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  1. I believe I read a commentary on this issue concerning bin Laden and his associates. Can't remember where.... It said that effectively, the reason why he launched his attacks on the US, were because of events that happened back in the 20s. Apparently, the main source of anguish in his eyes, is the fact that Britain started divvying up the land down there, because the Ottoman Empire was no more. Dividing the Arabs into separate states. And of course, the culmination of this, was the creation of Israel. Which to him, was completely unacceptable. Some of this was supported by the USA. Israel in particular was, because of WWII. Now, to make matters worse, we (Europe and the USA) continued to support certain states, mostly due to oil reserves. So now, after 80 years, bin Laden decides it's time to strike. Most of us weren't alive back then. NONE of us had anything to do with what happened back then. All we have, are the recent events. US foreign policy in the region supporting Israel and the "moderate" Islamic nations. Which considering many of these are our allies, it's no surprise we'd support them... So effectively, we are being blamed for something our great (and possibly great-great) grandfathers did. My opinion on the matter, is basically, that we are in for the long haul. I sincerely hope that a few things happen. #1 That the USA and other free nations in the world do not become police states "to protect their citizens from terrorists". #2 That no nuclear weapons are used, ever. #3 That the war on terrorism is actually effective, unlike the "war on drugs". #4 That terrorism is actually eliminated without having to kill more people. And even more importantly, that we kill no more people than died on Sept 11. Especially civilian. #5 That terrorists get the message that they are not welcome on this planet any more. [ 10-22-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  2. Well...they DO have the right to do it. And it was a peaceful assembly, just as was the one inside the building. They also have a point about the genocide thing. However, I do feel it was in poor taste. I wouldn't do it. Heck, I'd probably be mad if I saw someone doing it right now. As to the comment about flags... I get the feeling that they would rather no flag. Most people like that are anti-nationalistic. They would rather be under no flag than any flag. Not that they wish anarchy either. I believe they are just fed up with the government's policies, and the inability to do much about it. For example, when was the last time any of us had anything to say about our foreign policy? Mind you, it's our foreign policy that got us into this current mess. Though, I think if we had a different one, we'd be in a completely different, yet similar mess. But they have a right to complain, and a right to do what they did. Again, I stress, that I do not agree with what they did. I was just trying to clarify what they -might- have been thinking. I have a bit of insight in these matters, as I have often been against what the gov't is doing. Same with my wife. Currently, my wife and I disagree about what the US is doing. And while I would be flying a flag these days, she doesn't want one. So to keep the peace in the house, I am keeping silent. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have the same restraint....Which explains the insight in this exact matter. (though she's never burnt a flag)
  3. Nice post Scrivner. I don't think I could have said it better myself. And I'm absolutely glad it came from a Christian When I say things like that, people tend to ignore me, because of my religion.
  4. I've been playing the Empire Earth beta (pre-order the game and you're in the beta)...Only problem...not free. As far as RTS goes, probably the best one out there. empireearth.sierra.com [ 10-21-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  5. Actually, unfortunately, it is more of a living breathing document than you realize. The spirit of the law is often hard to interpret. And it is interpreted differently by each and every person that reads it, conservative and liberal alike. Thus why in this debate alone, using just one mere excerpt from the Constitution, we can have soooo many different opinions. And conservatives are disagreeing with conservatives. Liberals are disagreeing with liberals. Look back over the thread and you'll see a pattern of people who agree and disagree, then look over the gun control thread and you'll see a completely different pattern. This isn't about Liberal vs Conservative. It's about interpretation vs interpretation. I think that most people seem to agree that religious activities should be allowed, but the problem generally is that most people ignore a LOT of religions. The only way anything such as a prayer moment could be sanctioned is if it encompassed the whole of world religions. And the practicality of that is pretty low. So really, it's best to just avoid the issue (which is what I've been saying all along).
