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  1. *flips open appendix* There's this run I used to make as a Mercernary, in the Gammulan Quadrant. Buy AD items, like weapons, from the Cyclone station in Cyron-VI. Make 5 jumps to Otura-6, and sell it all to the Alidis station there. It's 5 jumps, which translates into a LOT of Radine each way, but if you've got hte upgrades, it's okay. 0% inflation on an AD starstation also scores you VERY cheap Radine to refuel. Provided Gammulan Military ships can dock at Valkerie Military stations (I can't recall), it's the BEST way to score. As a mercenary, I ran this a few times, and within an hour or so, I had ALL my missile silos filled up with OTS nukes. The big ones. (OTS-Bugnor?) If you look at the Navitron computer, you'll see the systems at the bottom-right. Cyron-VI is the one where there's only one planet accessible in that system. This isn't THE best trade route, (i.e. it's longer, and takes up way more Radine, IMO), but it's got the most profit per run. (The one I favor most in the Terran Quadrant is GalcomHQ/Genesis to Wraith (Lyrius, Syrius) or Velari (Polaris-2, Polaris) depending on how far you want to go. 2 jumps for 30% inflation profit, or 4 for 40%?) Data is below. ----- CYCLONE - Valkerie Military Tech: 3 Class: AD Inflation: 0% Location: Cyron-VI/Cyron ALIDIS - Valkerie Military Tech: 3 Class: HT Inflation: 50% Location: Otura-6/Omega Centauri ----- Holy crap, and I'm just another military guy. Not even a freelance mercenary or a trader. And I'm still caught up on my trade routes and bounties.
  2. RANKINGS Okay. Marines. 22nd IMB. What's the ranking hierarchy for our marines? J.J. is supposedly in command of the IMB, as a Second Lieutenant. Grayfox is the only person in the IMB besides him, ranked as a Sgt. Major. I'd like more of a layout based on a current military, or simply use rankage from BCM or such. Also. It occurred to me that technically, everyone that is in the commander career, except Blades is technically under the rank of Commander. It feels slightly odd. I'd like to use BGCMDR as a thing in the Handbook, as it's the only "position" that I really think has a possibility of being considered a "rank." But I'm not going to. Unless you say so. lol. I went off-track working on the Handbook and some other stuff, in the middle of this post. So I'm completely out right now.
  3. If anyone would like to have a non-orionfleet.com e-mail address listed in the Orion Fleet Handbook under their information, contact me. This information will be public, and spam may occur. (Well, it's a PDF file, so it's a tad bit safer. But still. If you're cautious, you wouldn't.) 1500th post.
  4. quote:As for my career being entwined in the genre, it's the same reason you don't see developers of RTS war games making flight sims.Hm.... Now introducing Derek Smart's Sim Golf. Or was that Battlecruiser: Counterstrike? Or NBA 3k1? Pretty good read. quote:GameSpy: When is Generations due in stores? Derek Smart: The game is on schedule to ship in September and we're pulling out all the stops to make that happen.The worst part is, we're looking in the other direction. We're like, waiting for the BCMG MP. lol.
  5. OF-HBK 04/20/2003 Revision C (~185kb) Includes the Fleet Roster, and LOTS of new information. Anyone with the time, check through the roster and see the MIA list for false MIA listings.
  6. FOr the target thing, it may be your joystick hat switch being loose or something. That is, if you have the hat switch set up in "target mode". I think that's the default. No debris fields for now. I really wish they were still there, but you know. I'd rather have the game run smoothly without, then kill the game trying to have them in. And yeah. Different planets sometimes look similar. On observation, you'll notice that the surface of the planet isn't the same.
  7. Interesting. That Orion Forum's workign again. I'll grab that info and have another chapter complete soon. The Orion Station Comms. Forum probably has the most pertinent information on the fleet and battle groups I'll need. Hopefully I'll get it all down before the server goes crappy again.
  8. Ba-da-bump. A YEAR LATER????!??!? quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: you mean theres still a handbook??? Yes sir, there is. At least, now there is. (~92kb, PDF) The big whooping preview. It's very friendly. Read through. Some nice stuff. It's lengthy of general stuff I've written over the past year and a half, but after that HD failure last time around, it's mostly full of "Work-In-Progress" now. There were some old posts written up by Hamblin before his discharge, that dealt with fleet operational procedure, and general rules of engagement. This was in the other Orion Forum, which I'm having trouble accessing.
