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  1. Harrison your sig should be something like this: Commander Harrison Salisbury GCV Liberator, Renegade (Saturn) ISS, Defence Command, Centaur Wing
  2. Harrison, if you want to advance further in the CIOPS wing, talk to Fleet Commander Jeehun Ristar, who is the CIOPS Director. I don't know how he's structuring CIOPS, maybe he'll keep it the same as it was before but if he doesn't... well, I hope he tells me so I can make the changes to the fleet structure chart. If it is the same as before, CIOPS needs: CO for Directorate of Operations CO for Directorate of Intelligence CO for Directorate of Training and Administration [ 11-06-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  3. Commander Nova, thankyou for the offer of temporarily hosting our images... as soon as I find a good place to put them I will!!! I'll send you the ISS/Intelcom logo soon!
  4. What happened to the AE pictures thread? [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  5. Whoo hoo!, can everyone see it (and i mean people outside ISS too)?
  6. Hey Reiner, i'm trying out that freeserver1 site you suggested lets see if they allow me to put my images in this forum
  7. You need to first upload the logos to a place where everyone will be able to see it from. It's a real pain in the @$$!!! Only members of iss that have logged in during their current internet session can view images hosted at insystemsupport, isscommand and intelligencecommand (like desylva said). ARE THERE NO GOOD HOSTING SERVERS LEFT ON THE INTERNET!?!? THERE IS NO GOD! (Well, maybe there is. But it seems he/she/it would be a grouch if tere is one.
  8. If I hire any indies, and they backstab me like that... i'll re-arrange their facial features!
  9. EP5 and I have started a nice little park inside the commander's village, check it out
  10. what was it Desylva? 2-5 meg in size?
  11. Then try this http://groups.yahoo.com/group/insystemsupp...20Structure.gif
  12. Sorry, I need a better spot to host my images, i'll move it to the insystemsupport yahoogroup.
  13. It seems to be going well. We went from 4 to 16 members in about a month or two, AND THATS BEFORE THE GAME'S EVEN ON THE SHELVES! hehehe, great work team! -JK
  14. Thanks for the offer RVS (Hope you don't mind if I call you RVS, its just Reiner von Schaffen is a bother to type all the time, *grin*) -JK
  15. I'm redoing the info on my bridge characters, it remains essentially the same except there is more detail. And it it says a little about what happens to them and the GCV Myrmidon in the 12 year period 3015-27. So far I've done three profiles, including my own: Cast of Characters (Year 3027) Name: Jerold Ryan Keenan Rank: Fleet Commander Species: Terran Gender: Male Age: 51 DOB: 9th September 2976 Assignment: Commanding Officer, GCV-Myrmidon Physical Description: 6' 4.5", 95 kg, has dark brown/grey hair, beard and blue eyes. History: Jerold Keenan was born in London, England on Earth. He went to St. Paul’s school and graduated in the 98th percentile. Later he attended Galcom Academy (Mars) in the year 3003. Graduated from the academy in the 97th percentile on the 27th January 3009. Served on the Solnar-class GCV Delacroix as flight officer for two months until its destruction at the hands of pirates. The commander put him in for a promotion because of his skill as a pilot and was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Senior Grade. He later served on the GCV Dionysus as flight officer. During a patrol of the space around Pluto the GCV Dionysus picked up an SOS signal coming from a civilian cargo barge, under attack from pirates. The Dionysus intercepted the pirates and drove them off to Pluto. The Dionysus pursued them however the only sign of the ships once they reached Pluto was their wreckage on the planets surface. Commander Samuel Cain, Lieutenant Keenan and a squad of marines transported to the surface to inspect the wreckage. 