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  1. Ok what if you went to purchase something? and it had a price tag on it that youve seen on knockoff brands but here is this product with this good price point on it, umm I guess youde be a expert on pricing and say i better not buy this because my consious will feel terrible when i get home Heck most ppl dont care if its 19 or 39 if its something they want that wont hold them back I feel your pain but never show anger or distress at something that is not the fault of the person Would you like us to return this product for our $19 back im sure you would not. You dont have to patch anything far as im concerned i just will learn to control this game as you intended it to be controled ok. SORRY I ASKED FOR HELP....................................................... Edit: AlbietheOne read this [ 02-08-2004, 03:47 PM: Message edited by: Pugwash ]
  2. ok so im not so smart because i want to use a joystick to control vehicles. somehow that does not make any sense ok so tell me how to control ground vehicles I cant seem to be able to move the turret, ill use the keyboard to control ground stuff no problem as long as i can find out how to in the manuel As far as the price goes dont get mad at anyone for buying this game even if it was $5 it still was made by you and has your name on it You didnt contact me to negotiate for you so i dont feel bad about what happened as far as that is concerned you shouldnt even be sharing your personal business with customers. We have nothing to do with what happened and be happy that ppl buy your product dont complain about what i paid for it long as I didnt steal it.
  3. Ok we will attempt to try this one more time I CANT MOVE ON PLANETS WITHA GROUND VECHICLE WITH A JOYSTICK, are you gonna fix this or keep erasing my posts. All im looking for is a answer to this BIG problem im having what if you dont like a post you delete it? I understand that but i have a legit complaint at least tell me im the only one who cant move with joystick in Ground vehicles? Edit:I don't know what you put in your posts to get them deleted but you obviously didn't learn from the experience. Get that signature fixed you've been around long enough to know what is required. Oh I forgot you can't I've restricted you posting rights, just hope I remember to enable it again next weekend. [ 02-08-2004, 03:32 PM: Message edited by: Pugwash ]
  4. No way to control ground vehicles except fot the keyboard? Even then there no way to move the turret outta its position of shooting straight down in front of you. In BCM i was albe to control the ground vehi with a joystick np at all. Ive even purchased new joysticks to alleivate the problem to no avail. Plese put back in the BCM control option and why would you change something like that anyhows i mean its not really helping by taking away joystick control
  5. Bah different games they are but my question I belive is which do you like better, there is a area in the grey matter of the brain that registers this result. KOTOR got game of the year not because it was a game or different game mind you but it was a better game than most released, better than HALO yes, anything resembling halos gameplay NO but still got the award see my point. Its a simple question i personally like UC better, it has a very steep learning curve but it has been well though out with limitless potential and the graphics while not better than X-2 or even freespace , has a more organic and realistic feel to the color structure palet IMO, freelancer too much cartoon pastel like color for me, X-2 great color and textures but it SUX for dogfighting and you cant land on planets . the only game ever to hope to unseat this one is ELITE4 which is in development by Mr Braben himself.
  6. I feel for you bro i really do, I cant od somethings in life either and its sad cause the things I cant do all take a certian amount of money. If you REALLY want to play UC then get one of those cheap online vid cards that have v 1.1 oh did you say you dont have a AGP slot ummm I cant belive you even think your a gamer without a AGP slot your a wanna be gammer , look man eat less or stop with the dvd rentals or make sacrifices like the rest of us have done and get up to date. PS.. we all dont crap out PCs outta our rear ends it sucks to upgrade every 3 years but this is the hobby YOU chose for yourself I DIDNT tell you to get into PC gamming did I?
  7. Well I just wanted to hear from you guys on which game you think is better, I for one have every game ever made esp space games And I think UC is so vast so big so complicated lol, which i love btw. that its not even in the same league as X2, Freelancer which i have both btw. I would have gladley paid $50 or even $100 for this game and still thought to myself im ripping the developer off but $19 man i feel for whoever is gonna suffer cause of that. Will I buy a game for 50 when i can get it for 19 NOT IN THIS lifetime but it still dosent make sence to me.
