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  1. You want to know why the French may hate Americans? Take a look at what's being written in this thread. Could it get any more insulting than this? quote:if it wasnt for the US they would be speaking german right now.If it wasn't for the French Navy the US might still be a British colony! quote:thats gratitude for youThat's liberation for you: they have a right to disagree. Get used to it.
  2. quote:and who cares if angelina jolie can act?The problem wasn't her acting. The problem was that the character was poorly written. There wasn't much that she could do with the script.
  3. Ever since I started using Linux for Internet access, I've never had to worry about viruses again. The system is so immune to virus attacks that hackers don't bother trying.
  4. quote:Top Ten BAD Video Game Movies Don't they mean "Top Ten ONLY Video Game Movies"? Anyway, I thought Final Fantasy was good, despite its incoherence and vagueness (e.g. ghosts being killed with bullets and the spirits never being adequately explained). The characters were substantial and well-voiced (especially Sutherland's), and the animation was impressive. In my opinion, it's the best game-inspired movie so far. Tomb Raider had a few good parts (e.g. the fight scene on jump cables in the mansion), but Angelina Jolie wasn't one of them. She was nothing but star power for a character that had no substance, with the notable exception of that brief scene with Jolie and Voight. I could not have been more disappointed with Wing Commander. It was soooooo botched!
  5. AUSTRALIAN CAPITALISM: You have one cow. The government sells you a local school, which you turn into a milking academy, cancelling classes such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. A second cow arrives by boat from Indonesia to request asylum, and is locked up in a concentration camp. The government sells you another school to pay for "border protection".
  6. quote:Menchise - website not workingIt works now.
  7. Anyone who thinks the Associated Press is reliable, think again. Even I was surprised by this.
  8. I am resigning from Spectre Fleet. My interests and priorities have changed over time, to the extent that I will not be able to be an active fleet member anymore. I will still visit the BC forums, but not as often as I used to. I will still be playing BC for a long time to come, but I won't be participating in multiplayer. [rp] Bring 'em hell, fellow Insurgents. See ya 'round. *Nick salutes and the Lion's Mane departs from Destiny Starstation. [/rp]
  9. quote:I have no clue what it means.The results are explained at the end of the test. The compass is a good design when compared to the 'left-right' spectrum, and the test is well-done, but it's no substitute for self-description and debate.
  10. Doesn't surprise me. [ 11-17-2002, 05:53 AM: Message edited by: Menchise ]
  11. I don't need a political compass to tell me that I'm a libertarian socialist, but that's exactly what it said. Economic Left/Right: -7.88 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -6.77
  12. quote:Game developers? What about the rest of the rank and file?I stand corrected.
  13. quote:Who are you?Hehe. I think the purple hair was a giveaway, Ep5. quote:Yeah, we've even scared SC off. That proves it HAS to be bad.You think? quote:One thing about the limited supply of females here, we are never forgotten!Akuma's easier to remember because of her expressive cheerfulness rather than her gender. quote:I know the captions for these are happy and joyous, but I'm learning Java. No joy at all. Bloody annoying, and it's only gonna get worse.I feel your pain, mate. Last week I spent 20 hours in two days writing ASP in Javascript, and it didn't come close to the hell I went through to pass the first Java course at uni last year. It's so deceptively difficult, especially for a first language. I can't imagine what game developers must go through during a day.
  14. Commander Nick Menchise of the ICV Lion's Mane reporting. RRRRAARRR!!!
  15. I'm still around, although I'm not posting as often as I used to.
  16. quote:That's the way the world works, whether you choose to see it or not.That is a worthless argument, because the way the world operates is always subject to change. There was once a time when slave societies made the world go 'round. Did that justify or even rationalize them? quote:Might makes right? I think that in the case of the US, it is true. We do not use our might easily.There's a book you should read called 'Rogue State' by William Blum. It provides details of remarkable ease of using force by the USA. quote:Saaddam is involved up to his eyeballs in terrorism and Al Quaeda, the evidence is there, you just have to see them, and not ignore them because they are not what you want to see.I have not seen any evidence of this, and I have seen more compelling arguments for why Saddam and "Al Quaeda" would be enemies of each other. quote:If one of the terrorist cells that Saddam is supporting gets hold of a WMD from him, then all bets are off, we HAVE to stop him before that occorus. Might makes right in this case, we have the might, and we have the right to destroy him.Circular argument. There is no hard evidence that Saddam has WMD, and any such evidence would support the need for inspections, not a military invasion, which would put Saddam in a situation where he would actually use such weapons if he had them. quote:You may like to talk about your conmspiracies about oil, and how it is all about big business etc. BUT it is NOT!! Iraq, by taking down Saddam will bring the price of oil down to such a point where most of the oil companies are not going to make a lot of profit because oil will glut the market, and bring the price WAY down.A price drop would be temporary; this is about long term oil interests. If the US takes control of Iraq, it would give American oil companies a monopoly (or the big slice of an oligopoly) on the world's second largest oil reserves. Such a benefit clearly outweighs a temporary price drop. quote:This is another reason that Russia is so upset about us attacking Iraq, Russia cannot afford oil prices to drop to $19 a barrel, and niether can the oil companies. If it were all about oil, we would leave Saddam alone and make sure the sanctions stayed in place.Russia is opposing the invasion because the Russian oil companies would be excluded from operating in Iraq, or at least lose the influence they currently have. That's why the US government is trying to make deals with Russia and France to get their support in exchange for a piece of the pie.