  9. From Derek's link for the Dell Factory Outlet. Dell Dimension 8250: Pentium® 4 Processor with HT technology 3.06GHz, Premium Audio, Intg. NIC Pentium 4 3.06GHz, 1.5 GB PC1066 RDRAM Windows XP Pro Radeon 9700 Pro And so on. I mean, it needs a monitor, and the Hard Drive could be swapped out....But $2,130.00. For this CPU with this much RAM with WinXP Pro and decked out with a DVD Burner. (And free 3-5 day shipping....) My mom's been wanting a second computer because she wants to go back to school. I've been wanting another one, because this one's starting to be far too slow for new games, and because there's always some bribery involved in getting my brother off this one. I've also been wanting a cutting-edge one. I'll see how it goes. [ 04-18-2003, 07:47 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]
  10. I wrote up a huge reply over the course of 15-30 minutes. quote:We cannot process your posting, because you have exceeded the maximum number of images allowed per post. The current maximum is 8. ┬╗ Please use your browser's back button to return.lol. It was all good. All of it. And suddenly, I feel really tired of being the NWW.
  11. lol.... I got BCM Gold. It runs nicely. I wanna try the mouse control, but haven't gotten to it yet. I can't wait til MP... I'll get to those newbies after school today, I guess. For a while I thought I had the newbie influx all taken care of.....
  12. You've gotta manually tell them to upgrade it through Logistix. Not all ships accept all upgrades. And yes, you can jump upgrades. Go to Logistix->Craft->CC, and I think it's in Deck 3. Click on the Nuclear Reactor (N/Reactor). On the left repair panel there's a subheading that reads "Upgrade". Click on the new part. The new part will be put into the ship, but will only be operational at 50%. You'll have to "repair" it (more like finish the installation) by assigning engineers to it. (The dialog section for that comes up automatically after the upgrade dialog.) The more engineers you assign to work on it, the quicker the thing goes.
  13. Unofficial fleets are banned or whatnot here. Just change whatever things that mention "fleet" in your sig to something that's more on the lines of clan, corporation, squadron, or something that isn't already associated with the official fleets. Liberation Front sounds good. Just modify the "fleet leader" name to something else. Eh... You can think of something, I think. I don't write the rules, but...Yeah. Just comply soon, and everything's gonna be alright. Derek gives few warnings, so assume this to be your last. And, oh yes. Welcome aboard, newbie. See the (newbie.info) link in my sig? If you read through that, there's quite a bit of info on the already existing player groups of BC, and the race/caste conflicts involved. There's quite a bit of background of the community structure around there. FYI. EDIT: ANd yes, that newbie info page is extmemely old and corny. But still (mostly, if not completely) valid, to this day. Except the links, of course. Some work some don't.
  14. [ooc]Okay. In my post above, it wasn't really "second thoughts" I had in mind as much as a "do I really belong here?" kinda mind frame. lol. At first, at least. Oh great. I'm already losing my ability to make sense. [/ooc] "This may be a downer to you Nova, but I'm very happy..." Akuma stopped and stared at something past Nova. He turned to see a familiar figure standing at the door, looking around. Before he could even open his mouth, Akuma was halfway there. Well, you screwed that one up nicely. You really do suck at small talk, you know? Yeah... Don't rub it in. He stared at the figure again. The face was coming to him. Blades... What the devil. It was playing out like a bad hidden camera show. Bad things were rigged to happen. Akuma walked in their direction, pulling Blades by the arm. Blades, though offering a weak smile, had the look on his eyes as if to say "What the hell am I getting myself into?" "Look who I found." Blades turned to Nova and Vic. "Hi there. How's it going?" Great. What do I do now? Oh yeah. "Hey," Nova replied friendly. You suck at small talk. Make it sound bold but clean. Short but smooth... Well... "Well, if it isn't Big Bad Blades," Nova said, raising his arm in a half-salute, half-wave sort of fashion. Not what I had in mind, but... "Where've you been these days? No one here's seen ya in weeks," Nova said. ...at least your rolling without the b**ching. [ooc]Lol. I was sure I put in a mental note about sucking at small talk in the other post. I guess I took it out when I thought it sounded wordy. Or something. Hell, I'm way too wordy. [/ooc]
  15. *yawn* *wakes up* ...An actual new newbie? Woah. Hey there. Welcome aboard. I'd have a speech prepared if I'd not been off duty for a while. Yes... Hm... If you have any questions about the game or the game universe, feel free to ask. If you're not sure about what forum to post it in, or if you're not really sure about it at all, you can even PM it to me. I'm the Newbie Welcome Wagon, as they've been calling me. See that newbie.info link in my sig? It's got quite a bit of info and backstory on the different fleets you see around the boards, and the ones you'll be seeing if you're on multiplayer. That info there was built up by me ages ago, as a good starter course on the different races and castes out there, and what the "sides" are. It's a good read to get your feet wet, but it's way outta date. And yeah, you don't want to see this on a serious reply: Watch what you do on the boards and in MP, and have fun.