  6. I can see that you have absolutely no intention of listening to me. Therefore, I will not bother. You go ahead and watch the country fall apart because you could care less that you are dividing us. Yes, YOU. Liberals ARE NOT THE ENEMY. They are American citizens just like you. They hate terrorists as much as you do. They hate to be attacked by criminals just as much as you do. They just have a different way of dealing with the situation. One that you don't like. So you HATE them. Go right ahead. Hate as much as you want. It makes you no better than the terrorists that attacked us. Hate is what led the terrorists to do what they did to us. And over what? US policy. Well, here you are hating a group of Americans for their POLICY. Nice path you lead. I don't hate gun enthusiasts. I hate what guns do to people. I hate that I am actually involved in this conversation now. I hate hate. Hate also happens to be what led those students to shoot up Columbine High. Hate of the other students. And you know what? It was probably caused by those other students HATING them. Hate leads to hate. So if you really want to hate fellow Americans because of their policy, you go right ahead. But I think you'll find that your path leads to OUR destruction. Our division is the end of what we stand for. And HATE is the MOST un-American thing you can possibly do. You call those Liberals you hate so much anti-American. Yet you do something far worse. What's that I keep hearing on the radio and TV? UNITED WE STAND. The other half of that is divided we FALL. Hate divides us. I am out of this conversation. I've had enough of your hate mongering.
  7. quote: How do you reconcile the after-hours practice of religion if a government worker who is Islamic wants to pray towards Mecca in the middle of the day? What do you do in the winter when it's dark early and the orthodox Jew needs to be home before the sun sets on Friday? Simple, allow them to do whatever it is that they need to do, but to make sure that they also work the required 8 hours a day. For the Jew, have him/her come in early friday morning. For the Islamic, extend his/her lunch break (or just allow them a separate break) so that they may do their ceremony at the appropriate hour, but then, work an extra to make up for that break. With school, the same consideration should be made. I remember numerous occasions where Jewish children were not at school for some holiday they celebrated that we didn't. It makes sense to me. EDIT: Noticing Melcar's post about the mailman. A Swastika is a -political- symbol. NOT religious...In fact, it's a racist symbol (although it wasn't always). And that is a kind of expression no one likes (unless you're a racist). [ 10-20-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  8. quote: typical liberal knee jerk reactionism To reply, I will quote myself here: quote: Do not blame the actions of the few on the whole. Even if the few are in power. Do not use Liberal as a curse word. It is pointless, and causes a division among fellow citizens. Just because we have a different viewpoint than you, does NOT mean we are your enemy. I say "we" but in fact, I do not count myself as a Liberal. If you can't deal with different opinions without hatred, move to another country where different opinions aren't allowed. This is America, land of the FREE. Freedom means that we have the right to express our opinions on a matter. If Liberals happen to be in the majority, then well, surprise surprise, their ideals will likely become laws. Deal with it. Conservatives take away rights just the same as Liberals do. I usually don't like what Conservatives cook up, but I don't go spewing it all over boards. Now is a time when we need UNITY. Using Liberal as a curse word spreads division. If that is what you want, then expect the country to fall apart at the seams. Because that is EXACTLY what will happen. [ 10-20-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  9. I honestly don't see what the big deal is over someone wearing religious jewelry outside their clothing, even if they are a government employee. I also don't see what the big deal is with schools having a prayer/meditation moment, as long as it is respectful of ALL world religions. And yes, I mean in public schools. Heck, I'm sure an atheist kid will probably enjoy having a few moments where they don't have to do anything. So as long as it doesn't pertain to any one religion, it's fine by me. And I should add, isn't required that the student participate. However, if it is specific to one religion, or a few religions that happen to be in the majority....that's where it becomes wrong. Which, in this case, it's best to just avoid the subject and require the schools to be neutral. Allow the kids to do what they want, but not have the school itself be involved. Note: all of this applies only to public schools. Private schools are free to do as they choose, because well...a lot of them are religious affiliated. You go in knowing it's that way. quote: As for the Majority statment of yours, The majority does