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  1. I'd go...but I'm out for a whole two weeks in december. 11th - 26th I'm out of town on and off, some access, some not, but even with access, plans aren't made by me. Maybe January would be better? Since by then, everyone will have returned from holidays?
  2. quote:1. Majority of drivers for hondas that are suped up, lowered and have racing stripes are chineese. I counted 40 hondas like that fit that description. 33 of out of 40 drivers for those hondas were chineese. 2. I was looking at garden workers, the people who cut bushes and grass in front of houses. Counted about 15 trucks, you know what race those garden workers were? Mexican, yes, that means about 2 to 4 workers per truck and ALL of them Mexican. According to these profiles, yes, those two things do have a racial attachment. However, crime and terrorism are NOT such cases. Terrorists can be anyone, as can criminals. All it takes is for someone to be in a situation they don't like and to find the only way out, to be something radical. Crime is usually commited by those who covet something (wealth usually, but can be other things). Terrorism is usually caused by fanatical people who hate something. To me, the KKK (or white supremists, etc) is a large group of terrorists enacting terrorism against people of other races (and religions!). Any cop who follows racial profiling (i.e. sees two kids on the street late at night, one white, one black, but equal in all other manners, and chooses the black one to question most of the time), is a terrorist against black people. Terrorism is about invoking terror. Scaring an individual or group into doing or not doing something. In the case of cops doing racial profiling, they are attempting to scare the race in question, into not commiting crimes. They are harassing unnecessarily. This is unacceptable, and they are only marginally better than the terrorists who struck the WTC. Given time, they will become AS bad as those terrorists. Because they will shoot some black kid who wasn't doing anything (ala NYC cops shooting the african man pulling his passport 19 times - back in early 90s). There is no excuse that validates racial profiling, and there never will be. As to airport security, the only true way to keep terrorism out of the sky, is to blanket search. If we do anything less, the terrorists will find a way around the system. I suppose you guys haven't heard of disguises? It's not inconceivable that after a while of racial profiling, the terrorists will hop on a plane disguised as an elderly WHITE woman....If they want to accomplish something, they WILL accomplish it, if we give them a loophole. Racial profiling at airports IS that loophole. More likely however, is that they are no longer even attempting to strike from the air. Why? Because we ARE doing blanket searches. Thus why you are seeing news reports about Anthrax. They are smart people. Assuming they don't think these things through is exactly what will result in getting many more people killed. Racial profiling is one of those assumptions. The MOST important thing any country in this situation can do, is be fair and just. As soon as those fall away, the terrorists have already won.
  3. "Sim" of the year (SimCity style sim): Monopoly Tycoon - Actually competative. NO bugs. Excellent graphics and music. Very good game play in SP and MP modes. Only oddity, people "walking" on the sidewalk look like they are skating. Note: This is secure, unless SimsVille manages to get released this year, then I'll have to review it before a leader is determined EDIT: Oooops...Just noticed that there's an expansion for The Sims. Hmmmmmmm..... I absolutely agree about EE. Excellent game. I am constantly torn by the fact that I want to play BCM more than EE. [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  4. I was doing a routine run from Pluto to Orion of various commodities, when I noticed that there was a horde of SF Marines outside the station. Not realizing that the main weapons on my carrier can't hit such small targets, I open fire on the marines. After a few shots, I decide this isn't working, so I hop out into FC1. I go around shooting the guys without problem. Except that I've gotten really far from my (halted) carrier. What I didn't notice was that other hostile craft had entered the system. There I am, flying around, when BOOM. There goes my carrier....and my career. Lesson: ALWAYS keep track of your CC. If it dies, your career is over.
  5. Can't seem to find this in the manual. What are the advantages of the upgraded systems? Armor and Shields are pretty obvious (more HP), but engines and reactors aren't. Could someone enlighten me a little on this? Why I ask is because I have installed a much fancier engine (2nd best) on my ship. Yet I don't seem to have -significantly- more acceleration or top speed...
