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  1. Btw, Ben, when you have the time you may want to fix your sig!
  2. Let met introduce the new, and improved, 'Anoying Superior Offier Blender 7000'. It slices, it dices, it comes in all sizes. And best of all... I got one . Ohhhh, If you didn't outrank me.... i'd.... i'd.... Rearrange your facial features so your nose is on your back with my coffee mug! (Wait a second, how the hell would I do that?)
  3. Who you calling scums, Mullet guts, SIR!
  4. Yeah, and I love my Galactan. Firestorms are too bloody immobile. And I don't really care about the extra fighters and shields/armour. I just spend a couple of hours upgrading my tech to the max and give myself 5000+ shield plus a couple thou more armour. MAX IOD'S will also turn my speedy Galactan into a rockem-sockem machine of death. Not to mention that a galactan can hold more cloak fuel.
  5. I wonder which wing we should make him leader of, Destrier has an orion wing leader. It has to be pegasus I believe. Centaur = Ben Zwycky Pegasus = Unassigned Destrier = Epsilon 5 Unicorn = Nick Jamont Chimaera = Jerold Keenan CIOPS = Jeehun Ristar Yes, Pegasus. Unless of course you want to give up leadership of Unicorn wing. We don't nessersarily have to be members of wings, like DeSylva. [ 11-15-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  6. Yikes, when I said that... I didn't expect that too happen, . Well, I do agree with Nick that you have done good as a fleet member. You've been commited, hell, practically all the new members have been very committed. Are your sure your ready for the responcibility? I remember when I was first promoted to the position of CIOPS Wing Leader (Flashback)... those were the days!
  7. Reiner, those latest ones are great too! You'll make Wing Leader yet.
  8. Why is everyone over 30 a moron (EXCEPT THE SC and people working on BCM and GCO ). . I bet the person who came up with the sizes was over 30! Is it because their loosing braincells faster than they can make em?
  9. [RP] ALRIGHT! LISTEN UP YOU MAGGOT PUKES, ONCE AGAIN I'M STARTING THIS THREAD! WE WANT RECRUITS, AND WE WANT THEM NOW! AND IF WE DON'T GET RECRUITS IM GOING TO HAVE TO EQUALIZE THE NUMBERS BETWEEN THE GALCOM FLEETS, THE INSURGENCY, GAMMULANS AND EVERY OTHER ORGANIZATION THAT I FIND! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS??? (Keenan stokes his SCAT1 pistol). IF ISS DOESN'T GET AT LEAST 10 MORE MEMBERS BEFORE I GET GCO IM BUSTING SOME HEADS! AND IF YOU INSURGENTS, OR GAMMULANS ARE THINKING OF INFILTRATING ISS THINK AGAIN! I'LL BE WATCHING YOU VERY CLOSELY! MWUAH HAH HAH HAH HAH! DO YOU GET ME?!!? GOOD! (Keenan shuts down his communications console) Hmmm... I need a BBQ sauce and pepper sandwich! [/RP] Ok, sign up at the new ISS Website TODAY!: http://issfleet.iwarp.com Oh and forget about my knocking off people if we don't get those recruits. I'll just fire a couple of R.A.N.D.O.M. at every planet I come across instead. This is what you get when you put a person who gets high on BBQ sauce command of two wings. CONFUSED? YOUR NOT ALONE! [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  10. [RP] "Never doubt for a second that I'll be there, I just hope you let Jaguar come and play . Im going to have alot of fun. Gammulans do fail so easily." [/RP] [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  11. No, all three are there. Its just hard to see them all properly. Why do these logos have to be so damn small,
  12. [RP] Ensign Henry is a little young to be going around stabbing commanders in the back. Not to mention it wouldn't look good for career advancement. [/RP]
  13. [RP] "That offer is just to give you gammulans a chance at beating a galcom commander, normally I would just have you assasinated... which is much easier, but not as much fun. You really don't want me to order my operative inside the gammulan military to execute you! Thats right, there is a traitor among you. You know not who he is, or when he will strike. But he will do so only at my order, until then he'll be the perfect little gammulan and act the part, still, I will eventually get bored with letting you live so I suggest that you prepare for oblivions embrace. Over the last couple of months, the seeds of my intelligence network have been planted. My operative will rise through your ranks, you cannot know who he is. And you cannot keep all your men at the lowest rank forever, eventually when he is in a possition of power, my operative will eliminate you and take control. You cannot stop it, you cannot delay it... all you can do is wait." [RP] What I said up there is a load of baloney, although. Eventually I will get operatives inside your fleet. I have a few already in others, and DeSylva doesn't even know who they are. [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  14. Here is the updated chimaera logo, its not an animated gif, so you can see it right off.
  15. I wear a radiation suit, just when facing 'goats' (gammulans) face to face. MAN DO THEY HAVE DRAGONS BREATH! [RP] Jaguar, BRUSH YOUR TEETH! [/RP]
  16. [RP] Fine you answer only to lorddavid, well... he must have been drunk if he gave you that authority. Reasons Why: 1. You were obviously born in a mental ward 2. You are so in love with yourself, and probably think you could take on the entire universe by yourself. 3. You are more prideful, arrogant, boastful and psychotic than any human myself included. But gammulans are that way, I guess. 3. You have the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a retarded goldfish. If we put your ship, and any commander of galcoms ship in a region far away from jump gates, and dissabled your jump drive so you wouldn't run away. You would get your ass kicked, and fly out into the void having a hissy fit the whole time going: "Ahhhhh dumb dumb terrans, im better... yesssss... Im smarter..... yesssss..... yesss, cheated they did...... yesssss...... retarded goldfish I am..... yessssss." And if you think I'm angry? Your wrong, im cacking myself with laughter at the complete incompetence of your entire race. You whine and whine, we kick your ass and your beaten, and you whine and say it'll be different next time. Its in gammulan nature to fail, they go to fast, to quickly, make more enemies than they can handle and get their asses kicked in the process. And they never learn from their mistakes. How many failed wars have the gammulans begun? and how many have succeeded? You blow enough hot air to fill a blimp! One day soon, the gammulans will fall. Because of their own failures, too numerous to count, and too vast to compare to the other races of this galaxy. [/RP] [ 11-13-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  17. I've taken a wack at making the Chimaera wing logo, using Reiners great work as a template. I uploaded it to the insystemsupport Yahoo! group so only ISS will be able to see it:
  18. [RP] I'm not the only person here who is a little prideful. And I find you, and your fleet as intimidating as spongebob squarepants, you also look a little like him too! [/RP]
  19. [RP] My mistake, the Diplomacy fleet does not consist of 6 stormcarriers. The total amount of commanders and ships inside the diplomacy fleet equals... heh heh heh, one... Jaguar, Jaguar, Jaguar. THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE SMALLEST FLEET THERE IS! ROFLMAO! The odds have just skyrocketed in my favour bucko! [/RP]
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