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  1. I tried 3 time to sit through the pilot, and even watching in installments I couldn't make it. After the fact, I tried to watch the second episode, then the third. I couldn't make it through either. The show is Bloodrayne bad. Period.
  2. Wow, what a fun movie... but this one is for guys only as it's rated R for some very good reasons. Blood, guts, decapitations, boobs, sex, freaks, violence... it's got it all. The only thing keeping it from getting a 10 in my book is the somewhat grating sidestory involving Leonidas' wife and one traiterous politician. They've added A LOT of content not present in the graphic novel - which makes sense considering the story NEEDED to be fleshed out to meet a minimum running time (the comic can be read in about 20 minutes), but some of what they've added is just silly. There's also one line in the film that garnered snickers from at least half the audience... "Freedom isn't free." Heh. They probably should have left that out for obvious pop culture reasons. Anyway, 9/10. Go see it. Today.
  3. So I decided I was going to rent When Harry Met Sally - I was just in the mood, I guess (it was Valentines day... I was lonely)... and lo and behold I see this option that says "Play Now." So I click it... and aparently Firefox doesn't work. So I start up IE and try again... bada bing bada boom, the movie starts playing right there in my browser! How awesome is that!? So next I watched some Red Dwarf and Orgasmo (a movie by the South Park guys)... all on my computer. If you already have a subscription, it works like this - for each dollar your subscription costs, you get 1 hour of movie watching (soft limit, so it won't cut you off if your time runs out while your watching something). The list of online content is still a little thin, but at the rate they're adding stuff that won't be a problem for long. I love the internet.
  4. Have you guys seen the trailer? I doubt the movie will cause anyone to bat an eyelash because of how terrible it looks. Uwe Boll only makes movies that physically hurt to watch. This doesn't look any different.
  5. FYI, the Oscars are like the movie geek superbowl - so yeah, I take it too seriously. On a different note, RB, I was pointing out that the Academy has become more concerned with tired politics than being entertaining or fair. It's certainly not beneath me to point out the things most people prefer to ignore - especially when they're true. Anyhoo, I have no idea what we were talking about. Just had to defend my internet honour, is all.
  6. Up there with Crank as one of the most fun action movies since Die Hard With A Vengeance. Not really much of a plot as an excuse to shoot, kill, maim, and blow sh*+ up. 9/10
  7. Not so much. I generally do like musicals, but this grated on my nerves. It's a shallow, racist, two-hour musical montage cliche. Worse, the songs aren't very catchy either - especially when compared to the period songs they're inspired by. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, considering this was written by the same jackass who raped the theatrical adaptation of Chicago. Dreamgirls is like "That Thing You Do" with just a little more variety, and even less substance. Certainly not worth a tenth of the hulabaloo it's been getting... and the fact that ANY of these songs was nominated for an Academy Award is absolute stupidity. Wait for it on cable. 4/10
  8. quote:Originally posted by Frozen Ghost: J.Z. Knight was behind "What the Bleep do we Know". She is a fraud and con-artist. Avoid this crap like the plague. ROFL. That was the VERY first thing I thought about when I saw this.
  9. So yesterday morning the world was subjected to the most ridiculous, inflamatory Oscar Nominations list in the history of the Academy. Excellent early year releases were forgotton, other movies snubbed for drunken outbursts by their directors, and yet other movies - generally accepted by critics and the public alike as being mediocre politically-motivated crap - take precious nomination slots. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/31338 Dreamgirls walks away with EIGHT nominations... in one case, 3 nominations in the same category. That category being "Best Original Song." Wait? Did I see the same movie? Did ANYONE see the same movie as the people responsible for these nominations? The movie is crap. Chicago-level crap. The songs are nowhere NEAR as good as the originals that inspired them. The acting is broadway level over-the-top CRAP, and I generally did not enjoy the movie at all. If you enjoyed a second of this abortion of a stage-to-screen adaptation, you're either a self-flagelating liberal critic or someone who will see any "black movie" out there just because you're sick of seeing all the "white movies" (you know who you are). Really. Jesus H Lopez! It wasn't a complete waste, though. Scorsese got his nod for The Departed (now lets see a win)... and Children of Men got it's Cinematography nod. However, where the HELL is The Fountain for Visual Effects, Script, or Original Score? Why in the NINE HELLS is The Queen nominated for Achievement in Directing? That spot belongs to Children of Men... not a movie about the bloody queen and her reaction (or lack thereof) to Princess Di's death. Is there no justice? Again, WHY IS DREAMGIRLS in the category for best Art Direction? WHAT? It's a bloody stage play minimally adapted to screen. Art Direction, my ass. Why is Hollywood so in love with this movie??? Babel was an overrated, obnoxiously slow piece of political crap that absolutely nobody liked. Believe me, I'm not alone in my total indifference to this exercise in cinematic mediocrity - I have yet to meet someone who saw, and enjoyed, Babel. Also, why is Apocalypto not in Art Direction or Costume Design? I'll tell you why... Hollywood hates Mel Gibson. You wonder why he goes on drunken tirades... this is why. Hollywood is predominantly jewish - and they hate him for making The Passion of the Christ... and they will punish him for that the rest of his life. While we're on the topic of Apocalypto, where the hell is Rudy Youngblood's nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role? His absense from the lists is a bloody crime... but again... he was in a MEL GIBSON movie - so regardless of how amazing he was, he deserves to be snubbed and ignored. To top off this circus of liberal masturbation, we have Ellen Degeneres hosting the awards this year. Great. I wonder if the academy is trying to make a point or something? We can't possibly have a host who is genuinely funny without being a poster boy for some left-wing agenda... because we need more black hosts, and gay hosts, and women hosts - even if they aren't entertaining at all. Sorry Billy Crystal. Sorry Steve Martin. Sorry Conan O'Brien. You're just not extremist enough to host the Oscars any more! Bloody hell. I hope Battlestar Galactica is on that night, because I sure as hell WONT be watching the Oscars.
