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  1. Well, the sites up... there is a tiny bug with the members listing section... I'll fix it immediently! here is the address http://www.geocities.com/jeroldkeenan/Star...as/Page_1x.html
  2. I'm making a temporary ISS Site because DeSylva probably won't have the main one back online until after his leave. It, for the most part will look just like the main one (a few differences, I have ZERO knowledge of html), i'm making it using web studio, i'm a little rusty using it... and I dislike having to upload anything... even with my cable modem. I'll post the address as soon as its ready. If the Fleet commander's wish anything to be posted on the news page, tell me... I've got to make the changes in web studio, and then re-upload the entire site (WHAT FUN! ) later
  3. If you join Intelligence Command, you also get a free matter/anti-matter explosive with timer and remote detonator, with an estimated value of 2.3 million galcreds!
  4. Let's see, character names from sci-fi's Talon Karrde (I wonder why I put this one first? hmmm) Mara Jade Luke Skywalker Lean-luc Picard William Riker T.C. Mc'Queen (isn't he in EarthCom or something?) Nathan West (Also from Space: Above and Beyond) Spock Jim Raynor Sarah Kerrigan Han Solo Leia Organa Jabba the hut Pizza the Hut (Space Balls) Kyle Katarn Kira Nyrice Elim Garek James Tiberius Kirk Johnathan Archer (Enterprize: The new series) Robert Mandella (From one of my favourite sci-fi books of all time: Forever War) Paul Atreides Duncan Idaho Gurney Halleck Vladimir Harkonnen Elrood Corrino Feyd Harkonnen Dianna Troy Lwaxanna Troy Darth Vader Kueller (another bloody star wars character) Coran Horn (SW) Ok, here's some ship names I can think of... this won't leave many good names left. I think I've used a few of them myself... but the ones I've used have been used in several novels at once so at least I'm not the only person. Wild Karrde (And why is this the first ship?) Saratoga Challenger Repulse Trinity Redemption Premonition Relativity Enterprize Voyager Delacroix Belisarius Eva Lucifer Agamemnon Cassiopia Morning Star Terror Valley Forge Vortex Riker Behemoth Ana Vereine Lysander Actium Home Run Home One Defiant Diligent Defiance Liberty And please no one be mad at me if my my ship name coincidently happens to be the same as a ship-class of Freespace 2. HEY, AT LEAST I KNOW WHAT MYRMIDON MEANS! No way I was going to name my ship it if I had no idea what I was calling it, he he he. [ 10-09-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  5. Hey, FC... I've just finished reading (oh and I printed the entire 50+ pages) the pluto insurgency. And I have one word to describe it! SUPERDOOPERMAGNIFICAL! (I couldn't think of anything else to describe it so I made that word up?!?) P.S. I've posted the RP Summaries in the InSystemSupport yahoogroup! seeya [ 10-09-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  7. I guess every time I address you and DeSylva, I'm going to have to begin and end every sentence with, sir?!? [rp] "Sir, Insurgents detected in the Polaris system. We believe they are going to mount an attack on Galcom, sir!" [/rp] He he he
  8. Congradulations, Fleet Commander Jamont. Thats going to sound wierd for a while coming out of my mouth hah hah hah, the war continues...
  9. Unknown Commander: Hey why are you so happy? Jerold Keenan: heh heh heh UC: What the hell are you on? Jerold Keenan: Heh heh heh UC: Whatever it is, it looks great! I WANT SOME!
  10. More or less, i'd say your sig is correct.
  11. I just saw that too! Congrats Melcar!. I'd like to welcome to the fleet, Commander Melcar De'Vaal, Commander Urza and Commander Cur.
  12. Oh well, something for the newbies to find once they've registered to this forum.
  13. Trust me, if I shoot at you I won't miss. Can you miss with a BFG10K?
  14. Do you find you spend all your hard-earned money for the day buying a couple more units of radine to power your ship? Well, I have a tip for you that doesn't involve cheating in any way whatsoever . GET INTO THE MINING BUSINESS! As soon as I start a character, I send my shuttles down to earth and drop off the mining drones, call my shuttles back and then go out searching for some cannon fodder. Once you've been seriously hurt because you've just taken on a spacestation or something, go back to Galcom HQ and repair. You'll find that when you leave the station its been a few hours (because it takes time to fix things). Send your shuttles back down to the planet and retrieve the drones. Unload the minerals and sell them at Galcom HQ. Easy way to make something like 10,000,000-25,000,000 credits. Mwuah hah hah hah
  15. Why are most people I know like that? They see something, they shoot! My friends, they come over, they want to play a game, they don't know how to play, I put them into the training scenerio's... they shoot the instructor. IS EVERYONE ON EARTH TRIGGER-HAPPY? I hope so, that gives me an excuse to shoot everybody.
  16. Although DeSylva may be changing the fleet so there is no VFC. I do, like you, believe it's a good idea that 2 people have level 2 security clearance. Just for this sort of situation where DeSylva can't get to a computer because he's on a vacation or the like. [ 10-04-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  17. Heh heh heh, i'm not going to have anyone in I&E am I?
  18. Currently there is no need for someone of that rank is my guess. You need to be at least the rank of Fleet Commander to be in control of a fleet. So, all fleet leaders are Fleet Commanders. If the SC thinks he needs a person of that rank he'll promote someone and that would be that. Although I remember reading an old ISS Forum post, about Fltcmdr Ristar being promoted to Strategic Commander when SCID temporarily joined ISS. The more you control the higher the rank the SC gives you I guess?
  19. Unfortunatly, certain members have been unable to remain active due to their 'real life'. DeSylva said he was going to change the Fleet DB sometime in the next fortnight, those who are inactive will be moved into the inactive section and there will be only two wings from then on I&E and Defence. Btw, im glad you decided to join up! As Jamont would say: "Welcome to the war!"
  20. btw, shouldn't DeSylva be getting back to his comp sometime today or is it tomorrow? I've got no concept of time whatsoever... hehehe
  21. Hey Nick, I don't mind if your VFC. But that's up to DeSylva. If he thinks youshould be the VFC he'll tell you, stick you up there on that ISS Structure thing, and give you security level 2 clearance. However, we don't know what DeSylva's got in store for the structure of ISS... Up there's just my idea. DeSylva's version might not even have a VFC? Don't get your hopes up, pal.
  22. ahhh... I see. hehe, pesky typo's.
  23. ahhhh.... I've got security level 1
  24. bye the way, don't worry too much about the 56k modem... hehe, FC DeSylva has one too I think!
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