  6. I posted on this in the general issues section (for my full version of BCM). The problem was resolved via reprogramming my stick (MS sidewinder force feedback pro). That appears to be the only solution so far...Looking for in game solutions as well, cause on planet, it's a little strange to use left/right yaw [ 11-20-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  7. I tested it with a bunch of ships (including a fresh new Aestrom)... I can get off planet with every ship I tested. Just not the incarnation of the Aestrom that I was playing. I don't know what the deal is. Fortunately, I'm not far along at all. So I'll just delete and start over I did sustain some damage while attempting to land (teach me to not use the auto-landing system). But I had repaired all the damage to the reactor and engines completely before I tried. Dunno what it is... I'll just delete and start over Thanks
  8. Read my message...I was doing that The "fine manual" has a nice section on page 52 that explains exactly what you said (I've read it half a dozen times at this point, you see). And I was following it to the letter. Except that I never reached 35,000. I stop climbing at 34,xxx. Thus when I hit "O" I get "You must be above 35,000..." I never actually reach 35,000+. BTW, this was while flying an Aestrom supercarrier. I have a theory it may be related to the ship. I just realized that I DID accomplish getting off planet with a Stormcarrier. I will try other ships to see if they work like the Stormcarrier, or the Aestrom....
  9. I thought it would be neat to pop down to Earth to see how things work planetside and in FP. All was fine till I tried to get back to space. Here's what happens: I engage full thrust and full afterburner. Head straight for 35,000 MSL. JUST before I get there, it stops climbing entirely. Speed is still 800-900 but my flight direction indicator has leveled off even though my nose is straight up. As a result, I cannot get off the planet. I tried allocating 10 power units to the engines, no luck. Tried with and without ABs, no luck. Tried diving, and reapproaching, no luck. Even tried vtol, I just bounced off the level. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Goooood idea... Hadn't thought of that Will try it. Now if I can just get my ship back into space......
  11. Reference card and manual both state left/right is yaw. Yet my joystick does left/right ROLL. And I seem to be unable to switch the two using any of the seemingly appropriate keys listed in the manual & reference card. Joystick is MS Sidewinder force feedback pro. 3-axis (twist) + throttle, hat, and 8 buttons. Twist is currently acting as my yaw. Other than this, the game seems to be operating smoothly. Even after I alt-tabbed to type this message EDIT: This was while in space. I expected this behaviour on planet, but not in space. EDIT2: After more closely examining the FAQ, I notice that it contradicts the manual/reference card in saying that twist is yaw? [ 11-20-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ] [ 11-22-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  12. quote:Seems EB over-nighted mine at no extra cost ME TOOO!!!! Actually, this is the second thing I've ordered standard shipping on, that they've overnighted. Receipt even shows that I only paid standard. Welp...have to say, you all aren't going to see me much for a while (till that MP patch is ready)...I'll be taking over the SP galaxy...
  13. Woo! Tuesday for me too!! Assuming no further delays, that is....
  14. Note: 3 hours with previews. It's really only 2:10. Movie theaters are going nuts with previews these days.... And I agree completely with SC. Brilliant! Can't wait for books 2, 3 and 4 to be done (especially 4).
  15. Empire Earth is definitely great. It'll probably get RTS game of the year. But be careful with the scenario editor. It crashes a lot.... "Oh damn, he's already advanced to WWI! I'm still renaissance!!" -Me (during beta) Civ 3 is also good. Unfortunately, not as good as EE. If Civ 3 had been released months ago, it would have been great....
  16. The other factor I am trying to point out by bringin up Ireland, is that the UK fully backed us. What is to say, that the next time the UK is hit by an IRA (or whatever group) terrorist attack, they don't call us in to help eliminate the problem? How can America fight Ireland? We can't really. Too many Irish in the country who've been citizens for generations. Heck, the police department in some areas is completely Irish. So my guess is, that the USA is hoping it doesn't come to that. That Ireland's terrorist groups disband and never reform. Of course, the discussion that Paddy Gregory posted about the head of the IRA calling for a disarm, is hopeful news related to this.
  17. Geez...talk about off topic Separation of church and state turns into creation vs evolution? I suppose they both have to do with religion but geeeeez.... Since we are now on the topic of Evolution vs Creation, I will state my views. I am NOT a scientist and have very little in the way of evidence to support anything. However, here's my take: I think they're both right! A deity of some sort created the Universe ala big bang. It set up the intrisic physics that caused our eventual creation via evolution. This is my Belief! I have only one piece of evidence to support it. Recently, using the Hubble telescope, NASA found a source of light that is so completely ancient it must be from right after the big bang. To further support this theory, they have been unable to find any source of light that is more ancient. This source, also came from the direction they have more or less calculated to be where the bang took place due to plotting the courses of all the known galaxies (they all converge on one point). However, considering that it is an on-going process, this supporting factor may be broken. This evidence was discovered probably 3-4 years ago. Check the NASA site, it's probably in their archives somewhere. Evolution itself is difficult to prove, since it takes such an extremely long time for anything to evolve. Though, I'm not sure I agree with the statement about a lack of inbetween forms. What about Neanderthals, Australopithicus, Cro-Magnon, etc? Are these not predecessors to homo sapiens? And many of the inbetweens are currently living for animal species. A frog, for example, lives part of it's life as a fish, the rest as an amphibian. Seems to me that this is a sign of being an inbetween form. Perhaps it's an evolved inbetween, but the early frogs were probably so similar in shape to the current frogs, it's difficult to discern the difference. Just an example. Not a shred of evidence I am aware of. Anyway, that's my view. Take it or leave it. I don't care which as long as you accept that I will leave yours.