  16. Cmdr Nova


    *bump* A PM to me of the data would also suffice. If you wish to keep your real e-mail address off the records, just make a note of that below the information. I'll keep it off the public versions, but keep it around for fleet records. In the absence of the FLeetDB, this information helps a lot.
  17. Cmdr Nova


    I mean right now, there's more of a handbook than there's ever been thus far--which is a good thing, mind you.
  18. Cmdr Nova


    quote:Originally posted by Greg Miller: That is fantastic Nova. Since the Orion Fleet mail server is still down, email here: [email protected] After I get an email from you, I will then send you my real email addy. I will not post it here, as I do not want to get out to spammers.E-mail sent. I believe I have the info I need already. 50%+ of the info I need on that list is from forum signatures, and forum profiles. (Profiles really help with those locations and time zones. ^^) I think I'm going to remove some of the fields from the roster in later versions. Gonna have to make it fit in the Handbook one way or another.
  19. [ooc]Aye. This is gonna be fun. Been busy, but I've got a couple things at the back of my mind. When I find time (maybe tonite) I'll probably give it the go.[/ooc]
  20. Cmdr Nova


    I do really random busywork when I'm horribly bored. It's a habit. You think I'd go and drive to the mall or something in that kinda mood. Wait. I did that most of the weekend. quote:I'll do what I can but technically I'm not really in Orion Fleet anymore... Unless you ask nicely.lol [ 04-06-2003, 01:42 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]
  21. I'm not going to bother with trash talk. I'm gonna let the combat do the talking. (rp:) Though that doesn't make you any less dead.
  22. [ooc]It's amazing to see that like, 8 threads below is already more than 1 year ago. The only two words that came up to describe it were "SO DEAD!" And it feels good to have some freeform RP instead of that pre-canned "we already have this scenario in place" stuff. Okay. Stopping the rambling.[/ooc] "But what's a girl to do huh? Guess all I've got going for me is a nice cozy suite here in Orion." Nova noted the irony and similarities of their situations. Their decisions looked better at the back of their minds. On one hand, you had the mercenary who needed to take out some vengeance on plainly out there and wanted to join GalCOM to best do it. On the other hand, you had the young woman who was too deeply involved with so many people on opposing sides, who just wanted it to stop. So I'm not the only person who's having second thoughts now, am I? We get what we want, and then we figure out it's not really what we want. But we did kinda drag ourselves into signing up for these positions... *sigh* We got what we wanted, at least? Heh. At least I've got someone who I can actually talk to who's kinda feeling something of the like. "So... I guess I'm not the only one who's feeling second thoughts about changing around." He took another drink of tequila and finished off what was left in the small glass. Maybe he could indulge himself in drinking it away... When was the last time he'd gotten himself plastered, too? Hm... Bleh. Too long ago..... On second thought... He decided he'd had enough. He put the glass down and declined another. "Haven't seen Blades in a while? I heard some rumors going on that he's been stuck sorting out some bureaucratic political crap at HQ. The guy's slick when it comes to that stuff. Hopefully he really hasn't been doing that crap all this time, but you know... That Golgotha story was kinda suspicious when it happened." Yeah. He's as slick as you. He's just damn lucky half the time, and you know that because you've got the same thing in you. Well..... Yeah, of course. "Life hasn't been quite as good as it's supposed to be. You know, with me getting a command, and you getting your diplomatic stint. I dunno. It's not what I really feel like doing, at least. I feel like I've missed something. You know?"
  23. Registration's failing, as the PHP script can't access the server's e-mail. "Failed sending e-mail" or some error of the sort. (*Update: Fixed, I guess.) (*Update2: Or, it didn't need that confirmation e-mail, rather.) Looks really nice. Me likes. [ 04-05-2003, 12:47 AM: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]
  24. quote:As for you mr. Lurker shame on you! *poke*Blah. We've all been like....lurker...ish lately... I guess? *pokes Akuma for the heck of it* Heh. And they used to call me the energizer bunny of the forums. ...Then again, I did get really bored, and since I haven't even thought of BC in ages, decided to do this yesterday.
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