rule, that is the Basic premise of Democracy(Please note, I am aware the US is a Republic, not a Democracy). Afterall more than 3 people can't agree on when to have dinner. While the majority DOES rule. It should rule in a manner that does NOT hinder the rights of the minority. The rights of the minority are equal to the rights of the majority. Otherwise all that hoopla about equal rights, goes right out the window. In this case, the minority would be those who do not practise Christian faith. Thus, the fair and equitable thing to do, would be to require that if a public school were to want such a prayer moment, that it treat ALL world religions equally. And yes, this should include schools in towns where there is no one practicing another religion. Why? Because of the possibility that someone moves there that is not of that religion. Because it teaches the children to respect other religions. Because it teaches children OF other religions (even knowledge of mere existance of other religions can have a major impact on how a growing mind reacts). However, as I said previously in this message, this just isn't practical. Therefore it would be wiser and more economical to just avoid the issue and require that they not have such a school sponsored moment. [ 10-20-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  10. While I do agree that separation of church and state is taken a little too seriously, I do not think using the word Liberal as a curse word is required. Liberal does not mean "anti-christ" or "evil" or "traitor". In other words, do not blame the whole, for the actions of the few (even if it is the few, that are in power). Now, as to my comments about this subject matter.... One thing that bothers me to no end about the whole religion discussion is that EVERYONE seems to forget that there are a heck of a lot of religions out there to whom the word "God" (as a single entity) has little meaning. I do not pledge allegiance to "one nation, under God" because I do not believe in a Judeo/Christian God. Nor do I sing "God bless America". However, in these dark times, I am feeling much more supportive of our government (than in the past). I actually agree with most of the actions they are taking to deal with this situation. This still doesn't prompt me to sing "God bless America". Why can't we bring the terminology to a state where it's -actually- fitting for all world religions? And make our patriotic songs to that effect. Or just make them non-religious. Because, after all is said and done, religion really has very little to do with patriotism. I have NO problem with individuals practising their own religion. Or for that matter, nationally televised masses held because of the tragedy. Heck, I -watched- that big mass they had on the Friday after. Just don't pretend that Christianity and Judaism are the only religions in this country. Because they aren't. I used to say, let's change the national anthem to "America the Beautiful". But I forgot about the line where it says "God shed his grace on thee". So to be honest, I am happy with the current anthem, because it is non-religious. Ruled by the minority you say? Well, last I checked, I have as much right as you do. Not less because I am in the minority, but equal. And I am asking for that equality. That is all. Note: for those curious, I am Wiccan (for lack of closer religion). [ 10-20-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
  11. Continuing the trend that SC started.... Saw Hearts in Atlantis. If you don't like "chick flicks", forget it. However, if you do, this is a good one. It's not all mushy mushy fortunately (it's about the life of an 11 year old kid), but it still qualifies as a "chick flick". It's based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. So also, if you like his work, you'll probably like it. It's not such a horrifying tale however, more akin to Green Mile than Shinning, but more "chick flickish". Just thought I would give a review... If you're going to join in, use the proper subject format [ 10-15-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  12. I must say Aramike, I am HAPPY that you are handling it this way. So far as I've seen, you are doing a good job on these boards. Keep it up!
  13. Ack! And my neighbors think /I/ have a strange yard with my wildflowers....
  14. Reading that gave me serious chills...totally freaky.
  15. Steep learning curve? They don't say Falcon 4 has a steep learning curve? Why? Because Falcon 4 is a simulator of a real craft. Well....BC is along those same lines. It's not a FPS with ships. It's a Simulation. As far as I'm concerned, most of the Space Combat Sims out there are FPS with ships.
  16. Wing Commander was a botch IMHO. It was as if they took the plots of all 4 games and merged them, added in some miscellanious garbage, and called it a movie. Now, Final Fantasy was great. Nothing to do with the games, but still a great film. Tomb Raider...didn't see it. Probably not going to. A battletech movie would be interesting, if done right. But when is a movie EVER done right?
