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  1. Good luck. Some of those Insurgents can be nasty little buggers.
  2. Boy what a arguement I started. This is too funny. You got me and an Insurgent arguing over here. An insurgent a UCV over here. Hmmm..... Judging by what's here I think the Insurgents like to argue more than the other fleets. Hmmmmm....... That's interesting.
  3. Good to see you Gudhil!!! I hope that you stay 'cause I feel like we're running around like headless chickens!! Now I will have to take this Garid out for a spin!!! [R/P] "Captain, our new vessel is ready." "Smith don't be depressed. I know it is a smaller ship and doesn't have much of a reputation but, theoretically it should have batter shields seeing as how the shields have less ship to cover. That and I have too much extra space on this loaned MK2 and I don't feel I have done anythng to deserve it. I will slowly work my way up to the ship I want." "And what's that?" "Now what would be the fun in telling you. Besides I believe you should be going to GalComHQ and picking up my ship." "Yessir, right away sir." [R/P off] I hope I will be a valuable asset to you when BattleCruiserMillenium comes out, but right now I have a high fatality rate. By the way do any of you know if we will be able to choose different ships, such as the Garid in Battle Cruiser Millenium? Thanks
  4. "YES!!! I see a ship! Can't tell if it is friend or foe though. Smith get out of there!!! I mean it. I am putting in to Prime Fleet for a new Executive Officer. Mine is, shall we say, faulty. Extremely." I am getting a hail, not enough power to raise. I am going to try auxillary systems. I think I got it Smith." "(sarcastically) Woohoo. I am going to miss being a monkey. (cries)" " I am going to respond to their hail." Response to UVC Leo's hail:This is Commander Maddox of the Galactic Command Vessel HarksRader. I am glad to see you. Now if you will please get me and this "thing" off of this ship it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you [R/P off] Thank you for coming. Now I can actually get deeper into this plot. This brings some new opportunities. First I will have to get a new ship. How to do that.......
  5. Indies are practically a fleet in and among them selves. They all help out each other, do alot of the same work and all of that stuff. There is only one difference: They don't have the rules we do. They can attack anyone they want and not get a violation for it! That's something to ponder.......
  6. If there is room I will join 2nd squadron. I would be proud to have 2nd squadron on my hull.
  7. I agree with the above post. indies are here, they have value, but in the BC3K 2.9 I am sick and tired of saving them. They are mostly unarmed and sitting ducks. Why I risk my crew, which have been through alot & have high AI levels, for some one dumb enough to fly through Raider territory in an vessel with out any weapons is beyond me. I'd just as soon destroy it and take the cargo. But that's just my opinion. There are many of those around here. They are all different too.
  8. I am here and will be ready to take on anything. As soon as I get a reactor in my ship.
  9. [R/P] "Smith get off that. No you are not a monkey. Yes I am serious. I told you not to do that, but NO you can't listen to me. I am the captain of what's left of this sorry excuse of a ship. No we have no power Life support and the COMM drained it. We have 5 hrs of life support left. Good thing it is only you and me on this ship. Explosion AWW man another body blew up. Oh man I got ear in my hair. Man that's the fourth one today. I am getting the rest of the bodies off the bridge. One hour later There now they are in my ready room. Multiple Explosions Ewww. I feel queasy. Ohhhh man that did not feel right. [R/P off] Will some one save me from this ship? I am running out of funny material. Man now I got to take a shower to get that ear out of my hair. Gross
  10. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: You can check your Fleet assignment in the Fleets Database. Check this link.. http://www.3000ad.com/fleets/db/profile.php3?form_cmdrid=201 Welcome to Prime Fleet. I did that and It says "Real Name: A.Maddox Asset Name: GCV HarksRader Race: Terran Caste: Military Career: Commander Alliance: GALCOM Fleet: Prime Fleet Wing: none Assignment: Intel Status: active" That's all. I guess I am a free roamer. Cool. Well, that heightens the story a little. Hmm..... Where to go first. [R/P] "Smith, set a course for Tau Ranis." "Ready, sir" "Good, Execute it." "Setting course for jump 1 of 16" "Good" [R/P off] And here we go.........
  11. Look, I just don't see the fun in being an indie. Trading and being a mercenary has it's limits. But if you like your job, fine. I won't lose sleep over it. In multiplayer you are going to be against every one. C'ause you got no allies. We have pilots galore to protect us. Sure some may be a little bad. but even they do damage and you can only survive so long. C'ya on the battle field.
  12. Gee, Thanks. [R/P] "Smith get out of there!! You will kill yourself!! Sizzling sound "I told you! Well, you'll just have to wait until we get rescued. I don't care if your hands hurt or not............What's that? Ewww, too much info. Well, why would I care about that? No I do not need a hot shower. I NEED TO GET OFF THIS SHIP!! Smith do not play around with the dead bodies. Dang it, I mean it. I doubt that Kendrix want's you doing that. Well, I know he's dead. No I don't care." Grabs Smith and throws him in a storage closet and locks it. "Now be quiet! and don't do anything dumb or I'll throw you out an air lock. That is not Funny!!!" messes with controls "There now I am emitting a new SOS signal." New SOS signal: This is Commander MAddox of the HarksRader requesting immediate assistance. I have no power and am stuck on a ship with an idiot who has managed to burn himself, break a console, eject the reactor, drain most of our power. and finds it funny. HELP ME PLEASE!!