  8. Man talk about a developer who reads what his poor users are going thru. I gotta give it to you Derek your a class act and im honored to have ppl like you in this world programing games. I wont tell you what it means to me as a gamer to be able to even have a game like BCM/UC in this lifetime is a achievement. Umm im not slobbering am I, Ive taken into account what every major minor and in between developer has ever done since the days of my Atari ST/ Amiga , started on a C-64. I though no one could ever touch the like of SID MIER, Bill Steally, DAVID BRABEN, but You have out dont Sid , David and everyone ive ever seen program and with a skeleton crew at best who is splintered accros the world. I wonder what you could do for this contry if you were president hehe no joke im sure you be better than GWB, Kerry, Sharpton, Edwards, Dean....ect... If you put this much love and confidence into programing who knows what you can achieve with a bigger budget.. PS email me if you ever need investors or anything at all cept my wife hehe & cats but anything else is yours.....
  9. Well i expected the same control as BCM , and DO YOU KNOW how hard it is to Throttle and press a keyboard at the same time. lol ok enough with the jokes please make it so I can throttle like %99 of the games ever released, and I only get to use the radar screen with any land rover the movement controls for joystick are disabled, it wasnt that way in BCM but why take people outta the emersion factor by complicating a simple thing like joystick movement NO IDEA. Logitek Wingman is the stick i use , If the thottle is the cause of logitek then ill go out and buy a diff model but please tell me you dont have to PRESS a w key but once not every time you want to move LOL please tell me. I WANT TO move with a joystick come on
  10. Yes Ive tried the patch and I have to say thanks on the FP mode Now this game moves sooo smooth just cant wait for you too tackle the straff then ill just burst into joydom hehe Oh btw is it poss to remap the zoom to the mouse whheel And I love the way youve mapped the FP controls so far its the best ive seen in any game to date period. [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: AlbietheOne ]
  11. Well well it seems as though there is a little fog or shadow problem concerning GF3 and 4FSAA How do I know this well im not a BCM expert but im a GF3 expert and I know when my card works with 98% of the games I have with 4xFSAA And 2% dont display images properly in 4xFSAA mode I think or assume its the Fog table implementation but not certian But its deff on SC's end since (%98) of my game work with 4xFSAA (sneeze) However BCM's graphics are so well done that I dont need 4x Ill stick with Quinux for now untill its addresed [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: AlbietheOne ]
  12. Well thanks again for clearing up the matter SC I only hope that you do find a way to make the FP keys remappable Only because FP mode in your game looks better than half of the dedacated FP games on the market Better than Tribes 2? well lets not get crazy but your models kick tribes 2 arse terrain is very close to being just as good if not equal to tribes 2 So I think you should rethink how us fans will interprate your take on FP I personally Like your FP to other games that just do FP so go figure [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: AlbietheOne ]
  13. Subject changed to more descriptive form Yes I did hit save and I also went to the folder and double checked to see that the config settings were set and they registered my custom set But when I went into first person mode all controls were set back to normal , however I again went to the config folder and my custom settings were still intact I wouldnt waste your time on a trival matter that mere reading would fix, Oh no this is a matter that I cant seem to be able to figure out with your faq & help files read twice All is not lost because ive sence went back to the default settings which btw arent tooo bad [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ] [ 11-22-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  14. Derek Ive spent alot of Moolaa on computer stuff and whatnot and Sheesh lord knows the countless updates ive slogged thru but , when I see a game that looks as good as this and considering the scope of this project man o man , Why arent you working for NASA? Why hasnt anyone else with a budget the size of Montana been able to deliver on such a product as this, Derek What are you made of < I think your alien > thats a good thing cause your programing skilzz are inhuman not mortal defies logic ...OH excuse me Ive gotta go clean my face off got a little crap on my nose, there hehe ok Just wanna say T H A N K S ... PS Ive just restablished my BCM order at EB and canceled my AnarchyOnline order whew... and im a AnarchyOnline Beta4 tester Amazing game but.............................BCM is better. bye [ 06-22-2001: Message edited by: aramike ]
  15. One more thing before I disappear Ive got to give all who need it this link http://www.fileplanet.com/index.asp?file=61798 thats the link to heaven See ya PS thats the link to the New BCM2 demo have fun
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