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  1. GD is a great fleet commander, even though his real life reaks havoc on abilities to stay in touch with everyone all the time and to do everything immediently! We all have real lives, and I believe we should leave DeSylva in charge... not to mention the fact their's probably no chance in hell the SC would give us fleet control
  2. I'm starting this threat going again because ISS need's new commanders (oh not again!). Well, too bad but its true now either some people start joining ISS or im going to go through the ranks of galcom and insurgent fleets and start blowing all their members to hell!!! hehehe, that should even the score a bit
  3. Ahhh... forget my new structuring with the squadrons and stuff. I'll just go back to the old one... But that means i'm going to need: Directorate of Operations: CO Directorate of Intelligence: CO Directorate of Training and Administration: CO
  4. Ahhh... DeSylva... Did you know the ISS site's down?
  5. Nathan Shaddox: I've put my log into the database, like DeSylva said.
  6. As per Fleet Commander DeSylva's instructions, i've transferred the above log into my profile in the FLEET DB.
  7. Save ISS, well... Our main problem is members, but once BCM and GCO comes out we'll have members by the truckload (probably). If we can keep the fleet functioning properly until then, all will probably be alright! Though... I don't think it would hurt to try to get more members right now and pull our act together a little bit. I'll do anything neccersary to keep ISS together, sir!
  8. COMMANDERS LOG: JEROLD KEENAN GCV MYRMIDON, ISS FLEET, CIOPS TIME: 9:43:29 28/11/10 Ship Status: Shields: 100% Hull: 57% Condition: Yellow Jerold Keenan sat firmly in his chair inside the bridge of the GCV-Myrmidon. Around him the command staff and systems engineers worked to restore the ship to maximum efficiency. "Ensign Anderson, send a transmission to the Prophecy IV. Inform them we're going after the alien beacon without them. Also, with the transmission send the data we collected on the Hyperjump portal created by the beacon... they may be able to follow us." Ordered commander Keenan. "Yes, sir." Replied the young ensign. Keenan turned his gaze back towards his command console and sent a transmission to Nathan Shaddox's Gamma lance outside the ship. Ordering them to return to the ship and get some rest. Later, Jerold Keenan and the rest of the command staff were readying themselves before they engaged the Hyperjump portal. After a few more moments of calculation they were ready. "Lieutenant Commander Henry, engage the hyperjump portal!" Commanded Jerold Keenan. "Yes, sir, hymperjump activation commensing. The stable portal should appear in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." A defeaning noise cut off half of the last number as the ship was pulled in my the gravitational fields generated by the massive portal. The GCV-Myrmidon actually began to stretch as it entered the collossal gate. After the Myrmidon entered the portal, the energy vortex began to close behind it. Pure energy began dispersing throughout the area until nothing remained of the portal. END OF TRANSMISSION
  9. I had a look at the GIF. It seems I made a little bug when I added the noise (that fuzzy bit at the end). Nedxt time I won't add the noise and so nothing will be left out.
  10. Oh yeah, and the idea's from X-Wing Alliance (Star War's RULES!).
  11. Once it's finished loading. Download it to your computer. Should run faster then... Unfortunatly some of the frames are missing at the end, I don't know why. Maybe if you download it'll work properly.
  12. I've spent about half-an-hour making this cool GIF. It's a briefing for a mission which I just made up. I'll make similar GIF's to brief CIOPS when GCO comes out. Mwuah hah hah hah Here is the Address, the GIF's 5.5 Megs so it'll take a while to load. http://ciops.homestead.com/files/Briefing_One_Point_Two.gif
  13. TRAITOR! I shall remove your guts and show them to you... or hand you over to the authorities. Whichever is easiest at the time.
  14. You better be quiet... Or i'll be putting on me list. (evil grin) No. 1: Gallion No. 2: Rattler No. 3: Kristophers Mwuah hah hah hah (Just kidding) [ 09-29-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  15. I suggest we get our act together, quickly. Now that BCM has gone gold it's only a short walk in the park before GCO follows. By this time next year, we're going to be blasting insurgies and gammulans back into star stuff.