  13. Is this better? and which starstation will I be staying at? :0
  14. Yessir. By the way, how come on our fleet page it says we have no fleet commander? He is not listed. And thank-you aramike.
  15. Now I may be wrong, but judging by his most current postings (4-17-2001) I think that MR.Seimens is on vacation. and that's why my registration hasn't been approved. Man, that means I will have to wait till he gets back. Well, the waiting begins. -tick- -tock- -tick- -tock- (so on and so forth)
  16. Well, I am not sure what to do, I sent in my application about 2 weeks ago and have not gotten a response. What should I do???
  17. May 20th 3008 GCV-HarksRader "Captian we have lost all of our Radine crystals in the fire. Power will be gone in 1 minute." "Smith do we have any means of getting off tis ship? Shuttles? Interceptors? The Transporter?" "No captain all gone" Captain Maddox's conversation with Lt. Smith was fresh in his mind. Ever since we hit that LRT-15 our ship's systems have slowly been failing and for once I have no control over the situation.Maddox thought. "Smith get in here" "Yes, sir?" Explosions in background "Smith find out what that was!" "Yessir" Just what I need I bet that was life support. Great.Maddox sourly thought. He was in the midst of reviewing options when Smith returned. "Dead sir." "Who?" "All of them. What happened is Reactor coolant leaked into life support, but since the vent to this room collapsed none got in here. I activated exhaust. We need to get off this ship. Fast!" "I know that Smith. We have only one choice left. I want you to get to the power allocation and put all power into communications. Then I want you to send this signal...." SOS signal from GCV HarksRader: This is Captian Maddox of the GCV HarksRadar. We have suffered major damage and need transport off this ship. I repeat. This is Commander Maddox of the GCV HarksRader. We have......... [R/P off] I just wanted to tell you Blades that you did a magnificent job on this story. I salute you! Salutes
  18. The 3020 logo was a little much so I changed it........
  19. Well, I looked around at the images and decided on one I hope is not used for a certain insignia. How do you like? byt the way, I also changed the name of my vessel seeing as how Uniden is the name of a phone company. If there is any conflict with my new logo or vessel name please feel free to tell me! thanks!!! Oh my, AW Man why did it do that I will have to try to fix my sig. hmmmmmmm [ 05-01-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
  20. [R/P] Captain Maddox:Dang blast it Smith if it makes noise THAT LOUD then you should be able to get a lock on Simmons. BOB TURN OFF THAT COMMUNICATIONS CONSOLE!!!! Bob: But it is funny listen.....Richard Simmons: (music in background) C'mon ladies move those thigh muscles. Now Emily get that "Wide Load" sticker off Barbra Walter's behind! Oh No!!! Someone's been eatng cheetos!! We will have to do more Dancing. Now 1,2,3,4,1,2........ Captain Maddox:(switches off Comm. Console) Now stop that!!! [r/p off]
  21. Well, I think i will leave Gammulan space well enough alone. Man, I had a hard time capturing Pixan, and that's supposedly the easiest to capture. I know I am the newbie here, but I wanted to share another tactic I used against a Valkerie staratation. 1. It is easiest to be a trader while doing this, the starstation won't attack you. 2. wait for another caste to attack it. 3. jump into the starstation. 4. The type of station this was was the one that you can fly into the middle of it's super structure. 5. keep flying through with EMD on, and also just blast away using PTA and IOD set at a setting that's comfortable to you. If you need to fire a missle or two. 6. repeat as neccesary Another tactic I've used against star stations is: A. match speed with the starstation B. target the planet on the other side, using an ODS C. Fire and watch as that sucker hits good old Mr. Starstation and nearly SOS's it. Enjoy! And also Supreme Commander, how do you get the spinning Centcom symbol in your signature?
  22. What is Gamma Wing 2nd Squadron's space craft of choice? I might want to join. By the way I like the name of your ship it is original, I need to get a new name for my ship. Uniden is a phone company. I kinda like the name GVC Sagittarius, but it is proabably already taken. GVC Andrometa has a nice ring.......
  23. [R/P] "What? an insurgent piloting a heap of space junk decides to trash talk me? Well, let's see how would he like a Hyperdyne looking down his tail pipe? [R/P] When ever Multiplayer comes out you will see that Prime Fleet just got a more formidable opponent than you expect. [R/P] What's that Smith? The Insurgent is Richard Simmons? AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Blow it up! Blow it up!! I don't want to be anywhere near that!! P/A system: "Attention all crewmen and women, We have a ship belonging to Richard Simmons on out TacScan. I suggest you get to your battle stations" What? A mesage from Simmons? well, let's hear it! Richard Simmons:C'mon ladies move those muscles
  24. Then how do you tell if the cloaked ships are there. Also is that why I see the flash of white light (meaning that someone came through the jump gate)and no one is there? I'm scared!!!
  25. I'll be ready, as soon as my application is approved. The HarksRader, right now, is in poor shape (stuck somewhere in Null Space 'cause I hit a mine and I need to repair my communications before I can get a tow) but hopefully she is salvageable and will be in working order in a few days. Gotta go, dang intruder is trying to steal an interceptor (He doesn't know we have the reactor shut down for repairs) [ 05-01-2001: Message edited by: BCFreak13 ]
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