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  1. Allrighty everyone, i'm not going to touch the RP thread until these rules are done (so I don't get into trouble). Please no one join the thread until I've made the changes, I'll say when I've done so here. Everyone happy now? Good, Derek didn't even have to yell at me. In fact, I don't think I've even talked to him before... I'd hate the first time he ever talked to me, be the first time he ever got pissed at me... that would not be good.
  2. good idea blades, once we've figured out all these rules, i'll go back and change my story so it doesn't piss derek off. then everyones happy
  3. ***WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS FOR MY STORY*** In the RP thread, I've made it so that in, oh the next 12 years Galcom starts work on developing time travel technology (in star trek, and in Red Alert 2 they've made the technologies much earlier than the year 3027), Galcom designs a ship called the Ragnarok (or 'End of Time') to wipe out the exsistance of their enemies, the insurgents steal the ship and plan to wipe out Galcom, so everything is how they want it to be. Unfortunatly because the myrmidon goes suicide the Ragnarok is destroyed, all ideas for the technology is wiped from the bc universe, any new technologies introduced in my story are gone by the end and so derek doesn't have to worry about anything. Essentially this story is about what happens leading up to the battle of the Ragnarok, and once we finally get to the battle, all changes in technology or the bc universe will be wiped clean... any characters killed come back (if you want you can have your character die, and he comes back after the story). So, I don't change anything... as far as everyones concered there will be 2 years of 3027, what happens in the story and what happens once the ragnarok is wiped from time... Im confused, did what I say make any sense?
  4. bye the way, seeing that the ragnarok is completly wiped from time, i never came up with the idea to write about it in this RP thread, so derek can't get mad at me for something I never invented... right?
  5. The reason I put this story some time such a distance into the future is because, such technologies could be developed in that time. And if you think the Ragnarok was big, compare it to something like a death star (150 km)... how come all these big things have huge weaknesses? heh heh heh. I got the word chronoton from star trek actually, although chrono does generally seem to be assosiated with time-travel or time related technologies in various game and movie universes (why no add a novel into the mix?). Although, in the future I will talk with anyone before I do any conversations with their character and mine in them, although according to what i've written so far the prelude isn't going to happen. Well, it does happen and we've got to make up what happens so it does happen so then it can't happen and then everyones characters are still alive and I don't get in trouble for killing them . God this is confusing! I just hate temporal mechanics!
  6. Here is the latest version of the Fleet Structure:
  7. By the way, here is a list of the command staff of the GCV-Myrmidon, so you know who the hell everyone is in the story (each has a brief description, but this description was written for these characters for 3015AD, it's a little out of date ): Flight Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassandra Flemming Young and warm-hearted, this women’s friendliness is matched only by her skill as a pilot. Few humans could match her flying ability. Navigation Officer: Ensign Charles Henry Ensign Henry recently graduated from the Galcom academy along with his good friend Ensign Anderson. Because this is his first posting he knows little of how tough living on a battlecruiser thousands of light-years from home can be. His older sister is Chief Engineer of the Myrmidon. Communications Officer: Ensign Loren Anderson Ensign Loren Anderson went through the academy with Charles Henry, her best friend. She grew up on Mars with her parents until they were killed in a shuttle accident when she was eight. After that she lived with her aunt on Earth. Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Timothy West Lt Commander West’s was posted on the GCV Delacroix until 3009 as the Flight officer, later he was moved to the GCV Myrmidon. After the Myrmidons first mission where Commander Henry Moneo was killed he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given the position of tactical officer for his outstanding flying during the ambush. He is a competent officer, who has seen his share of combat. However, he becomes a little “trigger-happy” when coming across insurgents. Combat Officer: Lieutenant Commander Daniel Alexander Alexander was a crewman onboard the Myrmidon during its first mission, and he blames Jerold Keenan for the death of Commander Moneo, and he often brags to the marines that he could’ve done better if he’d been Combat officer in 3010. He is quick to anger, but is a fierce fighter and is among the best in the ISS Fleet. Medical Officer: Lieutenant Senior Grade Nathan Carter Graduated from Galcom Academy top of his class, and is a talented healer. He has turned down several offers to teach at the academy. He previously served on the GCV Bastion and before that the GCV Repulse. Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Jessica Henry Jessica Henry is a talented engineer and the older sister of Ensign Henry the ships Nav officer. If not for this engineer the GCV Myrmidon would have probably been sent to the scrap heap after its first mission. Research Engineer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Julia Duncan Julia Duncan is an intelligent and resourceful woman who nothing can stop her when there is a mystery to be solved. She is very interested in alien technologies and what they could offer Galcom and its member nations. [ 10-26-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  8. I've been thinking about the storyline alot, you may want to join in a little later... hell, you could even join in the battle there is at the moment... The problem is that the story is going to go back before whats happening now (a couple months earlier actually) Still, feel free to join in anytime
