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  1. Recommendation...

    Unless you plan on moving it off Geocities, try to make the text not go under that annoying side banner popup that geocities always has. Otherwise, each new link you click on, you have to get rid of the popup again.

    Of course, another recommendation is to get it off Geocities....

  2. quote:

    the humans were stuck where they were. Any kind of character issues they had (aka, alchohol, stims, etc) are just that: issues that were solved in ONE episode, and after that the character's point of view or decision making didnt change at all.

    I have to disagree with this. The humans in the show changed drastically.

    Example 1: Franklin & Stims. He was addicted to stims for several episodes, and finally came to terms with it right about when he went on walkabout. The walkabout lasted about 3 episodes, and he almost died as a result...

    Example 2: Garibaldi & alcohol. Garibaldi struggled with his alcoholism the entire show! It got the better of him in 5th season, and he finally conquered it with some help from Lise.

    Example 3: Zack. Initially Zack Allen was shy and uncertain of himself. Through massive work from his first appearance till his appointment as chief, he grew up, and became bolder. Especially during the Nightwatch era.

    Example 4: Lyta Alexander. Though not technically human after the Vorlons got ahold of her. She changed DRAMATICALLY in 5th season when she found Byron. Not to mention her changes prior to that.

    I heartily agree with the statements about B5 being better than ST. But you cannot compare ST:TOS to B5. Too many years between. TNG/DS9/Voy/Ent are pathetic in character developement, compared to B5. Mind you, I like Star Trek, especially TNG (Picard rules ). However, B5 just blew me away with depth of plot and character developement like never seen before (except in certain really good books).

    Edit: Oh, and as far as Kirk seducing all the female crew...I think he'd more likely get slapped by most of them, as they were almost all strong independent women.

    [ 01-14-2002: Message edited by: Gomez ]

  3. Personally, I totally understand why BCM will never find it's way to consoles. There just aren't enough BUTTONS on the controller to fly a battlecruiser!

    'nuff said.

    However, I am confused why console games don't get ported to PC....But that's another issue.

  4. quote:

    My fighters never seem to use more than 5 missiles. I can't recall ever seeing the number of remaining weapons on them below 5. Is this normal?

    Early game = Low AI = Pilots do stupid things

    "OMG! It's a SF Marine who can barely scratch my shields! I better launch a multi-million credit missile at it before it shoots me!"

    "Pah! It's just a tiny STORMCARRIER...I don't need to shoot at it."

    "Hmm...that fighter I'm chasing just flew towards that Starstation that is hostile to me. I think I'll chase him down. After all, Starstations don't shoot at fighters...right?"

    In other words...expect your pilots to die a lot early on. It's probably better to train them up in a safe place (leave the game running all night, but remember to shutdown the reactor and use solar)....

  5. I use the MS Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro. Now, BCM doesn't use force feedback, but the joystick is good. Also, there is a non-force feedback version of the stick (cheaper too).

    Has twist, throttle, 8 buttons, hat switch, and a "shift" button so that technically it can have 16 buttons, if you program them.

  6. quote:

    You can add so many things to the CC craft oh mighty one, but yet my CC can't install the artifact shield upgrade. I want to be the baddest bad @ss in the galaxy, do you think it can be possible to make a kind of unofficial/undupported "patch" so that all ships can use all artifacts and upgrades?

    My guess right off hand is, he will say no. However, I would also wager a guess that a modder might be able to do the requested modification...Check the GBS Discussion part of the forum....

  7. Rather good, though a bit heavy on the emotions at times. Not a movie for the average action film buff though. Only good if you like movies about family and all that stuff, which I do .

    Interestingly enough, the kid who plays Kevin Kline's son in this, is the same kid who plays Anikin Skywalker in Episode II. Decent actor, unlike the brat they got for Episode I. I just try to imagine how MUCH better Episode I would have been, if #1, they got rid of Jar Jar, and #2, they hired someone from the cast of Harry Potter to play Anikin....

  8. Time for my stupid marine story...

    A bunch of intruders boarded my ship, and as per usual, eventually made their way down to the shuttle bay. Well, as they were heading down, several of my marines decided to search the sub-deck. The marines all head into the fighter bay, the intruders make a beeline for the shuttle bay -while- the marines are in the fighter bay. Then, the marines get out, and head UP to deck three.

    This is when I issued a direct order for several marines to go into a specific shuttle.

    I mean, what are these guys? Imperial Storm troopers?? Geeeez.

  9. quote:

    Just 1 question (although I think I know the answer): the Earth and Moon are so far away from each other. Is this because it would be too much work for the cpu if they were together? It would be awesome to see the Earth from the surface of the Moon (or vice versa)

    The moon is actually really far from Earth Can't remember the exact figure, but it's something like 300,000km from earth. Now, compare that to say the circumference of the earth (at the equator), 41,600km, and your standard carrier size, less than 1km . If I'm not mistaken, the moon in the game is actually at it's appropriate distance.

    EDIT: WOOHOO! Just noticed I just made post 102!

