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  1. Reporting in sir ! Edit; i can't report in the earthcom forum
  2. I know, but this solution have less tactical options.
  3. While in space in mp, the "mines" button don't respond if i click on it, mines ARE in the slots but manually the button is inactive. Is this a bug or mines cannot be used in multiplayer ? There is nothing about that in the VCF or in the forums.
  4. quote: I guess I've got my work on BCO cut out for me. LOL SC, right on commander !
  5. Ok, i had some crashes on ground with making planetfall without setting a waypoint, but i think it's because my computer is not faster as the game requirements needs: When making planetfall with the CC cycle times are dropped and my hdd swappes like a fool, so when the video comes again ( oh yes video shows a black screen between transitions ) the CC is already crashed because there is a lack of time which is lost before i can take command again. The cause of this "issue" is lack of RAM memory ( i have only 512 Mo ) and my CPU is only a PIII 1.2 Ghz. It's sooooo limited with the requirements that this game needs ! So i don't make planetfall with CC until a have a new more powerfull CPU and graphic card. Hope this can help you.
  6. quote:parking my Megaron Well this seems to be a little problematic, with those crew of nerds
  7. Well i decided to go to seashore taking some holiday with two marines escorting me on planet earth, setting waypoints, taking the shuttle, transferring the team in the OC, going to the seashore with the OC, exiting the OC setting marines to escort mode and running to the water, swimming, and seeing the marines swimming but get stuck on the border of the seashore and not pursuing me. I find that funny .
  8. I had this planetfall issue (is this really an issue ?) too, since i got the game, but it is possible that is due to the fact a battlecruiser which is a HUGE vessel and weights hundred tons cannot have thrust power enough to brake without crashing on the ground, and some planets don't have enough atmosphere density for making this braking manoeuvral safe. So i stay in orbit:in the star trek movies only shuttles make planetfall, not motherships ! And what is the interest of making planet fall with a CC: transporter is useless in this case. Perhaps for hiding from an ennemy planetfall is usefull but if you crash on the ground, the best solution is to face the ennemy ! Well what do you think ?
  9. My graphics settings are: Direct3d: anisotropic filtering: 16X Antialiasing: application preference Texture: High quality Mipmap: High quality Vertical sync: Application preference Truform: Application ppreference Zbuffer32: activated Dithering alpha:Error diffusion DXT:Activated Alternate pixel center:Off Open GL: Antialiasing: Off Anisotropic :16X Texture: High quality Mipmap: High quality Vertical sync: Off by default Truform: application preference Z-buffer: off Triple buffering : activated Dithering : Error diffusion My race and caste is the terran military. I had deinstalled and reinstalled the cat 4.2s and the textures on the AE are back but one time the shape of the AE was "polygonised" err i don't have the perfect word for this but it looks like some polygons that are stacked in an disodered manner to try to achieve the form of the AE shape. Sorry to not being precise at this point but it is hard for me to describe this with my limited knowledge of english. Cheers.
  10. Ok, so start with a roam scenario, select aestrom or another vessel from the assets menu, goto tacops and select tactical, tell your AE to go to transporter, exit, select the Earth, observe and choose a place everywhere on the planet, select tranporter in the tacops menu, setpos and tranfer the AE on the surface, then press the F9 key to activate the external camera and see the AE have no texture exept the rifle, backpack and pulse laser. Here you can see what it looks like : http://perso.wanadoo.fr/netshaman/PHOTO.JPG
  11. quote:Dig out youre bcm key then and update it that way Ok Profile updated ! Oh and i discovered that sometimes the AE is invisible This happens to just one time. I tried on differents planets (Trion and Earh ) in varaiable conditions (night and day ) and it is the same issue. Tried it with transporter, exiting from SC or OC. Same result : textures are missing. Do you know if the radeon 8500 had problems with certain types of texturing or somewhat else ?
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