  18. Another small concern...Terrorism is not unique to the middle east. What about Ireland? Are you aware of exactly how many Irish Americans there are? Ireland is known to have at least a dozen terrorist groups....We can't just nuke Ireland. Heck, we'd have a hard time rationalizing invading Ireland....But the problem still exists.
  19. How ironic. I am frequently regarded as being a Libertarian as well. Yet we don't see eye to eye on the issue about Liberals? Perhaps that will clue you in to the fact that you refer to the FEW Liberals who annoy you, not the WHOLE. The way you (and several others) have been speaking, you refer to the WHOLE. Liberalism is no more misguided than Conservatism. Both, when used exclusively will result in failure. Conservatism leads to a stagnant state that falls behind. Liberalism leads to an over extended state ready to break. Without either one, the US government cannot operate. Therefore, neither is the enemy. Neither is wrong (unless taken to extreme). Both are American. And WE are both. quote:I believe if everyone listens to how they feel instead of how they think we would be in trouble. Think about when your g/f breaks up with you. And you loved her so much and you feel so terrible that you shoot yourself. If you had listened to your brain you would have realized you would be dead. You are nitpicking. I said sometimes. It's exactly the same arguement I have about Liberal vs Conservative. Without one, we are lost. Emotions guide logic. Logic guides Emotions. Obviously, if we let emotions run rampant, there wouldn't be an Afganistan. It would be a nuclear wasteland. Our emotions said "destroy them all!" (hate hate hate). But our logic says, "no, we must think this through". However, without Emotions, again, we would have nuked em. Logic dictates that the easiest way to deal with the situation is complete elimination. But our emotions (sympathy) for the people of Afganistan who have nothing what-so-ever to do with this situation, prevents us from pushing the button. BOTH are required. And that is exactly what I am trying to say. Without someone saying "hey, this is wrong" (emotional response) we might go ahead and do it. Without someone saying "hey, this is wrong" (logical response) we might go ahead and do it. Without Liberals saying "What if?" We might never consider the possibilities. Without Conservatives saying "What is". We might never see how things are currently. [ 10-22-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  20. Problem...many of our allies are also in that region. 1 nuke, and their destroyed too... Nukes are a VERY bad idea in this situation. NBC warfare in general is a VERY bad idea (probably why the BC part of it is banned by the Geneva convention). IMHO Nuclear weapons should also be banned by similar conventions. But that's unlikely in todays political climate.