    [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]

  10. Multiplayer BCM, will likely have the problem you noted above, however, I recall reading somewhere, that each race/caste will have a limited number of assets. Carriers will be most limited. So, you may be forced to fly a cruiser, because your race/caste doesn't have any more carriers.

    BCO, I would guess that artifacts will be highly out of reach for most people (i.e. expensive as all hell). This is simply because, if they aren't, everyone will have them. And what's the point of all that additional info about mid-grade upgrades, if every joe has artifacts? Of course, it may also be that there are a limited number of artifacts in the universe. Thus, price may be low, but 1 celestial orb, means that only ONE player gets it....

    We shall see...

  11. Well...for one thing. Sell back all your pieces and parts. Repairs are free if you are military, and you don't have the spare part...(unless that's a small bug)...

    Anyway, as to the replacements, every once in a while, for some reason I can't replace systems either. Undock, re-dock. Try again It could also be something with neutral bases vs friendly bases. Or alternately, buy the part, and have them start work AFTER you undock. Remember, starbases do NOT repair systems faster, so once you've got your parts, leave...If you can do so under your own power, of course.

  12. Ahh Rebellion...those were the days. I have a friend who lives and breathes Star Wars. Yet, little ole me, who could give a rat's @$$...could crush the living daylights out of him in that game.

    Fleets of SSDs, ISDs, VSDs, Gravwell gens...and more fighters than you can shake a stick at...

    He really hated when I had Death Stars blow up his best ship right at the start of each battle.

    Only thing I could never manage, was getting enough time in the game to train a new Jedi Knight. Ahh well...

    SW Galaxies looks good, but I'll wait for BCO, thanks.

  13. Don't know what joystick you use, but a lot of them have a way of tightening the gimbals. Also, many have software that allows you to set your own null zone. Mine acts similarly to yours (but it was always that way, and not as badly). If I wanted to, I could add another piece to my joystick profile that increases the null zone. But for now, I just live with it Doesn't hurt me unless I let go of the stick...

  14. 40% hull/armor is not just scratches and dents. That's OVER half your "car" being utterly destroyed...surprise, the interior of the "car" is also nearly completely destroyed.

    BTW, the reason you only drop to 40% is because rotation is 2d. This is 3d. Some of that armor is on top and bottom of your craft

  15. quote:

    Config options:

    Version 1.0.01


    fresh install of BCM

    Clarification: Fresh install, that is patched to 1.0.01...sorry about the confusion.

    However, now it's not repeating...grrrr I have no idea what was happening. I got it to repeat a bunch (prior to my original post), then I ran it once again (after), but attacked while it was red (i.e. issued an order to myself to attack the base), destroyed the base, and all is fine (well, except the blown mission)...

    Might be an issue with attacking "blue" bases? Will test more and get back to you.

  16. Question 1: Look for a flat spot on the ground before you try to land. You can use the auto-landing system, or just tap the retro rockets a little at a time, till you are on the ground (VTOL mode). But I repeat, make sure the ground is FLAT, or you are gonna get hurt

    Question 2: Erm...umm...I could be wrong, but I believe -before- you step out into FP mode, click your tacops button, and select your shuttle, then give it a "proceed to next" waypoint, and a waypoint to deploy troops at. Hit the a/p and let it deploy them, THEN shut off a/p, land it again, and hop out

    I'm pretty sure that'll work, but there might be an easier way. I don't do much in the way of planetside operations (yet)....

  17. Type: repeatable crash (CTD and lockup)

    Event info:

    ACM mission 3 (the ACM based on the BC3K missions). If, instead of capturing Zerin base, you decide to blast it to hell (in my case, because Vagabond wouldn't capture it, so I got mad ). It CTDs or locks up as soon as you strike the fatal blow. Happens at point blank range and distance.

    I have a save game where all you have to do is shoot the base, if you need it.

    System specs:

    Athlon 950 MHz on Asus K7V MB

    128 MB PC100 RAM

    GeForce 2 GTS (32 MB) running NVidia 21.83 drivers

    SB Live! 5.1 (latest drivers)



    Nothing running in background (not even ICQ or Norton Anti-virus)

    Config options:

    Version 1.0.01

    1024x768 (16-bit for all 16/32 settings)

    All other settings on (except music is off)

    And yes, I'm aware this can get a little choppy with SF marines around...I don't mind

    This is from a fresh install of BCM and a fairly recent install of WinME. HD is optimized and I have pleanty of swapspace. I'd be glad to give other info, if needed...

  18. Tedious but effective, yes Badgerius. I think Tac's idea is pretty good, especially since fighters take a while to recharge/rearm, and cannot be launched until ready. Because, while you can just simply reload your CC, you cannot reload FCs in flight...

    As to the "missile attack"...try the FATAL system

  19. There, added some honest and POSITIVE comments about the game on those sites that I could...

    And yes, I didn't give it 5s across the board...Most notably graphics. But, I'm not playing BC:M for graphics...so who cares? Not me Eyecandy might sell games to 15 year olds, but gameplay is what sells to me, and BC:M I think should get a 6 out of 5 in that...

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