2 squads of pirate troops ambushed them, and the Commander Cain was knocked unconscious and wounded. Lieutenant Keenan took command of the squad and with his help they managed to fight off the pirates. For his skill in combat Lieutenant Senior Grade Keenan was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was assigned as Combat Officer aboard the newly commissioned battlecruiser GCV Myrmidon. The first mission of the GCV Myrmidon was a patrol through the Polaris system. During the mission, the ship was ambushed by Insurgent vessels, and then boarded. Commander Henry Moneo and Lieutenant Commander Caitlin Vern were killed in a firefight in the bridge. After their deaths, Combat Officer Jerold Keenan took command and so the Myrmidon managed to reach Polaris-1. Local Galcom forces destroyed the pursuing Insurgent vessels. Because of the GCV Myrmidons lack of a Commander and because of how well Lieutenant Commander Keenan handled the situation, he was promoted to the rank of commander and made commanding officer of the GCV Myrmidon. In the late 3010 Jerold Keenan given the position of CIOPS director, which he held until the ISS fleet was later restructured in the year 3015. In 3015 Jerold Keenan was made head of Intelligence Command. In the year 3022, a insurgent taskforce consisting of 2 megarons, 5 Battlecruiser Mk 1 and several supporting cruisers, managed to sneak past Galcom defences and lay siege to the science station Gazer 1 inside the Pluto region. The station defences were quickly overrun. Intelcom’s Chimaera wing was undergoing repairs after a classified operation in Credian space. Chimaera wing, lead by Jerold Keenan managed to retake the station and hold it until Prime fleet reinforcements arrived. For his long service and command skill during this rescue operation, Jerold Keenan was promoted to the rank of Fleet Commander. --------------------------------------------- Name: Cassandra Dee Flemming Rank: Lieutenant Commander Species: Terran Gender: Female Age: 37 DOB: 6th December 2990 Assignment: Tactical Officer, GCV-Myrmidon Physical Description: 5’ 10", 58 kg, has long brown hair, which she usually has down one shoulder, and piercing hazel eyes. History: Cassandra Flemming was a gifted child. She was born December 29th 2990, in Seattle, America. She grew up with only one parent, her father. Her mother died in a shuttle accident in the year 2992. She went to the Galcom academy on Earth in the year 3008. She graduated in January 3010, and because of her high grades and way above-average piloting skills, she was awarded the rank of Lieutenant junior grade. Cassandra Flemming was assigned as the GCV Myrmidon’s Flight officer in early 3010. She was present when the ship was boarded and the first commanding officer, and tactical officer were killed. If not for her excellent piloting during the ambush, the ship and all hands would have been lost. In the year 3018 the GCV Myrmidon was escorting a convoy of medical supplies, munitions and food to the planet Sygan, where Galcom was attempting to rid the planet of all Insurgents present. The convoy was attacked immediately after they exited the Jump gate and entered the Sygan region. The Myrmidon and supporting craft engaged the Insurgent raiders, if not for Cassandra’s quick reflexes and timing, the Myrmidon and a third of the convoy would surely have been lost. For her bravery and determination in the heat of battle, Cassandra Flemming was promoted all the way to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. --------------------------------------------- Name: Charles Douglas Henry Rank: Lieutenant Senior Grade Species: Terran Gender: Male Age: 45 DOB: 3rd October 2982 Assignment: Flight Officer, GCV-Myrmidon Physical Description: 6’ 1", 72 kg, has short brown hair and moustache, and brown eyes. History: Charles Henry was born in the suburb Watsonia in Melbourne, Australia. His father worked in a church, in the city while his mother was headmistress of a school nearby. He went to Watsonia High School were he achieved fairly good grades. He also has an older sister, Jessica Byrd (Previous surname: Henry) who was once assigned to the GCV Myrmidon as Chief Engineer. After his graduation he signed up for Galcom at the academy on Earth. There he met his wife Loren Henry (Previous surname: Anderson), they went through the academy together until they graduated in the year 3009. They were fortunately assigned to the same ship after they graduated from the academy, the ship they were assigned to was called the GCV Myrmidon. In the year 3019 they married, and have purchased a home in Brisbane, Australia on Earth.