  9. Btw, people are free to join in this is going to be fun!
  10. Alright, forget all the strange twisted idea's I previously had for this thread, everyone is welcome to join in. God I need something to do while I wait for BCM [RP] The Bridge GCV-Myrmidon, Location: IO, Sol System Date: 12 December, 3017AD Time: 20:57 "Sir, the shields are failing" Shouted Jessica Henry, she frantically pressed buttons on her console trying to draw more power from the reactor to the shields. "Get them online Lt. Commander," ordered Keenan sternly, "or this is going to be the shortest battle we've ever participated in!" "Yes, sir!" She glanced quickly at Keenan. 'What the hell does this guy expect from me? Miracles?', Jessica thought quickly before turning back to her task. The ship shook constantly; enemy fire was impacting the hull, flakes of scarred armour floated away from the ship. There was a huge explosion by the bridge; Navigations officer Charles Henry was thrown from his chair when his console exploded. "Medic to the bridge," grunted Keenan into is wrist-com. Keenan straightened his uniform and shifted his attention to Lieutenant Commander Timothy West, the tactical officer. "Report, lieutenant commander," ordered Keenan. His voice was muffled by another explosion behind the bridge. Tim changed the display on his console to give the ships status. "Shields 2% and rising, hull strength is 82% and integrity is at 77%," answered Tim. The ship shook hard, two larges explosions erupted across the hull. The shockwaves blew away armour shards into the void. "Tim, get rid of that bloody Solnar tailing us!" shouted Keenan, smiling as he did so. "Yes, sir!" Said Tim, an evil grin appeared on his face. "Cassy, hit the reverse-afterburners!" ordered Tim West. The Cassandra Flemming did so and the massive Galactan battlecruiser raced backward, the Solnar quickly overtook it. "Piece of cake," murmured Cassandra as Tim fired a volley of STS-Vagrants into the Solnar's shield. The colour changed quickly from a dark blue, to a lighter one and then to blood red. After a few impacts on the Solnar's hull, the Insurgent craft was reduced to a pitiful field of floating debris. "Open a channel to the First Light," ordered Keenan. Communications officer Ensign Loren Anderson, located the ship in her VR Visor and opened a channel to it on her console. In Keenan's VR Visor appeared the face of Fleet Commander Gareth DeSylva. [/RP] Enjoy everyone! [ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  11. If you want to say anything about my RP thread, please do so here! Thanks...
  12. Do you know how long it will be until BCM reaches Australia? I can't wait till I get my hands on a galactan battlecruiser!!!
  13. If any of you come near me with those bloody examining tools... I swear, I'll blow you straight to hell my my sidearm!
  14. EFPS LOG: Nathan Shaddox Interceptor Mk. 2, 41st EFS, ISS Fleet TIME: 09:20:12 28/11/10 Ship Status: Shields: 100% Hull: 100% Condition: Green Commander Keenan has ordered Gamma lance to scout the region. We've entered a nebula, its almost beutiful... except for the Ion storms throughout it. Damn it's hard to see... Gamma 4 60 metres behind me says he can't see me anymore. Sensors are screwed, can barely read the rest of the lance... its a good thing we know the Myrmidon's directly behind us or we'd never get back... END OF TRANSMISSION [ 10-24-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ] [ 10-24-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  15. Michael Nathan Shaddox: Ok doki, i'll move the log file I put into the database here.
  16. ok doki then, thanks DeSylva.
  17. Before you got back I e-mailed that image one I made, its fairly up to date... You can find a copy of it uploaded at the insystemsupport yahoogroup!
  18. I just love doing that whole crazed drill sergeant bit. Mwuah hah hah hah. "THE FIRST AND LAST WORDS, I WANNA HEAR OUTTA YOUR STINKIN HOLES, IS SIR!!! DO YOU GET ME?" -Half Life: OF, Drill Sergeant
  19. This is to all members who haven't yet signed up at the [email protected] yahoogroup. GO TO www.yahoogroups.com and join that mailing list pronto! Also, to those members who haven't yet given in their membership forms, please do so. And send them to [email protected] That is all
  20. Is it just me, because when I checked the fleet database to gather info on our new members (for the intel brief I have to do), I found we've got ANOTHER member... Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to... COMMANDER "THE HAMMER" BROWN!!!! anyone else know anything bout this? (kewl)
  21. [rp] "Commander Reiner von Schaffen! What the hell do you think your doing?!? The ISS, DO NOT... get into verbal wars with members of other galcom fleets. And your lucky your not in Intelligence Command, because I don't tollerate that kind of #$&@. DO YOU GET ME, COMMANDER?!?" During this entire speech, Commander Keenan thought to himself, ISS IS THE BEST! YOU TELLUM Schaffen! WHOOHOO! "Ahem, dismissed Commander." [/rp]
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