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  1. I don't possess UC actually, I've got some money saved up though, I'll wait a month until UC:AWA comes out and buy the stand-alone version of that... As for the forums, I have access to the Open Frequency, Diplomatic Communication, Help & RP Channels but I can't see anything else...
  2. I know I've been out of it for a while, so I'm not too familiar with these new security clearance levels and rankings, do they have anything to do with the fleet DB clearance levels? Cause at present mines a level 0... ...I feel like a raw recruit again...
  3. *twilight zone theme music* *shudder* ...alrighty, I'm officially suffering from Ben overdose... When it's legal, I think I'm going to change my name to something less common... I mean, there are bloody four Ben's in every class I have at school?!?! ITS RIDICULOUS!!!
  4. I think I saw a post somewhere from the SC that he was deleting people from the db he hadn't seen recently, maybe that was what happened. Anywho, enter your profile again! Good to seeya Rip!
  5. I noticed we have a quite a few new members, some mentioned in the database that I haven't yet seen in the forum... oh well... Just thought I would bring it to the attention of either the FC or Cmdr. Zwycky that in the fleet db members haven't exactly been properly assigned to flight groups/battalions, I would correct this myself but I don't have a security level high enough to change anything but a few details in my own profile, lol. Anyways, if I remember correctly the tasks of each wing and the commands, they are: Defence Command -Flight Group Centaur -Flight Group Pegasus -Flight Group Destrier -Flight Group Unicorn --Basically all the heavy duty multiplayer people Intelligence Command -Flight Group Chimaera - RP'ers and myself here (At least until I get Universal Combat) -CIOPS - Real Intel people here --All the intel guys/Roleplayers Fighter Command 7th Elite Force Battalion - Elite Force Marines Marine Command 52nd Elite Force Squadron - Elite Force Pilots Reminds me... I should really redo that fleet structure chart...
  6. I do... somewhere I had been working on a roster with bio links for each member but I never finished it, its done in html but the info is still there, I'll mail all the old site stuff including the roster and member bio's to the FC, hopefully he can make some use of them... [Edit] Gawd damn, my computers a freakin mess... I've got files I made from the early bloody nineties... 80 gigs of useless I need to wipe some of this stuff, or at least transfer it to disk... it's going to take a week to sort through it all to find what I want to keep... however I have found the stuff Zwycky mentioned and am sending it now. [ 06-15-2004, 06:26 AM: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  7. Guess that means my sig needs updating too, lol, congratz Ben!
  8. Here, though somewhat late... Sorry, I just finished my latest batch of tests and I wasn't allowed on the computer much during that time by my parents.
  9. [RP] The scout then crouched over the guard to confirm he was quite dead. The tall woman was scarcely visible due to the storm and the fading sun, which was how she preferred it, she moved with deadly grace towards the nearest strucure. She was wearing black military espionage clothing and was outfitted with vision enhancing headgear. She peared upwards into the dark raging tempest and pulled off her headgear revealing long red hair and emerald green eyes. Then came a quite curse, "Damn rain," she returned the headgear to her backpack, "can't see a thing." Suddenly, she was suprise by static that spewed forth from her comlink, probably caused by the adverse weather conditions, until suddenly a sharp and clear voice pierced the static and spoke... [/RP] [ 02-10-2004, 02:05 AM: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  10. Here FC, though I am a little busy with year 12 and all... Ideas... hmmm 1. Get ISS website online and uploaded (I still have a copy of the website DeSylva made I think, and the new one I was working on but never finished... Get a place to put it and i'll see if I can upload it, I think however that the news thingy isn't valid anymore we need to replace it) 2. Recruit, recruit... and oh yeah, RECRUIT!!! 3. Get the fleet members something to do to keep them interested, I don't know... an RP, some multiplayer games with BCM Gold (Does that even have multiplayer?!? I don't have it Waiting for Universal Combat) Anyone else want to take a wack at it?
  11. FC, you need to add our fleets wings on the database so that we can join them. Let's see if I can recall them all INTELLIGENCE COMMAND CIOPs Flight Group Chimaera DEFENCE COMMAND Flight Group Centaur Flight Group Pegasus Flight Group Destrier Flight Group Destrier ISS FIGHTER COMMAND 52nd Elite Force Squadron ISS MARINE CORP 7th Elite Force Battalion Alright... now howa bout a roll call?
  12. I can't do anything about it unfortunately, i've only got a security level of 0. Next time Jamont's around he'll have to check out the database and accept the registrations or whatever.
  13. Alright folks, time to sign up at the fleet db!
  14. Jerold Keenan

    I live

    Sorry for not being around either, I've been busy with block testing... Stupid maths... damn chemistry!!
  15. Whose still breathing? NAME - STATUS Flt Cmdr. Gareth DeSylva - Missing In Action Flt Cmdr. Jeehun Ristar - Missing In Action Flt Cmdr. Nicholas Jamont - On Leave Cmdr. Jerold Keenan - Active Cmdr. Benjamin Zwycky - Active Cmdr. Harisson Salisbury - Missing In Action* Cmdr. Reiner von Schaffen - Missing In Action* Cmdr. Trenton 'Urza' Padfield - Missing In Action Cmdr. Melcar DeVaal - Missing In Action* Cmdr. Jacen Shardik - Missing In Action* Cmdr. Roberto - Missing In Action Cmdr. Jared Denarim - Missing In Action Cmdr. Richard 'Rip' Ripberger - Active Ens. Cur - Missing In Action Ens. Cedric Boseman - Missing In Action Sgt. Nimitz 'Defcon' Adams - Missing In Action* Pvt. Michael Shaddox - Active Fleet members have until FC Jamont returns to respond... something like 10-15 days? Before things get unpleasant.
  16. Well, it couldn't possibly make things become any more quiet, heh heh heh. Anyone have any idea's for an RP?
  17. Sorry FC, I'm not able to be around as much as I'd wish, school must come first It's too bad DeSylva ain't around anymore...
  18. God this game gives be the collywobbles (What the hell is a collywobble?) , especially seeing as you can't be sure any place you've been through is still safe (damn hostile respawning games to hell), you can turn a corner and suddenly find zombie hybrids running around with shotguns and wrenches shouting 'Brains!' and 'Kill me!' I find it most fun though when playing it multiplayer, and least scary... but having to share the nanites is annoying. DOOM III IS GOING TO BE A PRETTY SCARY GAME TO! I remember playing the original when I was 6, gave me nightmares... hehehe.
  19. Did I here the word demo? SWEET!
  20. Dang... I can't see the pictures...
  21. Its going to be awhile before I can scrounge together enough money for the game, I think i'll probably wait for BCG, instead of buy BCM gold and then 8 months later buy basically the same game...
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