  17. SC was once quoted saying that the BC is not truly an atmospheric ship. It CAN go there, but things don't work right. This includes sensors. I have had this problem you mention above. It's supposed to work that way. Admittedly, it's kind of nice to be able to obliterate things with your BC on a planet. But until BCM comes out, try to avoid it. BCM battlecruisers are "more" designed to handle atmosphere (as far as I understand).
  18. Well...Since I have both The Sims and B&W, I think I can answer that question.... B&W: Strategic game where you play a god competing against another god (or two or three). Decent game play. Okay story line. Rather linear. Some replayability. Multiplayer possible. Game survivability on my HD, dropping (and it's a new game). The Sims (plus expansions): You directly control the lives of people. You are not a "god", just a controller. "Sim" environment. Open ended. No story line, you write your own story. Excellent game play. MASSIVE replayability. Extreme customization options. NOT multiplayer (yet, see Sims Online). Game survivability on my HD, still high after a couple years. If you do get The Sims. Get BOTH expansions. The first is an absolute must. The second is just good stuff. Stability of both games: On my system, B&W never really exhibited the major problems that it did on other people's. I did crash now and again. But nothing horrible. Nothing unplayable. But then again, my system also supported Windows ME flawlessly. Another fluke of nature. There HAVE been a number of reports of instability. The Sims doesn't crash. It's Maxis. Maxis makes the world's most stable games.
  19. I'm a member of the beta test of Jump gate. Let me tell you. It doesn't hold a candle to GCO. Not even remotely. The scope of GCO is vastly more complete. Jumpgate is all about fighter craft, and NOTHING else. SC has nothing to worry about from this game.
  20. My immediate guess is, he uses classes to create most everything. Linked lists are also kind of a given. Can't live without those puppies... It's entirely possible that he uses some sort of database reference system as well. And thus a hashed file type database. Just guesses. But as he said...wait for his book. Now that I know he's writing one, I am waiting for it....
  21. What I wouldn't give to have a PTA system to take out my neighbors... Oops...did I say that with my outloud voice? Hehe
  22. To be honest, I hadn't heard about it. Cause it's original release was 1996, back when I didn't have a PC at all (I had a Mac back then). And then in 98, I was busy playing on UO. Didn't notice anything much in the gaming world. Had to keep track of my UO life. Trust me when I say this, that you will be in exactly the same boat as I was, when GCO comes out....And so will I. MMO(RP)Gs are rocks which you get stuck under, and lose track of everything (including whether you've eaten, slept, etc). So in effect, I didn't know about BC3K till about March *points down at when he joined the forum*....
  23. I had this problem also. Something I noticed, was that people were not making it back to their quarters...Have to be in your quarters or medibay to recover FF. Check your perscan. If you have this problem, I don't know what to tell you, cause I reloaded.
  24. Go figure... I've been having this crash bug with BC3K. I just now caught why. Apparently Norton Image decided that 2:10pm every day was a good time to image my HDs. It begins to image D:, which is where BC3K is, and bam. I crash to desktop. Nothing wrong with BC3K AT ALL! In fact, it had sort of occured to me that it was only crashing in the afternoon. But I couldn't figure out why. Now I know. *kicks Norton* I love it when problems resolve themselves, especially when tech support is no longer available. Unfortunately, this means I have to re-run that ACM mission AGAIN for the third time....
  25. Seems to me that Snap needs to download the BCM Demo Ep2. He'd reallllllly like it. As to the comment about "fallout"... Rumor is, that in BCM when you OTS something, it's a crater. Instead of like BC3K, where it was just merely destroyed. Correct me if I'm wrong... What still gets me is, BC3K being a now 3 year old product, is getting the MOST downloads of anything on File Planet. Can't wait to see what happens 3 years after the release of BCM...... And before anyone gets too torched... Borg - BCM is in Beta phase. Beta, as in, very minor changes which can be done easily, or correct a bug of some sort. This is not to be confused with Alpha stage, or any other stage, where bigger things can be added in. [ 07-26-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]
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