  17. quote:I don't see how might makes right can be viewed as a philosophy of lawlessness. Might makes right is the cornerstone of enforcing law in any nation... that's why there are millions of police officers in the United States, after all. They are the 'might' that enforces what the majority of people feel is 'right'.'Might makes right' argues that the usage of more powerful force is right simply because the force is more powerful. It's a circular argument, hence it's illogical. What makes the enforcement of morals right is the morality, not the force.
  18. quote:No darling, but it nullifies your first point admirably.Read my first point again: The first reason why 'might makes right' is hypocritical: It's easy to say 'might makes right' when you happen to be on the side with more might. If that were not the case, the argument wouldn't be so appealing. In what way does your response indicate that it's hard to say 'might makes right' when you happen to be on the side with more might? Better yet, in what way does your response indicate that that's not hypocritical? quote:Such a group wouldnÔÇÖt stay small (at least if it didnÔÇÖt self destruct), but when I was referring to nations I was talking about each nation being an entity in a relatively small group of other nations (certainly of powerful nation).Can you be more specific? That sounds like the EU to me. quote:Of course not darling, I would never support a movement that supported lawlessness, that would be counter productive (after all, what advantage is there in being amoral when everyone is amoral). It is perfectly possible, however, to believe that might makes right while acting inside (or outside, but only very carefully) the law, but so long as law exists the kind of self destruction you are talking about.Catch-22. 'Might makes right' is contrary to moral law. You believe that 'might makes right' is possible within the boundaries of moral law, but one needs morals in order to make those laws. If everyone supports the concept of 'might makes right', then there would be no moral lawmakers to set those boundaries. The result is lawlessness and self-destruction. quote:I refuse to argue nomenclature with you Menchise. I was referring to Athenian democracy as being true democracy, but it doesnÔÇÖt matter, your method is an even better example, being even more infeasible in large groups while still being bad for minorities.Explain how it would be bad for minorities, or how it would be "more infeasible" in large groups. By the way, my name is not darling. It's Nick.
  19. quote:And its even easier to say that might doesnÔÇÖt make right when you are on the side without might, itÔÇÖs called self interest.In both cases it's self interest, but that doesn't nullify the hypocrisy of the former. quote:Well darling, I agree that such a society would be rather chaotic, and could very well self destruct, but thatÔÇÖs why the principle isnÔÇÖt applied on a societal level. In a small group it works just fine though, or in this case between nations (for truly, the number of powerful nations is small).It's destructive on all levels. 'Might makes right' rationalizes any forceful action, including the most irrational, and dare I say the most amoral too. Small groups (and small nations) that use such tactics successfully don't stay small for long either. Soon they're running the whole society into the ground. That's one of the reasons why we have morals in the first place, to help determine the usage of might that upholds justice for all. You may not believe that it's possible to have justice for all, but that does not justify or even rationalize supporting an anti-social movement that guarantees justice for none. quote:A small group (or group of groups) can succeed in a true democracy, but it fails with larger numbers. I do not, however, hear you complaining about how democracy is ÔÇ£totally hypocriticalÔÇØ. Oh, and to make the democracy comparison for your first point, true democracy is only nice when you happen to agree with the majority, it can really suck for minorities of any sort. So by your logic democracy is totally hypocritical.No, it's not. Your definition of 'true' democracy is that everyone votes on every issue that is put forward, which is hypocritical because it's not really democratic. I follow a libertarian socialist definition, which is that everyone has decision-making power in proportion to the degree that they are affected by the issue put forward.
