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  1. That's really going to bruise my ego
  2. And with one small last change, and there. All done.
  3. I know what your thinking? why start again? mwuah hah hah
  4. darn, well will I get it this time?
  5. The final test (hopefully)
  6. Testing testing, 1 2 3...
  7. I spoke with Dan (Nathan), and he wants to be in the Defence half of ISS.
  8. Jerold Keenan: I'm just testing my half of the sig, heh heh. Thanks for the promo Fleet Commander! Nathan will change his half when he's more certain about his exact position in the fleet.
  9. Great idea Fleet Commander, let's get cracking.
  10. I was looking through the old forums and I found a mention of the 282nd Special Ops Fighter Squadron supposedly assigned to the CIOPS wing (see post: ISS Fleet Fighter Command). If this squadron is still going to be formed it might be a good idea to move Shaddox into it (so I can keep an eye on him). And this way, it won't be so confusing with all that primarily 41st EFS and secondarily CIOPS. DeSylva, tell me what you think...
  11. I've fixed up all those signs in AW, though I doubt it will really make a difference at the moment... once BCM is at the homes people will start going to www.3000ad.com and in turn see the active worlds download in the downloads section and wonder what the hell its about if they don't already know... Then they can come and see all my pretty signs!
  12. quote:Originally posted by Blades: My dads bigger than your dad. I'm 6ft 4.5 inches... am I bigger than your dad?
  13. I agree with Greg, Nick. You have been very committed to ISS since you joined, and seeing that most of the other members aren't helping at the moment including the previous XO... You should take his place. However this is entirely up to DeSylva
  14. Well, i've done something in Active Worlds to promote joining the ISS Fleet. Mwuah hah hah... THOUSANDS OF SIGNS! JOIN ISS, SIGN UP AT THE FLEET DATABASE AT WWW.BC3000AD.COM! Mwuah hah hah hah!
  15. Howa bout good old geocities? I would recommend homestead but their not free anymore (I can't modify my sites until I pay them hehehe).
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