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  1. Just finished reading Lord of the Rings. Again. I like to read it once every few years, especially now as the films are out and I like to watch them and say "Oi, that's not in the book".
  2. Yes, George Peppard's character. Called "Cowboy" funnily enough.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Race Bannon IV: Believe it or not acclaimed director John Sayles, who is a personal favorite and directed Matewan and Eight Men Out, is responsible for the screenplay to Battle Beyond the Stars. Everybody's gotta start somewhere! I also believe George Peppard and Robert Vaughan maybe(?) appeared in it. It is based loosely on The Seven Samurai. IIRC, Robert Vaughan starred in The Magnificent Seven, also based on The Seven Samurai. Funny eh?
  4. quote:And an old Sci Fi movie where John Boy Walton was the hero. Not really John Boy but the Actor you know who. "Battle Beyond the Stars" I believe it was called. Richard Thomas is the actor. I only know cos it was on the UK Sci-Fi channel the other day. I didn't stop to see the end. Or the beginning for that matter.
  5. Oh dear But please don't confuse this with the suberbly ingenious League of Gentlemen. Is anyone screening it over in the US yet? If you like dark, surreal comedy, this is right up your street.
  6. I'll be logging onto Werner (the European server) next week. Look out for ÔÇáoeCuÔÇáÔÇáer in the 26th Airmobile outfit (VS)
  7. IceCold, the Spy Who Loved Me was Roger Moore's first Bond outing. They call me Paddy Pedantic
  8. As always, I'm late on parade with this one. IMHO there is no-one more fanatical about the BC series than E5 (other than SC himself of course). Such fanaticism should be encouraged. OK, so he goes over the top with his opinions sometimes. So what? It's no big deal and is not hurting anyone. I really do think that his immaturity (sorry E5 but it's true) leads to a bit of impulsive behaviour now and again. He is French Canadian after all . Take a step back and think there's a lot worse going on than a kid expressing his opinions. If I had voted, it would have been to keep him. Banning should be reserved for absolute loose cannons, which he definately is not. That's my view for what it's worth. [ 07-25-2002, 03:50 AM: Message edited by: Paddy Gregory ]
  9. Interesting (and rather surprising) that Descent Freespace sold nearly twice as many copies as Freespace 2.
  10. I actually preferred the original Battlezone from '98 (?). Couldn't quite get into BZ2. Thing is, I swapped BZ1 awhile back and now have the urge to try it out again, but can't find it anywhere without paying postage which costs more than the game itself. Edit: Any news on a renegade single player demo at all? [ 03-05-2002, 09:06: Message edited by: Paddy Gregory ]
  11. Had an interesting thing happen to me the other day; was trying to capture a station in my Garid, but of course went over the top and destroyed it instead . A cargo pod appeared on the radar, so I sent a shuttle to retrieve it. Minutes later, the shuttle still hadn't reached it and wasn't moving. Zoomed in on it, and it stuck in the station superstructure (stupid marine). Wouldn't even RTB. The only thing I could do was to park my CC as close as possible, get out and jet pack over and fly the shuttle myself. Something else happened just after that. i was trying to capture a Credian Merc station (as an assassin), but again ended up destroying it. I checked my experience points, and it had gone way in the negative! It wasn't a friendly or neutral station, so why the slap on the points front? I'd captured or destroyed neutral staions before, but earned points for them.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Tyrn: You have to remember not to introduce yourself using your BCM handle when meeting new people.Not actually a problem for me.........
  13. Let me just drag this thread out of the annals of history............... Ah, there we go. Went to see it last night and well, what a night! Didn't get home till 11.45 and a thoroughly well spent evening it was. It's been nearly 20 years since I read LotR, Silmarillion (sp?), Book of Lost Tales etc, but they had me drawing maps of Middle Earth, writing my name in Elvish and all the other trappings associated with obsessed adolescents. To be honest, I'd forgotten all about Tom Bombadil, but I did miss the Prancing Pony song and the Barrow Wrights. The sequence in Moria was immense, as was the final battle with the Uruk-hai. All characters were just about as I imagined them, but they did have me thinking on a few things: Elrond - Priscilla, images of Terence Stamp in drag and table-tennis balls were banging around in my head every time I saw him. Frodo - that guys eyes are just TOO big for his face Gandalf - Peter O' Toole, frightened boys and rugby spring to mind. If anyone has seen the Z├╝rich Insurance commercials in the UK, you'll understand why. I thought Boromir was just right; a good man at heart, but desperate enough that you couldn't quite trust him. The Elves and Hobbits were perfect. Well, I could wax on endlessly about it. Suffice to say, I will take the missus to see it when she returns from Ireland and may even catch it again while she's away. Addendum: the scene where Bilbo gives Frodo the Mithril, sees the ring and tries to grab it? Jumped a bloody mile! [ 01-24-2002: Message edited by: Paddy Gregory ]
  14. Hey Stephanos, doesn't LotR open in Italy till next month? It's already started here in Svizzera, I'll come down and steal your PC, you come up here and watch the film (All films are shown in the original version with F and D subtitles) Mind you, good luck getting any ticks.
  15. Saint19, maybe I misunderstood, are you blind or just partially-sighted? Maybe it's a difference in interpretation, but over here 'blind' is taken to mean 0% vision. If you are partially-sighted; I really respect that you work in the face of such adversity. If you are 100% blind, I really, REALLY respect you, but tell me how do you play video games (or read this forum for that matter)? Anyway, whatever you do, kudos to you, sir.
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