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  1. Jaguar, I actually agree with you for once My first thoughts were "this is an extreme way of printing money", "it's the parents whoy should be punished too" and "brainwashing". Who's to say that the kids aquiesce within weeks of getting there, but are kept on longer to get the money out of the parents? It's totally barabric.
  2. Wow, is telemarketing really that much of a problem in the US? Over here, we get cold-called maybe once every 6-8 wks. I always use the excuse that I can't speak French/German (even though I do to some extent) to get rid of them. It sounds like you guys get several calls a day. What a pain in the arse that would be.
  3. Just finished reading Lord of the Rings. Again. I like to read it once every few years, especially now as the films are out and I like to watch them and say "Oi, that's not in the book".
  4. I don't know if you've already bough the mobo, but PC Chips are notoriously unreliable. You might be better off looking at another brand, Asus, MSI, Epox etc. Go to www.pcmech.com and see what the guys on the forums have to say about PC Chips . They will also recommend an alternative. they may be cheap mobos, but it could cost you in the long run. Edit: OK, just realised you've ordered already. too late to change the order?
  5. Pinhead, Hellraiser movies, "I'll tear your soul apart" Hannibal Lecter Emperor Commodus in Gladiator PS Malcolm MacDowell played the baddy in Tank girl
  6. Yes, George Peppard's character. Called "Cowboy" funnily enough.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Race Bannon IV: Believe it or not acclaimed director John Sayles, who is a personal favorite and directed Matewan and Eight Men Out, is responsible for the screenplay to Battle Beyond the Stars. Everybody's gotta start somewhere! I also believe George Peppard and Robert Vaughan maybe(?) appeared in it. It is based loosely on The Seven Samurai. IIRC, Robert Vaughan starred in The Magnificent Seven, also based on The Seven Samurai. Funny eh?
  8. quote:And an old Sci Fi movie where John Boy Walton was the hero. Not really John Boy but the Actor you know who. "Battle Beyond the Stars" I believe it was called. Richard Thomas is the actor. I only know cos it was on the UK Sci-Fi channel the other day. I didn't stop to see the end. Or the beginning for that matter.
  9. Oh dear But please don't confuse this with the suberbly ingenious League of Gentlemen. Is anyone screening it over in the US yet? If you like dark, surreal comedy, this is right up your street.
  10. Põdi

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    quote:Originally posted by Rm: if you type "weapons of mass destruction" into google and hit "i'm feeling lucky, it'll take you there too! That's exactly how I found it.
  11. I use an iMac at work. the damn thing crashes / locks-up about 3 times a day.
  12. I'll be logging onto Werner (the European server) next week. Look out for ÔÇáoeCuÔÇáÔÇáer in the 26th Airmobile outfit (VS)
  13. quote:Originally posted by IceCold: quote: Distilled water is basically mineral-free, try drinking that stuff and you'll completely wreck the osmotic balance of your body. I do not know where you get your information but minerals have nothing to do with osmosis. In fact, they hamper it. They sell distilled water in stores, it is not dangerous in the least. Furthermore, I have drank deionized distilled water which is as close to pure H2O as one can get. Minerals in water are pollutants and pure water will not harm your body in any fashion. You must be reading city propoganda for the introduction of flouride or some other mineral into the drinking water. BTW The water that comes out of this process contains too many mineral pollutants to be potable without additional processing. Erm, I'm actually a biochemist and I have discussed this at length with my supervisor. Not only that, but in our first toxicology lectures, it was made clear that it is not the substance itself which is a toxin, but the dose. Drinking 8 pints of tap water in one go is extremely toxic. The only propaganda I have seen is from the people who supply demineralized/distilled water for consumption.
  14. LOL, the guy can't even give himself up http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/2986459.stm
  15. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: quote:, which is essentially a distillation procedure. In which case, you DO NOT want to be drinking it. Distilled water is basically mineral-free, try drinking that stuff and you'll completely wreck the osmotic balance of your body. Not a good thing. since the water is distilled, it should fairly simple to add a normal amount of minerals like there is in tap water, no? Of course you could, I'm just pointing out that you shouldn't be drinking distilled water straight out of the machine. Use it for washing, bathing, watering the garden, just don't drink it.
  16. Hmm, if I'm reading this corectly, the water is flashed off and is condensed, which is essentially a distillation procedure. In which case, you DO NOT want to be drinking it. Distilled water is basically mineral-free, try drinking that stuff and you'll completely wreck the osmotic balance of your body. Not a good thing. Having one of these things in the backyard would not be such a bad idea. Apart from putting a few binmen out of a job. Over here we recycle like crazy, so all waste is separated out and put into different bins anyway. It wouldn't take much to say "Today, I will be mostly recycling vegetable waste" (A pint for who can spot the reference) and the next day, do your paper or oil waste. If this thing takles off, it will be totally revolutionary. No more need for landfills, cheap oil and gas ete etc.
  17. It was definately referring to this guy. There is already "Chemical Ali", so why not have a "Comical Ali" too?
  18. I believe he has also been christened "Comical Ali". I was watching Sky news and they had the camera focussed on an M1 and a Bradley (I think) on the banks of the western bank of the Tigris, then this joker comes up and gives a press conference denying the US were in Baghdad. Priceless. Sad, but priceless.
  19. ... and the knights who say "Ni!"
  20. Ah, Planetside . Now that is one game I will definitely be getting. Bought Neocron, registered, paid, played a bit, got bored, uninstalled and cancelled my account. I have better and more interesting things to do
  21. Kalshion, you're on Planetside beta? Damn you to hell!! Come on, give us some goodies Am I correct in thinking that minors cannot be pursued in the courts if they break the NDA? I think as soon as they find out out they're kicked off beta. Personally, I think they should ban them from having an account to play the game too once it is released.
  22. I've been using online banking for a couple of years now and I'm very happy with it. I use it for all bills, transfers and account checking. I tried to get some cash out, but I think it got stuck in my floppy drive.
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