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  1. The Google people just have WAAAY too much free time.... ROTFL
  2. The only problem is, Take Two now owns Red Storm...When the parent dies, often times the children go with... Let's just hope that Red Storm had some sense when they signed that deal, and they aren't too heavily connected.
  3. I must say, thank you Dredd for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. While I do agree, it's a rehashed plot. It's a darn good one. JMS is a great story teller. He just needs time to open the story to us. If I were to judge the entire B5 series on "The Gathering" I would think it was entirely lame. Heck, even season 1 wasn't that great. That is, until you realize that there have been hints at a hidden plot all along. The weapons con is silly though. I absolutely agree with that. The -only- rational explanation I've heard so far, was one from my wife. "Perhaps it's based on the personality of the controller. The controller creates a VR system that suits them. For another person, the system might be physically pointing and saying 'fire'." However, if she's wrong, it's the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a weapons con.
  4. Ahh, but Logan's Run had the advantage of being a good movie first, before it was turned into a mediocre (at best) series... BG was never really good, even in it's film debut. BTW, if I was being called a heathen for some view point on Farscape, I think you misread my message I was referring to BG, not Farscape. If however I was being called heathen for my views of BG, then fine, okay Farscape is alright. It's no B5, but it's alright
  5. quote:Battlestar rebirth has been shelved. Singer was yanked away to focus on XMEN 2 and the Galactica rebirth has been postponed if not outright killed. Some things are better left dead and buried... Battlestar Galactica, while it was amazing for it's time, is p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c compared to modern day story lines. Even the worst of the new Star Trek or Farscape episodes beats the best of the BG episodes.
  6. Speaking of things blowing up. When they blew up the original Enterprise in ST3, my mother (a devout trekkie) was brought nearly to tears. When they blew up B5 in Sleeping in Light, many of my friends were BROUGHT to tears. They were crying seriously, and quite upset that it all turned out that way. That is the difference between the two series. People were marginally attached to the ship in ST. Whereas people were EXTREMELY attached to Babylon 5 itself. I won't even bother to mention when 1701D was destroyed, or DS9...no one was really that upset about it. "How will this all end?" "In fire" Emperor Turhan to Kosh Naranek
  7. quote:the humans were stuck where they were. Any kind of character issues they had (aka, alchohol, stims, etc) are just that: issues that were solved in ONE episode, and after that the character's point of view or decision making didnt change at all. I have to disagree with this. The humans in the show changed drastically. Example 1: Franklin & Stims. He was addicted to stims for several episodes, and finally came to terms with it right about when he went on walkabout. The walkabout lasted about 3 episodes, and he almost died as a result... Example 2: Garibaldi & alcohol. Garibaldi struggled with his alcoholism the entire show! It got the better of him in 5th season, and he finally conquered it with some help from Lise. Example 3: Zack. Initially Zack Allen was shy and uncertain of himself. Through massive work from his first appearance till his appointment as chief, he grew up, and became bolder. Especially during the Nightwatch era. Example 4: Lyta Alexander. Though not technically human after the Vorlons got ahold of her. She changed DRAMATICALLY in 5th season when she found Byron. Not to mention her changes prior to that. I heartily agree with the statements about B5 being better than ST. But you cannot compare ST:TOS to B5. Too many years between. TNG/DS9/Voy/Ent are pathetic in character developement, compared to B5. Mind you, I like Star Trek, especially TNG (Picard rules ). However, B5 just blew me away with depth of plot and character developement like never seen before (except in certain really good books). Edit: Oh, and as far as Kirk seducing all the female crew...I think he'd more likely get slapped by most of them, as they were almost all strong independent women. [ 01-14-2002: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  8. Rather good, though a bit heavy on the emotions at times. Not a movie for the average action film buff though. Only good if you like movies about family and all that stuff, which I do . Interestingly enough, the kid who plays Kevin Kline's son in this, is the same kid who plays Anikin Skywalker in Episode II. Decent actor, unlike the brat they got for Episode I. I just try to imagine how MUCH better Episode I would have been, if #1, they got rid of Jar Jar, and #2, they hired someone from the cast of Harry Potter to play Anikin....
  9. I'd go...but I'm out for a whole two weeks in december. 11th - 26th I'm out of town on and off, some access, some not, but even with access, plans aren't made by me. Maybe January would be better? Since by then, everyone will have returned from holidays?