  20. *sigh* Here I go again. The 'might makes right' argument is totally hypocritical for two reasons. 1. It's easy to say 'might makes right' when you happen to be on the side with more might. If that were not the case, the argument wouldn't be so appealing. 2. The argument is frequently used very selectively in an attempt to rationalize particular injustices, but is never applied by such advocates as a fundamental guiding principle, since it runs the risk of backfiring in their faces. If 'might makes right' became the core value of society, it would rationalize lawlessness and the rule of thugs along any line of interest or prejudice. The result would be a brutal and utterly destructive anti-society.
  21. quote:That I did. With all the anti-american bull you spew thats the immpression I get when I read your posts.Nothing that I have written here criticizes the American people. I am criticizing the US government. Call it "anti-American bull" if you prefer, but don't expect me to take your name calling seriously. quote:Thats easy their leaders planned the attack in Afghanistan, lived in Afghanistan. The Taliban gave them support. Its only logical to go after the men that issued the orders. Making it harder or impossible for them to attack again. Thats self defence.It's self-defense when one uses reasonable means to go after the perpetrators. The US action was not reasonable. Recent history also demonstrates that it's not successful. quote:As far as the articles goes its amazing the garbage people can find on the net now days. As I said those people were starving when the taliban were in power and even if the allies had not invaded it was only going to get worse. because of drought and 20 year of civil war.That is the most lame dismissal of sources I have ever encountered. You provide no argument for why that article or its 37 citations could be questionable. You call it garbage for no reason other than its disagreement with your assertions. I've never been more disappointed in a debate. quote:Because he is dead. A billion pounds of rock laying on you from a cave colapse will do that to you.There is some speculation that he is dead, but no proof whatsoever. Another article for you to call "garbage". quote:Hehe. If you say so it must be true(sarcasm)I was responding to Dragon Lady's post, which gave me the impression of a 'might makes right' argument. quote:It appears the only person blind to the facts lives in Australia.I'm not the one who's calling the facts "garbage" just because I disagree with them. quote:Anyway I've said all I'm going to in this topic. Its pointless to debate with someone that see only what they want to see regardless of the truth.You took the words right out of my mouth. EDIT: I don't like to be insulting, but I also don't like to be dismissed as ignorant by nothing more than inflammatory assertions. I think I'll stay out of this thread from now on, since I'm clearly having some difficulty being civil at this time. Have fun, people (if you can). [ 10-06-2002, 08:46 AM: Message edited by: Menchise ]
  22. quote:Menchise, it's kind of hard for Israel to take the "moral high ground" and not use force when every day Israeli women, children, police, firefighters, civilians, and military are being indiscriminately slaughtered by Palestinians with C4 and nails.A better way would be to find the sources that provide the C4 or whatever it is that the terrorists use. Terrorizing the Palestinian families is pointless and cruel. quote:Boo Hoo for the Palestinians. Israel has done nothing that bothers them except EXIST.Take a closer look at the history of the country's formation and the treatment of Palestinians within Israel and the occupied territories.
  23. quote:Shouldn't that instead read as... The US government, Cananda, Australia, Germany, Britian, and etc. etc. did the latter in there campaign blah blah blah. Of course not right. It was only the evil Americans.Point taken. I emphasize America (you called it 'evil', not me) because it lead the action, and because this thread is about America's role. quote:Who have no right to defend themselves. Sheeesh!How was the invasion of Afghanistan an act of self-defense? As far as I know, the four planes didn't come from Afghanistan. The operation was implemented within US borders, and the hijackers received some of their training domestically. An act of self-defense would be a criminal investigation into how these terrorists planned and implemented the operation under the noses of law enforcement agencies, and tracking down the domestic elements that made the attack possible. quote:Further more post one link to and article or news clip to back up the claim that millions of Afghans died of starvation from the elimination of the taliban.Done. quote:Yea, but it will give the next bastard who wants to use terror tactics on the US pause, not to mention the leaders of the country he is in.Terrorists only give pause if they're at risk of getting caught. Bin Laden escaped. What reason does he have for giving pause? quote:Let them try darling, it would be quite amusing.That's because the Haitian government is not the international thug that the US government is, but imagine if that wasn't the case. Would that justify Haiti bombing the USA? quote:Yea, but it works. There is something to be said for success.There is no indication that it works. Remember that it took a long time to prepare the 9/11 attack. What makes you think that the next big one is not being designed right now? Besides, there is also something to be said about mass murder. The blood of millions is on Bush's hands, and he should be held accountable for his crimes, along with the institutions that deliberately concealed this fact from the American people. If the people had known that the Red Cross and Christian Aid were warning about the millions of lives that would be jeopardized as a result of the bombing, it would not have commenced. Every mainstream media group had this information well in advance from the Associated Press, and deliberately chose not to report it.
  24. No, they're both terrorists, and stop putting words in my mouth.
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