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  1. Sorry, just came out of coma :-D [R/P] Maddox lifted his head, trying to ignore the ounding ache, dulling his thoughts. He tried to force his yes to focus, but they couldn't. Finally he reralized hat was wron and asked to no one "Where are my contacts?" "Over there. On the counter" A voice said in his ear, making him jump. "DON'T DO THAT!" He yelled as he fell out of bed. A blurry figure helpd him upand over to his contacts. As he placed them in, his headache grew worse. The pain was nauseating. He slowly slumped to the floor as his knees gave way, and cluthed his head helplessly. "Here, take these" Maddox gratefully accepte the two pills offered to him and tok them. Instantly the pain receded until it was nothing but a slight twinge in the back of his head. He lookedup and recognized Jo. "Now what?" He asked. "We wait" Was her answer, it was just the answer he had expected. Then he remembered Smith, still plugged in, he didn't even know that there had been sabotuers on board. Maddox would wake him later and inform him. Yes, he'd wake Smith eventually. Maddox thought back over his lost ship, his dead crew, the new Harkrader floating around somewhere out there, with someone who shouldn't be ather helm. Maddox sighed, not really over anything, but over life itself. One moment he was on top of the world, next in line for a promotion, but then he was flung out into deep space, collided wih a transport, which jumped in rigt on top of him, Maddox wondered what ever happened to that ship.......... "Yeah" he replied. "We wait"
  2. I have a few things to say (I'm sure you care ) 1. I hate the capital ships. I mean c'mon a flying duck??? And if you look at them they all have a giant "duck beak" 2. I still have Freespace 1 on my comp. (useless bit of info.) 3. I look forward to playing this game...even though I HATE the cap. ships. I mean it has been sooooo long till I got a good space sim. BC3K was a good one, along with Freespace 1. I haven't played FS 2 though. Well that's just my opion on this whole situation.
  3. The only one I've played of those is Freespace 1.....and I LOVED IT......don't know why I am typing this....
  4. Well, IMHO, they probably named the station 'Genisis' in like memory, or in tribute to the people who built the first one. Correct me, SC is I am wrong
  5. Good one! [RP} Maddox walked over the bridge examining the controls, then Huber walked over and went into Jo's office. Maddox went over and peered at his workstation. There was a simple little phrase on it. Obviously this message had been intercepted and decyphered by Jo's people, And Maddox was about to open it when his world turned into darkness and he fell to the floor a knot at the back of his head. [/RP] sorry I am short on time =) Well......what sould I do, If Caine is going to be gone...that's going to put a dampener on this thread....any ideas?? [ 08-29-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
  6. Better?? I hope so.......I get confused so easily [ 08-26-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
  7. Well I just might stir things up....not in a bad way though... [RP] "I accept the responsibilities. However when we get Ken back, and I promise I will, or die trying, I will have to go back to GalCom. I am the head of that station that you see," At this Maddox pointed to Genisis Station that was just coming around from the shadow of the moon, its white plating gleaming in the sunlight. "I know everything there is to know about that station. When you picked me up I was just going there for the first time as the head of that station. I can't abandon her, but I can't abandon you either in your time of need. So here I will stay, for the moment. Now about that radiation......If we could get everyone off of the personnel quarters on deck 4, we could use the back-up life support ducts to suck all the radiation to that part of the ship. It won't hold it there for long....maybe an hour, maybe less. But I think it might give us enough time to find Ken. If it doesn't then We'll go to plan B, as soon as I think of one." Maddox smiled at the woman who was slightly smaller than him, but considerably braver than him. Maddox then walked out onto the bridge and over to the turbelift. He went down to deck 3. He then proceeded into his quarters and sat on his bed to think. An hour later a marine saw Maddox enter engineering, he looked like he was a man on a mission.... [RP/] I like wht you did on your last post Caine....it was....insirational?