  17. Jerold Keenan: I have a little multiplayer experience. I founded several starcraft clans (most of which have now disbanded due to the lack of interest in Starcraft nowadays), I sometimes play Freespace 2 on the net though rarely, x-wing alliance sometimes, diablo 2 and Homeworld: Cataclysm a bit. I rate my piloting skills as roughly average (I can finish FS2 on medium difficulty no trouble). I play alot of the mentioned games over LAN with my brother including Starlancer and I can't wait till Freelancer comes out (SWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEETTTT!) . Well, thats about it. Shaddox plays most of those games to, especially Diablo 2 and Starcraft.
  18. Jerold Keenan: Hey guys, maybe I should move these logs into the RPG Forum? Seems to be going well so far. Watcha think?
  19. COMMANDERS LOG: JEROLD KEENAN GCV MYRMIDON, ISS FLEET, CIOPS TIME: 08:37:13 28/11/10 Ship Status: Shields: 100% Hull: 57% Condition: Yellow Jerold Keenan sits down in his chair and turns his display console to face him. He looks at the damage report quickly then turns his attention to Chief Engineer Jessica Henry. "Lt commander, we need the bridgeviewer up as soon as possible. I don't want to be caught blind out here!" Jessica turns his way and replies "I'll assign more Engineer's to repair it, commander." She returns to work on her console assigning more engineers to fix the bridgeviewer. Moments later Ensign Loren Anderson the communications officer receives a transmission from Commander Jamont, wing leader for the Intelligence & Espionage. "Sir, receiving a transmission from Commander Jamont's ship!" All of the commander's attention shifts to the young ensign. "Finally, a reply. Put it through to my console, ensign." Ensign Anderson instructs her console to upload the message to the commanders. "Done, sir." She returns to monitoring transmissions being sent by Nathan Shaddox's Gamma lance defending the Myrmidon. Jerold Keenan accesses the message sent by Jamont's ship and engages the decrypting program. After several seconds the message starts. "Distress call received 08:14, message relayed to Renegade station. GCV-Prophecy IV's ETA at your is 09:34. End of Transmission." The Prophecy's comm officer's voice stops speaking and the message rewinds to the beginning. "Lt Commander Henry, how long until the engines are online?" Asks Commander Keenan. Jessica Henry checks her console to find the estimated time of completion set by her engineers. "The engines and hyperspace drive should be fully operational by that time sir." "Good. Well people, lets get cracking. We have an alien artifact to find and destroy!" END OF LOG
  20. EFPS LOG: Nathan Shaddox Interceptor Mk. 2, 41st EFS, ISS Fleet TIME: 07:47:34 28/11/10 Ship Status: Shields: 0% (Disabled) Hull: 100% Condition: Green Nathan Shaddox: Gamma lance, power-up weapons and form on my wing. Shaddox's small interceptor shot out of the battlecruisers hanger, it followed the surface of the battlecruiser until it reached the location where the alien beacon had attached itself to GCV-Myrmidon. Gamma 04: Sir, my shields aren't activating! Theres... theres some kind of dispersion field being generated by the beacon. Most of my systems have gone haywire. Three fighters closed the distance between the hanger and Shaddox's ship, once they formed on his wing Shaddox gave the order to cut power to the engines and float. Nathan Shaddox: Target the beacon if your able and bring your weapons to bear. The Commander wants us to shoot this thing straight to hell! Shaddox modified the settings on his power distribution system and set all the ships power into the weapons. Nathan Shaddox: FIRE! Bursts of white-gold bolts of energy erupted from the weapons on the interceptors. Every bolt was absorbed by the egg shapped shield surrounding the alien beacon. Gamma 02: Damn it! The shields don't seem to be affected. Lets try missiles. Jerold Keenan's voice was transmitted through the receivers in the pilots helmets. Jerold Keenan: Careful! Try not to do anymore damage to the ship, we're already crippled... one stray shot could blow the ship. Nathan Shaddox: Acknowledged, sir! Nathan Shaddox's interceptor launched a missile, the missiles small engines propelled the missile amazingly fast and seconds after it was fired the weapon impacted the