  21. quote: And in fact, I interpreted their actions to be not only carrying out their right of free speech but to be DENOUNCING THEIR CITIZENSHIP. No where in the article does it state that they said they denounced their citizenship. However, I can see where you might be coming from with the flag burning. However, the Supreme Court does not agree with that. Otherwise, they would have ruled that in addition to being able to burn the flag, you would immediately be taken to the embassy of your choosing. For you would indeed be right, the one burning the flag would then be an illegal immegrant. As to the comment about emotion vs logic. I believe it was you ($ilk) who said: quote: Liberalism is arguments through feelings and emotions rather than logic and facts You can NOT tell me that you are not guided by emotion. Let me ask you, when you saw the WTC get destroyed, did you FEEL sadness? Anger? Hate? And, because of that disaster, do you not support the actions the USA is taking currently because of those emotions? Not because it is a logical course of action, but because you are angered and saddened by what happened and feel a need for revenge? Emotion is NOT evil here folks. Sorry to say, but emotion guides us to do the proper thing. To do the just and good thing. It also leads us to do the wrong things. It is what we are. It is not some Liberal conspiracy as you would have it sound $ilk. In fact, based on your statement above (which is excerpted here, mostly because I was too late in getting into that debate and the issue arose here as well), you would rather we were all robots incapable of emotion. Guided by nothing but Logic. Emotions make us who we are. We are NOT Vulcans, or Borg. The actions those flag burners took were mostly emotional. And the actions that the United States are taking against Afganistan are also mostly emotional. They are driven by the slaughter of innocent lives. The destruction of two large buildings. There is nothing logical about that. quote: That's what intelligent discussions are made of, not one-sided points of view where one side is emotional and the other side factual. Of course the factual are going to be the only one's listened to. Intelligent conversations are also made of emotion. Otherwise, there would be NO intelligent conversation concerning philosophy. A large section of Philosophy is Ethics. Ethics are defined primarily by emotion, and logically sorted out to find which suits better. Also, sometimes, if someone did just sit back and listen to the emotional case, things MIGHT just turn out better. Logic is VERY flawed most of the time, just like the emotions that frequently guide us. I really feel that you should take a breather from these debates, shut off Rush Limbaugh, stop reading the Free Republic and go out and listen to people...lots of people. And actually listen to them. Liberals are no more a conspiracy than conservatives. They are JUST as guided by emotions as conservatives. They make the same mistakes as conservatives. They abuse the same number of rights as conservatives. They just have a different perspective on things. One that you do not agree with. They are NOT out to destroy America. In fact, they ARE America, JUST like the conservatives. They are ALSO just as saddened and angered by the tragedy that has struck this country recently. The flag burners on the other hand are NOT Liberals. They are anti-nationalists. A growing group of people that doesn't believe government is really a good thing. I often find myself agreeing with them. But not this time. I -do- think they were out of line doing what they did, even if it was within the law. A better time, a better place... There are more sides to everything than 2. Liberal vs Conservative only accounts for 2 of thousands. It also pigeonholes and stereotypes. I think you'll find that a LOT of liberals are fully in support of the actions the USA is taking against bin Laden. What was that poll I heard back in the first week after the tragedy...81% support military action....close to half the country is liberal, and close to half conservative. 81% is MOST of both groups (BTW, that's an approximation, can't remember the actual number). So, as I have said in other threads, STOP YOUR ASSAULT ON LIBERALS! ALL OF YOU! It only divides us. [ 10-22-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  22. I believe that may be because of a few things. Perhaps he was referring to American (continent, not country) genocide...or perhaps his history wasn't detailed enough to know about the masses of genocide throughout history. The not-so recent past (500 years) is much clearer than the distant past (1000+ years). Also, this country has a tendency to focus it's education on things that happen(ed) in N & S America.
  23. $ilk, you have definitely got to take a break and open your eyes. These people have as much right to be in this country as anyone, including yourself. If we did deport these people to some other place, we would NOT be a free country. Not at all. Freedom of speech is what keeps this country able to be free. And these people were purely expressing that right as stated BY LAW. The fact that they chose that particular time and place, shows that they did not think out their actions (and I still say they are lucky to be alive and undamaged).... If you don't like for them to have the ability to disgrace the flag by burning it, take it up with the Supreme Court that ruled flag burning was legal. Take it up with the states that agreed to the law (there are something like 5 that didn't). And if this country starts deporting people because of lack of patriotism or un-American behaviour, I will become and ex-patriot and move to England. At least there I will still be able to speak MOST of my mind. And the worst of it is, I actually support the US government, for probably the first time in a decade or more. But I feel those people had the right BY LAW to do what they did even if I don't like or agree with why they did it. [ 10-22-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  24. *makes like Epsilon 5 and runs away at full throttle*
  25. quote: quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The United States has helped continue a spree of genocide that dates back to Columbus in 1492, he said. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Excuse me?! What the HELL is this moron talking about? The United States wasn't even FORMED until nearly 300 YEARS after that! The idiot should be blaming the Spaniards... What a joke... Erm...The genocide that he is referring to includes that done by the Spaniards. He made no specific reference to the USA doing the entire spree. However, the USA continued that spree, by nearly wiping out the Native Americans (1800s). The USA is NOT innocent of genocide. In fact, it's hard to find a nation in the world that is innocent. However, it is one nation that has decided to STOP genocide recently (within 100 years). As a result, people such as those who did the anti-nationalism protest have just cause to say things such as they did. This IS a free country. And allowing flag burning is the ultimate expression of this. However, these people burnt their flag in extremely poor taste, at an extremely poorly thought out time. They are lucky they weren't lynched by an angry mob.
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