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  1. merlin0099

    Game slows down (cry baby)

    I just found out that the problem also slows my system clock down to about 1/3 the speed it should be at. Its strange looking at the clock and seeing the second hand move once about every 3 seconds. I did read the FAQ, must have missed that part. But that still doesn't explain why my system clock is getting messed with. [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: merlin0099 ]
  2. merlin0099

    Game slows down (cry baby)

    I have a similar problem, but sometimes it happens before i even start playing. If i sit on the main menu for a little while, the music gets wierd, and when i try to get onto another screen (config, ia, training, etc.) everything runs really slow. It sometimes happens right away, even if i don't wait around for the music to get screwed up. When i exit the game, my computer even runs slow, like if i right-click on the desktop, the menu that comes up moves very slow. The same thing happens with minimizing and maximizing the windows. So far, he only way i have found to fix it is to reboot.
  3. merlin0099

    BCM Episode 2 demo - Help!!!

    i can't belive i made the mistake of getting the 8mb card! I thought it was the better buy because it came with games. if i had just taken the 16mb card i wouldn't have a problem right now.
  4. merlin0099

    BCM Episode 2 demo - Help!!!

    OS: Win 98 SE Processor: AMD-K6 ~450MHz Memory: 256MB RAM DirectX 8.0 Video Card: 3dfx Voodoo Banshee (the newest drivers are beta from 2/00) Ep 1 works fine as long as i disable just about everything, but Ep 2 crashes every time i try to do something on the planet. (same settings as Ep 1) Anybody know how to fix this? [ 09-25-2001: Message edited by: merlin0099 ]