alien shield. Gamma 04: Sir, i'm reading a 4% loss in the shields integrity. It worked. Nathan Shaddox: Gamma lance, fire at will! A dozen more missiles launched from the interceptors, the alien shields glowed a blood red instead of its regular blue colour. Suddenly the clamps which attached the beacon to the Myrmidon released themselves and the beacons thrusters moved it away from the ship. Nathan Shaddox: Commander Keenan, Sir, the beacon is moving away from the ship. Jerold Keenan: Good Ensign, however the beacon has downloaded all information in the ships computer... including all classified files. It must be destroyed immediently! Just as Keenan finished his sentence a swirling vortex appeared a short distance from the Myrmidon. The small beacon dove into the portal, and the huge vortex began to close. Nathan Shaddox: Sir, the beacon its gone into some kind of Hyperjump portal... requesting orders! Jerold Keenan: Keep sending us data on the portal, we may be able to duplicate it and follow the beacon once we get the ship back to working order. Nathan Shaddox: Understood, sir! Jerold Keenan on the bridge of the Myrmidon turned his attention to the communicaitons officer. Jerold Keenan: Open a channel with Renegade station... requesting additional support ASAP! END OF LOG
  21. Ensign Shaddox: I'd just like to say hi to all of the ISS Fleet. I'm Jerold Keenan's real-life brother (dan). He's finally talked me into joining ISS *grin*, I'll try my best. Jerold Keenan: I've made Shaddox the Leader of Gamma Lance in the CIOPS Wing. I've divided the CIOPS wing into squadrons of 17 people. Each squadron has a leader and four lances, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Alpha and Beta are capital ship lances whilst Gamma and Delta are fighter lances. Each lance consists of four people. Shaddox is still primarily a member of the 41st Elite Force Squadron, secondarily a member of CIOPS. It's sort of like how I can "borrow" people from other wings temporarily however i'm giving Shaddox a position in the wing as a lance leader. Well thats all, please give my bro a warm welcome.
  22. COMMANDERS LOG: JEROLD KEENAN GCV MYRMIDON, ISS FLEET, CIOPS TIME: 07:44:00 28/11/10 Ship Status: Shields: 0% (Disabled) Hull: 57% Condition: Yellow Jerold Keenan: Twelve minutes ago our ship picked up the transmission from what appears to be a SOS beacon of some sort. The technology is unfamiliar to my Research officer... and doesn't match anything currently in the Galcom database. Jerold Keenan: Lieutenant Commander West, please lock a tractor beam onto the object. Timothy West: Yes, sir. (Alarm sounds) Timothy West: Ah, sir... The device is overloading our emitters. Its reflecting the beam back at us! Jerold Keenan: Disengage the beam commander! Timothy West: Yes sir! (Timothy West frantically presses buttons on his console, but the tractor beam doesn't stop, suddenly there is an explosion and Lieutenant Commander Timothy West is flung from his console) Jerold Keenan: Medics to the bridge! Jerold Keenan: Report! Jessica Henry: Sir, the tractor beam has malfuctioned. All emitters are destroyed, repair teams are on their way to the damaged sections of the ship. (On the bridge viewer the beacon begins moving closer and closer towards the ship) Charles Henry: Sir, the beacon his coming towards us! Jerold Keenan: Open fire! Repeat all PTA's OPEN FIRE! (The PTA Turrets began firing beams of light towards the beacon, but the energy was absorbed by some kind of shield surrounding the device) Charles Henry: Sir its having no effect! Jerold Keenan: This is the Commander to all hands, BRACE FOR IMPACT! (The beacon continued to move closer to the ship. The Myrmidons shields dropped and the beacon slammed into the ships hull. Explosions could be heard throughout the ship and Jerold Keenan was flung from his chair. Keenan stands up) Jerold Keenan: Status? Jessica Henry: Heavy damage all across the ship, 18 comfirmed dead, 4 wounded. Weapons offline, engines offline, bridgeviewer offline. Communications still available. The beacon has attached itself to our hull. Jerold Keenan: Send a transmission to Renegade station! We're seriously damaged and are in need of support! END OF LOG [ 09-01-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
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