  16. Geeze, the internet is sllloooowwww... today, it took me 20 minutes just to get to post this message, once it speeds up a bit for me i'll make the changes to the thread... although, still no one join in until I give the go ahead, I don't want accidently step on anyones toes. Mostly because if I step on their toes, they'll step on my toes... then we get into a stepping on toe war between the galcom commanders. That wouldn't be pretty. In the future, if it looks like i'm starting to rant on about nothing in particular... just skip ahead a paragraph, hehehe.
  17. Here you go: Application Form Name: ______________________________________________ Real Name: ______________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ ICQ Number: ______________________________________________ (optional) Primary Career: Commander [ ] Planetary Support Pilot [ ] Elite Force Pilot [ ] Mobile Infantry Marine [ ] Elite Force Marine [ ] Space Force Marine [ ] Name of Vessel: ______________________________________________ (Commander Career Only) I have registered on the Fleets Database. [ ] I have joined the ISS Fleet Mailing List. [ ] Physical Description: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Beliefs, Values, and Morals: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ History: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Benefits and Faults: Commanders may choose up to three benefits that may aid their character in their career. Each benefit, however, must be balanced by a corresponding character flaw or fault. Benefits: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Faults: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Speciality: ______________________________________________ Select the appropriate check-box. I mostly play online multiplayer games, and don't really play role-playing games or write fiction. [ ] I mostly like role-playing games or writing fiction, and don't really play online multiplayer games. [ ] I like both role-playing and writing, and playing online multiplayer games. [ ] Please tell us what time-zone you are in, what country you are from, and what days and times you are usually online. This will allow us to place you with players who are online at similar times. ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Closing Comments: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Once it's completed, send a copy of it to [email protected] Welcome to ISS! Also, don't forget to sign up at the fleet database (if you haven't already), and join the [email protected] group.
  18. Ok doki, I think i may be able to re-write the story before the rules come out (I reckon it'll take you guys a while to agree on them all and write them down). Here is how Ragnarok is going to be re-structured: 1. Get rid of the new technologies (Rangarok, time travel etc.) 2. Undo DeSylva's Death 3. Undo my Death (may do that, 3027 is a good year to die) 4. Ask this time what DeSylva would say in the conversation. Some things which are important for the thread which I probably won't change but might if you guys insist enough. 1. I put the fleets there for a reason, namely so that people from all the fleets can join in. 2. The insurgency attacking sol is essential to the story, SO FAT CHANCE THAT IM REMOVING THAT! 3. I'm now calling the Insurgent forces attacking sol the "Ragnarok Taskforce". For those of you who don't know, Ragnarok is the noorse (or viking) word for the Apocalypse... I think it means "End of Time". It's where the world is supposed to go into an ice age, with the gods verse evil in this big battle... and the remaining god/gods get to shape the new world. 4. The prelude is still going to be the battle at IO with the ragnarok taskforce... and after thats done, most of the roleplaying thread will be about the events that lead up to the battle... how it comes about, and why. Seeya! -JK
  19. I'm just glad you guys (or the SC) didn't decide to bloody ban me from the forum, or something similar . Oki doki, lets hurry up and figure out these rules so that the RP can continue... geeze, i'm going to have fun re-writing it (not). And now my hero can't go out in a blaze of glory... or maybe he can?!? 3027 IS A GOOD YEAR TO DIE
  20. The first is the temporary site i've made, the second is my attempt to bring the primary site up on geocities. DeSylva may try to get the primary site up later somewhere else.
  21. Sure nick, if you have a picture or a description of your character I could use it to find someone that looks like your description!
  22. This week i've gone Art happy, I can't keep myself out of paint... Give me something to do with drawing!!! Wing logos, command logos, AE pictures you name it... gimme something to do!!! Heh heh heh, keeps me from having to do homework (don't tell my parents!! shhhh! ) -JK
  23. ISS has a few Wing Leader positions open, if you join and ask DeSylva nicely... you may get one, although... there are a few other members who are in the fleet that could ask before you (Get one before they do! }. Hope you join up! 200th post... wOOt!!!
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