  8. No I'll forget the password.... [R/P] Smith what is the password to get in my quarters again???[/RP] He he he That's fine with me. 'Cause when we get Multiplayer going then We will need to keep Insurgent Scum (No Offence Rattler) out of here. I just don't want them spying on our tactics........Just My Peice Of Mind.... [ 08-25-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
  9. OMG I totally skipped that post. I'll be at Genisis in a bit. I was on vacation and I totally skipped that page of posts......How embarrassing (By the Way how should my sig look?? I know I know I know nothing, but hey at least I ask ) [ 08-25-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
  10. [RP] Maddox had finally talked the Medic into letting him be discharged. He walked around Jo's office as he waited for her to come and tell him why she had summoned him. He looked at all the decorative knifes scattered around the room. There was a specific one that caught his eye though. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was the only case that was easily acessable. Inside there was a simple Stainless Steel (a rare commodity in these days ) knife with a Mother of Pearl handle. Not as gaudy as some of the other knifes in this room but still a fins specimin of a knife. Maddox carefully opened the lid of the case, and gingerly picked up the knife with his handkerchief, not knowing if Jo would be mad if he got fingerprints on it. He studied the finely sharpened blade. The serrated edge giving the knife a nomadic look. Maddox then noticed the fine inscribing done on the hilt. It simply read "To my darling Kenneth, I give you this knife in recognition of our love to each other. This knife is modled after one my father had many years ago. It saved him from the most terrible situations, I hope it has the same effect for you. Your darling, Jo" Maddox simply stared at this symbol of true love. He then carefully placed the knife back in its case. He thought to himself, Even though this Kenneth must know that this is definitely not the most expensive knife in here. It must be his personal favorite. I admire him for being able to win the love of this woman who it took me two weeks just to earn her trust.Maddox then turned around to see Jo walk through the door. She looked from the knife to Maddox, back to the knife then she opened her mouth as if to say something, but she just closed it again and broke down into sobs. [RP/] I just thought this would help us to remember that this story isn't fully fun and games, that the relationship of these people hang in the balance.
  11. [RP] Maddox wakes up grabs the womans gun and kills her [/RP] End of story
  12. Why do I get stunned?? Well I got nothing to say as I'M OUT COLD [RP] The armored guard dragged Maddox's limp body bacvk to their head quarters where he was put out cold. And held as a hostage [/RP] There the shortest RP post on this thread
  13. Mind if I take a shortcut?? [RP] Maddox crawled through the crawlspace and listened as Jo rattled off the coordinates of the man, Section 32 Tube 35-B. Alex crawled to tube 35-A and looked for sensors that would alert the intruder to Maddox's location. He saw one. He quietly put the trigger to the lock off door to key to his communicator. He went the long way around to the other access place, there was another sensor. Maddox thought slowly about his options. Then he shut the door at the other end with his comm. Then he drew the two Compression Pistols, and popped in a new cartridge on both before crawling into the access panel. He set off the alarm intemtionally. He heard scuttling moving away from him. Maddox then went into the corridor and shut the lockdown door. Preventing any escape. Maddox then went further in until he saw the foot of the intruder. He didn't care about the foot, but what was on it. Heavy Armor. Maddox pressed a bottun on his Panel Armor that made a helmet portrude from the back plate and covered up Maddox's head. Maddox the took aim and shot the cable which gave power to the crawlspace lights. The Night Vision kicked in automatically and Maddox saw the Intruder whip around, but he had no helmet Maddox ducked as the intruder fired off a shot to try to gain some light. Then Maddox started pumping the triggers on the pistols sending round after round pulsing into the man's cheast and when that wouldn't work. He shot the man in the head sufficently killing him. Maddox then spoke into his Comm. "Jo? This is Maddox I got the last of 'em. I am stuck in tube 35-B. If you would open the doors for me.." [/RP] Aren't I good??
  14. Oohhh good one [RP] Maddox quickly lobbed a flash granade into the middle of the room and squeezed his eyes shut. The resulting blast blinded Jo as well as the intruders, Maddox flipped a switch in the cabinet restoring power, he shot the first intruder between the eyes. The second he unloaded the rest of the right hand gun into him-5 shots in all. The mangled body fell to the floor, clearly dead. Maddox then ran over to Jo and used the hunting knife to cut the roped binding her hands and feet. "Glad to see me?" [/RP] Sorry, I would have gone into more detail, but I am short on time today.
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