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  1. quote:and who cares if angelina jolie can act?The problem wasn't her acting. The problem was that the character was poorly written. There wasn't much that she could do with the script.
  2. quote:Top Ten BAD Video Game Movies Don't they mean "Top Ten ONLY Video Game Movies"? Anyway, I thought Final Fantasy was good, despite its incoherence and vagueness (e.g. ghosts being killed with bullets and the spirits never being adequately explained). The characters were substantial and well-voiced (especially Sutherland's), and the animation was impressive. In my opinion, it's the best game-inspired movie so far. Tomb Raider had a few good parts (e.g. the fight scene on jump cables in the mansion), but Angelina Jolie wasn't one of them. She was nothing but star power for a character that had no substance, with the notable exception of that brief scene with Jolie and Voight. I could not have been more disappointed with Wing Commander. It was soooooo botched!
  3. I am resigning from Spectre Fleet. My interests and priorities have changed over time, to the extent that I will not be able to be an active fleet member anymore. I will still visit the BC forums, but not as often as I used to. I will still be playing BC for a long time to come, but I won't be participating in multiplayer. [rp] Bring 'em hell, fellow Insurgents. See ya 'round. *Nick salutes and the Lion's Mane departs from Destiny Starstation. [/rp]
  4. Commander Nick Menchise of the ICV Lion's Mane reporting. RRRRAARRR!!!
  5. I'm still around, although I'm not posting as often as I used to.
  6. I read some newswire in February that claimed an accident occurred on set during production that nearly killed Lucy Liu (something about a mis-cued explosion) and that Banderas saved her life, though it seems to be nothing more than a rumour.
  7. err...Hi! *Nick notices the airlock and tiptoes away with a wristlaser behind his back* [ 07-26-2002, 10:24 PM: Message edited by: Menchise ]
  8. Wow. I didn't notice this thread before. Read ya later Ep5.
  9. *sigh* I miss my lion. EDIT: Oh wait, here it is. Yay! [ 06-16-2002, 00:03: Message edited by: Menchise ]
  10. We'll miss you, Aramike. [rp] *salute* [/rp] [ 05-23-2002, 08:21: Message edited by: Menchise ]
  11. quote:I think the CDKEY is a valid POP... so don't worry about the box...Wisdom rules!
  12. Hehe. Eric Bana has certainly come a long way since Full Frontal. [ 05-04-2002, 00:02: Message edited by: Menchise ]
  13. quote:i had been under the impression that only Bishamon and Balor fleets were active...Sounds like a wake up call. Aramike, Gallion, Andergum, maybe there should be Spectre and Eversor roll calls commencing soon, especially Spectre (I can't remember the last time we had one).
  14. Citizen Kane 2001: A Space Odyssey Star Wars Vertigo Apocalypse Now The Truman Show
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