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  1. The only one I've played of those is Freespace 1.....and I LOVED IT......don't know why I am typing this....
  2. Better?? I hope so.......I get confused so easily [ 08-26-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
  3. No I'll forget the password.... [R/P] Smith what is the password to get in my quarters again???[/RP] He he he That's fine with me. 'Cause when we get Multiplayer going then We will need to keep Insurgent Scum (No Offence Rattler) out of here. I just don't want them spying on our tactics........Just My Peice Of Mind.... [ 08-25-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
  4. OMG I totally skipped that post. I'll be at Genisis in a bit. I was on vacation and I totally skipped that page of posts......How embarrassing (By the Way how should my sig look?? I know I know I know nothing, but hey at least I ask ) [ 08-25-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
  5. I think my E-mail address is correct......
  6. Do you want the bois like the folowing? NameCommander Alec Maddox Ship NameGCV-HarkRader Age 28 standard Human Years BirthPlaceOn board of his father's ship Jewel of Iscariot in the Gammulan Sector HistoryMaddox was enlisted in GalCom at the age of 15, he started out as a Interceptor Pilot on the GCV Slice of Peace He then was transferred to the Garid class cruiser Juniper as first officer to his Brother Borsk Maddox. Then he was given his own ship dubbed the HarkRader Haircolor Brown Eyes Green Blood type O+ Misc. Has a robotic left arm after losing that arm in intercepor crash landing. Has a personal droid that was dubbed Smith after his father, Smith currently serves as Maddox's First Officer Did I do it right???
  7. That is a really good looking logo.
  8. NO You can't take her away from me!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ::cries softly in a corner:: (And tapes of Maddox cring in a corner may be bought from Smith for five credits each. )
  9. OOOOOHHHHH That's what papi's job is. Well, I will stick to the GARID, nomatter what. Even if I have to launch off the Moon itself. I like the GARID. Be the GARID, BEthe GARID. [RP] "Gosh darn it Smith!!!!! Get out of here. You are supposed to be fixing our propulsion, not spying on me. GET OUT!!!!" Maddox roars. Smith walkes out, holding a camera that he was using to tape Maddox saying "Be the GARID" Four hours later copies of "Be The GARID" are floating around on the ship. They can be bough with 5 credits. [/RP] Gosh I am bored
  10. Also I wanted to know who the leader of 2nd Squadron? and why do we have so few people? i am worried about the future of Gamma Wing 2nd squad.
  11. FINALLY PEOPLE TALKING IN THE PRIME FLEET BOARD, and i was getting so lonely. i think it is a good idea to have a vast diversity of ships in this wing. If one type of ship isn't good at doing a particular task, then it has other types to back it up. For instance, if we were a wing of all GARIDs then we could get wiped out by a wing of MK1's because the GARID isn't designed to hold up under that amount of firepower. But throw a GARID a Firestorm a Constellation class and a Galactan class together then we can handle a much more diverse enemy. Just remember that the insurgents will most likely either think along these lines or they will go all out in one categorie (I.E. Firepower, or speed, or even endurance) We need to think a little more stratiegically if we are ever going to best another fleet. Anyway that's my $0.02
  12. Under Advanced options in display, it has a tab with the NVIDIA TNT2 on it. So thanks, now I will sit here while my "overrated" software downloads BCMilleniium Demo 2. I will be here for many hours. (56K)
  13. I prefer the GARID, it is smaller, and easier to avoid all those shots that come at me.
  14. I am downloading the Demo so I don't have anything to say(yet) about it. I just have one question, and if I am puting this in the wrong forum, tell me where to put it, and I will delete this post and put it in its proper place. Well, i just had one question. My computer is kinda screwy, and i read that I need a 3dFX card to play Millenium. I have looked all over my harddrive, and I can't figure out if I have a 3DFX card or not. If you can tell me how to tell if I have a 3dFX cardI would be much obliged. I just want to make sure that as soon as i get Millenium I can install it and play. Well, I have: Gateway Essential Pentium 3 processor Windows 98 DVD-Drive 56K Modem(if it helps) I think I got this in '99 but I am not sure. Once again any help will be appreciated. Sorry for taking up any of your time. [ 07-19-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
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