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  1. I've fixed up the spelling mistakes you mentioned. And also have made a few modifications to the site in the roster and database sections. You wouldn't be able to see the changes in the Database section because you dont have the password.
  2. oh, thanks about the spelling. I'm really going to have a fun time fixing that up The pictures don't always appear for some reason however, if you go into my profile, press a link like the ISS Fleet or Galcom link then press the back button the picture usually appears. [ 08-31-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ] [ 08-31-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  3. I've uploaded the image of my ulter ego "Jerold Keenan" in the fleets database. So everyone can now picture what im supposed to look like. However, in reality I do not look like obiwan kenobi from Star Wars Episode 2... hehehehe. Also there's a link to the new CIOPS site there... check that out if you have the time!
  4. Check the fleet database, we've got a new commander there "Commander Polie"
  5. You haven't missed much, although when you visit active worlds your house will be gone. The Active Worlds servers recently wipped all tourist stuff in most or all the worlds. (*sob* my house, my beutiful house is gone!) Seeing that the old ISS HQ was a tourist structure and got wiped i've made a new and I think improved version, why don't ye visit!
  6. Nice! Next time your visit you'll find some of those pics! [ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  7. I've recreated the HQ in active worlds at different co-ordinates: Mars 953N 908E facing West. Anyone with links to some good ISS pictures please reply on this forum... thanks! (must be jpg though).
  8. I've remade the ISS Fleet Headquarters at the location of my old offices... KEWL!
  9. Does anyone know the links to Tringads ISS pictures? I'm trying to rebuild my stuff...
  10. COMMANDERS LOG: JEROLD KEENAN GCV MYRMIDON, ISS FLEET, CIOPS TIME: 17:03:19 05/11/10 Ship Status: Shields: 78% Hull: 100% Condition: Yellow We were investigating the possibility that the Insurgents were receiving munitions from smugglers in the Sygnan system. While cloaked we intercepted a large convoy of about 6 LRT-15 and 2 Jenstar. We destroyed 5 of the LRT's but the convoy's escort was too large to do any more by ourselves. I'm sending a transmission to Renegade station for some back-up. END OF LOG [ 08-02-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  11. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! MY HOUSE, MY OFFICE BUILDING!!!!! MY SNUGGY BED! GONE... ALL GONE... THERE IS NO GOD! Oh well... (Be strong Jerold be strong)
  12. Thanks for the promotion Desylva, i'll do my best!!!
  13. Yeah, i'm going to go through it and find which info is still up to date...
  14. hehehe, i've found a regular gold mine of information about the insurgents, their assests etc. And they left it all there for me to find check this site: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Station/5552/InsFleet.htm Im going to make microsoft documents for each insurgent member with all the in I can find about them inside
  15. Sounds like fun... . I wounldn't mind having a crack at being CIOPS Wing Leader... So, by compiling dossiers you mean, ummm, finding all the info you can about them like Rank, Age, Asset, past missions, kills, which fleet they belong to etc. That sorta thing? Sounds reall cool, hehehehe. I think even if I don't become CIOPS wing leader i might do that just for fun...
  16. I agree with Commander Jamont, the ISS fleet is the smallest of all Galcom fleets (however we're still bigger than 3 insurgent ones ). We should try to recruit more members!
  17. Cool, we posted in the same minute
  18. Commander Jamont, why do you think I would be a good Wing Leader for CIOPS??? I checked one of the other posts on this forum... It sounds kewl! And I'd love the chance to be in charge of my own wing... However i'm the newest commander in the fleet and I think one of the more experienced commanders would be a better choice than me. [ 07-03-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  19. COMMANDERS LOG: JEROLD KEENAN GCV MYRMIDON, ISS FLEET, FLIGHT GROUP GRYPHON TIME: 14:12:50 26/10/10 Ship Status: Shields: 0% (Lowered) Hull: 100% Condition: Green We're currently in the Pluto region and are headed back to Earth for some much needed shore leave... I'm looking forward to seeing my family in England. Most of the crew probably can't wait. END OF LOG
  20. I've started a little story based in the battlecruiser universe. I'm making it for fun and only for fun! So don't start insulting me in this forum over poor grammer and punctuation!!! For more info check my site! http://gcvmyrmidon.homestead.com/news.html
  21. Thanks guys We have an update, check the site to find out more
  22. Seeing that everyone else is making secret bases in active worlds... I though it might be nice for us to have one too I will give the co-ordinates to everyone in yahoo groups, the rest just post on this forum... "Ye' all have a real good day now ye' hear!" -General Edmund Duke
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