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  1. Hey Malcar, so your looking to join ISS... Well your welcome too! It's the job of the commanders of the ISS Fleet to protect the home systems Sol, Omicron Eridani etc. the main systems belonging to the Terran, Empirian and Vesperon races (the members of galcom). If you join the Defence fleet, you'll participate in the defence of these systems, backing up the other fleets when they have to fight back home and protecting civies throughout those systems. Intel & Espionage is for role players AND multiplayers (im sure as hell am going to be playing multiplayer all the time), you can participate in the Roleplaying section of the forum or you can actually do some Intelligence or Espionage work. I&E see's a little less action than Defence and will probably have fewer members but having accurate intelligence on your enemy is vital in any good operation wouldn't you say? You may even want to join CIOPS, a division of the I&E wing devoted to kicking the @$$'s of the insurgents through gathering info, sabotage etc. If you want to join, sign up at the fleet database and Fleet Commander DeSylva will get to you shortly... at the moment he is incapable of doing so I believe. But in a day or so, he'll get to you and another recruit Urza. Nice talking to you, and I hope you decide to join!
  2. In the GCO FAQ, it says there will be first person in ships and buildings I think... im not sure... Man it would rock it that was so!
  3. hehehe, go here http://www.3000ad.com/fleets/db/
  4. Actually there is: Fleet Commander Gareth DeSylva Commander Gary Renwick (DeSylva also) Me (Jerold Keenan) Commander Jamont Ensign Nathan Shaddox (My bro)
  5. bye the way, have you registered in the Fleet DB yet (just waiting for registration), or are you in it already? If so who are you there... i can't find any Urza.
  6. Heh he he, welcome to ISS. I suggest you e-mail DeSylva about joining at [email protected] He'll get back to you as soon as he's able. I think in one of his recent posts he's mentioned he'd be out of it for the next day or two so I hope you can wait a short while! I suggest you have a thought about which wing your going to join... DeSylva's re-arranged ISS so that there is only two wings... Intelligence and Espionage, and Defence, controlled by Jamont and me (DeSylva is going to change the database sometime soon so it reflects this). Welcome to InSystem Support! [ 10-03-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  7. Karl Wolf: "Mwuah hah hah, YOUR SOUL IS MINE!"
  8. Geez, i'm gonna have a fun time saving money so I can buy BCM and just get back into this forum!
  9. As I said, ship me off to the funny farm. I'm inheriting my farthers humour... God help us all!
  10. Sorry about that last post, mwuah hah hah... I'm starting to get my farthers idiot humour (He calls our dog mog and cat rabanackle). Somebody give me a straight jacket and a room with white padded walls.
  11. IGIII is going to be sweet! Just as IGII was sweet!
  13. oh wait, you've moved it to your own site/sever thing. Thanks alot Tac!
  14. HEY TAC, the image has appeared in your post now... wierd!
  15. You just can't find reliable web servers these days? can you?
  16. gawd dammit. WHY? WHY CAN'T IT JUST WORK!??! forget it, i'll just send it to your email address jamont. God, why can't these things be more user freindly?
  17. Seeing that the ISS fleet is being restructured i've made this image based on one I found in an old forum post. It's basically just the structure of the ISS fleet. Jamont, you should take the image and modify the Defence half as you think it should be... However DeSylva will get to decide whether or not this is the structure thats going to be used, he may have other idea's as to how ISS will be structured! http://www.geocities.com/jeroldkeenan/ISSFleetStructure.gif
  18. Why didn't somebody tell me?!? Now i've made myself look like an idiot... Not that i'm not an idiot, however I don't want everyone to know that mwuah hah hah hah
  19. Got got an e-mail test from Karl Wolf... guess you guys still have some bugs to work out, eh?
  20. Join now, and get 5% off all hand held weapons at your local Galcom armory!
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