Wednesday or Thrusday showing.
  11. Wouldn't know about the distorted sounding sound, but the load problem thing is common, because of CPU and memory usage all going to loading the game, at that moment.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: I guess his plan backfired EXACTLY what I was thinking.
  13. Ahhh. Keepin' it real... Keeping troublemakers in check... Taking out the general nuisances... Nova roams the universe, looking to burst the bubbles of any would-be kingpins and pests. Can't use the random without having it analyzed by your research officer. (In addition to having the decoder analyzed, as well.) Can't have a research officer without commanding a carrier. Can't command a carrier without being a Military, Insurgent, Earthcom, or such caste. Then there goes the whole dilusion. In response to your question earlier, I don't think you can tell prisoners where to go. I think it used to be possible, but as of now, they're simply locked to confinement in the brig. If you're itching to kill someone in first-person mode, just beam yourself down on a planet with a marine or two, and go for it. I mean, you can always replace them later.
  14. Yep. You can't change your career, race, caste, ship, and ship name in the game. One you've chosen, that's it. BCG should have that capability, with some sort of restrictions, of course. Can't make the game blatantly easy now, can we?
  15. Dance Dance Revolution is a good example of this to me. The first time I play a song is always the most fun. (Especially on a fast song like Holic.) Once you "remember" the song, or understand the pattern, it's never as much fun as having to learn it the first time. There's far too much to do in Battlecruiser, however. I'm not sure my mind's been open to all of the possibilities just yet. I'm still thinking of ways I can do things, and stuff that'd be cool to try out. Even over a year since BCM came out. Welcome aboard, my man. Stick around and have ye some fun.
  16. Swapping out the original bitmaps with ones he's created. Hence, modding. I'm not sure about that sun.bmp. The lens flares and the sun thing may be part of the graphics engine itself, since the effect (I think) is the same on each skybox. Dunno. I may be way off on this one. And I'm posting 2 months late.
  17. Mmm... I like your style. I'm ready to face off with you in MP man. Prepare to get frustrated fast.
  18. WOAH. 2 years ago. Lol.... Hm. Not so much into Blink anymore. But the new Limp single sounds pretty cool. -Linkin Park Nobody's Listening, Numb, and Hit The Floor have some very indie themes to the lyrics. -Evanescence I said back in December/January at one point that they'd be the next best thing coming into the multi-genre + rock mix. Not as "bad assed" as the others, but a very nice flavor of dark sounding music with some pretty deep lyrics. Tourniquet has a nice theme element to it. -BigWig A popular band up in New Jersey, where my cousin lives. Barely ANYONE anywhere else has really heard of them. A really really indie rock group, with some tracks like punk, some tracks like bad-ass true metal, and others like pure rock. The original Japanese Outlaw Star theme also kicks some major ass. If anything, try Evanescence and BigWig. Evanescence's already gotten to the point where I don't have to hype them up and spread the word. It's already being played on MTV and all the major local radio stations. So my mission with them's ended. Halfway through April, I declared victory to everyone that didn't think they'd make it huge.
  19. Okay. That is officially the best flash video of the moment.
  20. quote:Originally posted by Eboda: Is there a way to shut down my suttle launch, but still keep fighters active? How can I re-arm fighters without all my shuttles flying away?Re-arming fighters only requires that you have the Flight Engineers assigned to it. And probably the charger equipment should have power assigned to it, too. Cloaked ships are nearly EVERYWHERE. Also. If you attack an ODS satellite, a lone transport, a lone ship, etc. that's hostile to you, you might actually find mysterious fighters and boarding parties following you around. That's a bit of revenge or such for it. That's in my experience, at least.
  21. Yep. I tried, too. But every way I cut it, the Dell still looked nice considering the 17in LCD, free shipping, fast CPU, and basically decent specs. Right now, I've got the family room drowning in wires, and I'm sitting on the floor, with the monitor, keyboard, and mouse on this small little table thing. Lol, even set up the 4.1 surround speakers down here. I'll probably take a shot with the webcam later. Busy setting up software and setting up a network router/switch for the DSL connection. Out.
  22. You can't finance the order. Which was the key requirement of the whole thing. I could've ordered parts from Best Buy (you can get most parts, except they're not exactly the latest), but decided not to. An order with 2.8GHz CPU, same RAM, same vid card, faster HDs, and somewhat lacking mobo ended up at about $2900+. (Tac, I love you, man. Though I'm sorta sorry I didn't call your friend.) I can build a computer with one hand tied behind my back. Provided someone else does the screw driving for me. (Ever try doing that with one hand, without a magnetic screwdriver? lol.) Pentium 4, 3.06GHz w/HT 512MB PC1066 RDRAM 60GB HD 17in LCD Monitor (Mom's choice. lol.) Radeon 9700 Pro DVD Burner Dell. I hate you. Or your package tracking for the PC itself. Sure, the rest of the stuff I ordered in addition to it had a separate tracking page, which was compeltely accurate. But man. It's supposed to arrive between April 28-30. Okay. Let me go off topic by saying that my mom and I ordered this without telling my dad. This weekend, we were supposed to break it to him right before it came. Well, screw that plan. I'm gonna be spending the day finding some other desk to put it on and then set it up. We were supposed to use the weekend for rearranging furniture, too. Whoo... Days early. Nice work Dell. Now I've gotta do the cleanuup. My dad's pissed... But frankly, I'm sorta between extreme joy and slight fear of what he's gonna do/say.
  23. quote:Originally posted by Steve Schacher: Make your own Iraqi Information Minister! OMG, HTIS IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVAR lol..............
  24. Leave and do other tasks for a while. FOrget about the mining drone. Maybe in an hour or so, it'll be pretty well to collect. Trade routes boost up your cash money and help you with that. Like, between GalcomHQ/Genesis (Earth) and Wraith (Lyrius), if you split up your mining drones between those two planets, and grab them every third or fourth run, you'll have a pretty good influx of cash coming in. Mining drones account for less than 1% of those trade runs after you get past the first five or so. (After you can mass several OTS's.)
  25. Happens here. Get a faster comput---er, nevermind. Save the game, as soon as the "lag" lets up to allow you to do so. (Sometimes, mine gets so bad as to be in sorta a lockup state for a few seconds at a time.) Exit the game. Reboot. Load and continue. I had a theory of this, but really, I don't even remember or care. Just get over it and play is what I do.
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