  10. Half Nelson is getting a lot of attention right now, but my problem is that I've seen this exact same movie a MILLION TIMES. Different cast, same bloody story... this time with a little hint of House for good measure. Bleh.
  11. This film finally hit wide release this week, and if you haven't seen this yet - you need to. Some of the scenes in this movie are quite simply impossible. Technically, impossible - as in, there is no physical way they could have shot those sequences. I say that because much of the film is composed of long, unbroken, continuous shots. These shots can put you a tiny, cramped, intimate automobile... or follow our characters through crowded war-torn streets... for as much as fifteen minutes at a time!!! If someone blew a line... if someone missed their queue... you would have NEVER been able to attempt the shot again. Period. I can't wait to watch the special features on the DVD over and over and over again to see how they accomplished what they did. This movie should exist. So technical wizardry aside (and GOD is it wizardry), what these shots accomplish is giving the film a very real, documentarian, you-are-there feel that you have never experienced before. I don't care if you've seen every war movie ever made - you've never seen this. Vibe-wise, it's very similar to the darker science fiction movies... Dark City, Blade Runner, Soylent Green, 1984. There is no doubt in my mind that Children of Men is going sweep the Oscars like crazy - so do yourself a favor and beat the hype to the theatre. 10/10
  12. While I thought parts of An Inconvenient Truth were excellent, it really only had about 45 minutes worth of actualy on-topic content. The rest was Al Gore autobiography and political boo-hooing. It's the only documentary I actually saw this year, so I couldn't really say if it was the best. There's always those great films that sneak by unnoticed.
  13. It's been a GREAT year for movies... so it's now time to make your top 10 lists and to start thinking about Oscars night. In descending order, my favorite movies of 2006 are... 10. The Proposition 9. Tideland 8. The Prestige 7. The Departed 6. Rocky Balboa 5. Apocalypto 4. Pan's Labyrinth 3. Children of Men 2. V for Vendetta 1. The Fountain The Departed seems to be getting a TON of industry buzz already, so it may finally be time for Scorsese to collect his far-overdue Oscar. IMO, The Fountain really deserves to win every award - even the ones it's not qualified for... but I'm well aware that I'm in the minority on that, so I'll cope. If you have the chance to see any of the above movies on the big screen - do it. Do it now. It's great that I didn't haveto use any pretentious politically-charged crap to round out my top ten this year - movies like Babel, Blood Diamond, and An Inconvenient Truth. I only regret that Little Miss Sunshine didn't quite make the cut. It falls in at #11 on my list.
  14. Generally 4-5, but there is one seriously messed up 10 scene.
  15. Well, this wasn't quite the movie I was expecting. I thought it would be like a darker/more realistic Alice in Wonderland... but what I got was Tideland 2. Pan's Labyrinth is a movie about how children fantasize the world around them - regardless of how unfair and cruel the circumstances. It's exactly the same theme as Tideland, which was released earlier this year. This, however, is far more palatable, more fantastic, and FAR less gut-wrenchingly disturbing. The end, however, is every bit as depressing and considerably more surprising than Tidelands. While this is perfect for the mature 13+ international crowd... content-wise, this is rated R for a reason (at least in the over-protective States) - the real world war parts are treated with the utmost attention to historical accuracy - playing out as part war movie (set during the 1944 Spanish Civil War), and part horror-fantasy. There are plenty of important lessons to found for younger teens who don't mind subtitles... but it's far too scary and disturbing for younger children. The rating is for bloody and very realistic battle sequences - there is nothing wonton or gratuitous about the movie. In the end, this is definately worth watching if you like a little depth and darkness in your fantasy... especially ones where the point is that the real monsters are people. 9/10
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