  10. quote:1. Majority of drivers for hondas that are suped up, lowered and have racing stripes are chineese. I counted 40 hondas like that fit that description. 33 of out of 40 drivers for those hondas were chineese. 2. I was looking at garden workers, the people who cut bushes and grass in front of houses. Counted about 15 trucks, you know what race those garden workers were? Mexican, yes, that means about 2 to 4 workers per truck and ALL of them Mexican. According to these profiles, yes, those two things do have a racial attachment. However, crime and terrorism are NOT such cases. Terrorists can be anyone, as can criminals. All it takes is for someone to be in a situation they don't like and to find the only way out, to be something radical. Crime is usually commited by those who covet something (wealth usually, but can be other things). Terrorism is usually caused by fanatical people who hate something. To me, the KKK (or white supremists, etc) is a large group of terrorists enacting terrorism against people of other races (and religions!). Any cop who follows racial profiling (i.e. sees two kids on the street late at night, one white, one black, but equal in all other manners, and chooses the black one to question most of the time), is a terrorist against black people. Terrorism is about invoking terror. Scaring an individual or group into doing or not doing something. In the case of cops doing racial profiling, they are attempting to scare the race in question, into not commiting crimes. They are harassing unnecessarily. This is unacceptable, and they are only marginally better than the terrorists who struck the WTC. Given time, they will become AS bad as those terrorists. Because they will shoot some black kid who wasn't doing anything (ala NYC cops shooting the african man pulling his passport 19 times - back in early 90s). There is no excuse that validates racial profiling, and there never will be. As to airport security, the only true way to keep terrorism out of the sky, is to blanket search. If we do anything less, the terrorists will find a way around the system. I suppose you guys haven't heard of disguises? It's not inconceivable that after a while of racial profiling, the terrorists will hop on a plane disguised as an elderly WHITE woman....If they want to accomplish something, they WILL accomplish it, if we give them a loophole. Racial profiling at airports IS that loophole. More likely however, is that they are no longer even attempting to strike from the air. Why? Because we ARE doing blanket searches. Thus why you are seeing news reports about Anthrax. They are smart people. Assuming they don't think these things through is exactly what will result in getting many more people killed. Racial profiling is one of those assumptions. The MOST important thing any country in this situation can do, is be fair and just. As soon as those fall away, the terrorists have already won.
  11. I was doing a routine run from Pluto to Orion of various commodities, when I noticed that there was a horde of SF Marines outside the station. Not realizing that the main weapons on my carrier can't hit such small targets, I open fire on the marines. After a few shots, I decide this isn't working, so I hop out into FC1. I go around shooting the guys without problem. Except that I've gotten really far from my (halted) carrier. What I didn't notice was that other hostile craft had entered the system. There I am, flying around, when BOOM. There goes my carrier....and my career. Lesson: ALWAYS keep track of your CC. If it dies, your career is over.
  12. I posted on this in the general issues section (for my full version of BCM). The problem was resolved via reprogramming my stick (MS sidewinder force feedback pro). That appears to be the only solution so far...Looking for in game solutions as well, cause on planet, it's a little strange to use left/right yaw [ 11-20-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  13. Note: 3 hours with previews. It's really only 2:10. Movie theaters are going nuts with previews these days.... And I agree completely with SC. Brilliant! Can't wait for books 2, 3 and 4 to be done (especially 4).
  14. Geez...talk about off topic Separation of church and state turns into creation vs evolution? I suppose they both have to do with religion but geeeeez.... Since we are now on the topic of Evolution vs Creation, I will state my views. I am NOT a scientist and have very little in the way of evidence to support anything. However, here's my take: I think they're both right! A deity of some sort created the Universe ala big bang. It set up the intrisic physics that caused our eventual creation via evolution. This is my Belief! I have only one piece of evidence to support it. Recently, using the Hubble telescope, NASA found a source of light that is so completely ancient it must be from right after the big bang. To further support this theory, they have been unable to find any source of light that is more ancient. This source, also came from the direction they have more or less calculated to be where the bang took place due to plotting the courses of all the known galaxies (they all converge on one point). However, considering that it is an on-going process, this supporting factor may be broken. This evidence was discovered probably 3-4 years ago. Check the NASA site, it's probably in their archives somewhere. Evolution itself is difficult to prove, since it takes such an extremely long time for anything to evolve. Though, I'm not sure I agree with the statement about a lack of inbetween forms. What about Neanderthals, Australopithicus, Cro-Magnon, etc? Are these not predecessors to homo sapiens? And many of the inbetweens are currently living for animal species. A frog, for example, lives part of it's life as a fish, the rest as an amphibian. Seems to me that this is a sign of being an inbetween form. Perhaps it's an evolved inbetween, but the early frogs were probably so similar in shape to the current frogs, it's difficult to discern the difference. Just an example. Not a shred of evidence I am aware of. Anyway, that's my view. Take it or leave it. I don't care which as long as you accept that I will leave yours.
  15. *makes like Epsilon 5 and runs away at full throttle*
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