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  1. quote:Originally posted by Commander Jamont: what do you think about a tripe double buffer quatro dimension shifter compact size Man, this tech is awsome! I mean the fact that you can do.... eehhh... Okay, I get the picture, I'll keep my wild fantasies to my friends... Still, u must admit, you can't argu that te improbability drive is the best ship drive you can get... well, without counting the SMEF accidents..... No really okay, I'll stop provoking this discussion if it may be bothering for the forum, it's okay, I understand.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: What have you been smoking?....uhm, do you have any left? Hmm, I've seen you replay this elswhere in the forum. Maybe after completing the game you should take a nice long well-earned hollyday in Amsterdam ? Anyway, so anti-g wouldn't be the solution you say... How about (takes an other of his hach) using it for plain space travel. I mean, wasn't it Einsein that said something about that ? We could create our own flux field to travel from oe spot to an other, of course this would mean control of departure point A and arrival point B. But seence scientists have allready prooved (more or less) that when spliting an atom and sending one half millions of kilometers away, stimulating the one half would cause the other half to also be stimulted the same way. So, maybe it could be possible to create a flux field in both points A and B at the same time, making traveling that far(because of the space-time compression) possible. If this doesn't work at all.... I'm going back to my philosophy... But it must have a minimum of sence still?
  3. Now, everybody that has play BC3K nows that worm holls works as jumgates because of their strong gravitational field, they squich time and space to nothing, ich makes traveling faster. But of course, it also damages your ship on the way. Now this is the principle of a anti-gravitation drive: it uses like a negative gravitationnal force, so if it's strong enough, it can reject the other gravitationnal force like the principle of "+ and -" magnets trying to touch each other. So techinacly, if someone had such a powerfull enough anit-gravitationnal drive, repulsing the strengh of the gravitationnal crush of the worm holl, it could pass trough it without being damaged. So, what do you think of this theory ?
  4. Yeah, Farscape's greate, but Cannal + stopped chowing it in February this year........... Man, they're taking all the good sci-fi series from me !
  5. Still, I havn't played the demo at my place, never manadged to install it, and on a PII 350 MHz, I'm not very optimistic of the performance, and I still want to try the demo for the 3k, so how do I put it in debug mode ?
  6. Oh, I know where to getr BC3k AD foralmost nothing, but it's the first 1.0 releas.... Like the fully buged version that everyone used to hate... So, because it's just the 1.0, where do I get all the bug fixes on the web ?
  7. WOW ! I remember B5, I used to watch all the time, all the way to the last episode. Man, this was a space opera I loved, just my taste, a center for all racial and political conflicts, getting biger all the time... Shit, havn't seen it seence the first rerun of the series.... God how I miss the mood. Althought I liked better the firsts seasons where it was more talking about conflicts inside the station than the later seasons with more intergalactic conflicts... Been a long time I've seen it, but I remember the last time I've seen it. It was the 1st rerun of the serie, and it was the episode where we followed the life of B5 throught two maintance workers. The way they where kinda ignored in a way even when having this crucial job..... This was the last time I ever so an episode of B5. Then it was summer brake, and in September they stoped broadcasting it, never to be seen again on a norwegan channel...
  8. Well, when will Episode 2 come out ?
  9. My specs: Pentium II 350 MHz Windows 98 Version 4.10 build 1034.2222 A 63 MB (66,568,192 bytes)RAM Microsoft wsock32.dll, cer 2.2, 32bit Nvidia RIVA 128/128ZX Those are my specs. I've followed some of the facts and I manadged to return to Windows normally, and loaclised my problem to: I don't think my game is on debug mode, so it searches for th CD... How do I put it in debug mode ?
  10. Actually, this is for theBC 300ad demo. I wanted to try it to see the diferenc between the 3000ad version and the millenium version. but when I start the game, this happends: a grey screen apears, with a lot of color stripes going from top to bottom. And then I can't do anything. I know Windows still works on the bacground, 'cause when I press alt+F4, the screens turns darkish as it should be, only without the option window with "shutdown" and "restart". So I can't shut it down or anything and have to mannually restart the PC... Do you guys know how I can fix this problem ?
  11. Well, I've downloaded the game, clicked on the install, and the instalshield wizard freezes. So I can't download the game. I've downloaded from 3 diferent sites, still doesn't work..... Is there an other way to upgrade the installshield ? Or do you know what could be the problem ? BTW, I've seen pics of the FPS, did they have also that in BC 3K AD ?
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