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  1. Time for roll call people!

    Ben Zwycky -

    Harrison Salisbury - MIA

    Reiner von Schaffen - MIA

    Urza - Active

    Melcar DeVaal - MIA

    Jacen Shardik - MIA

    Nick Jamont - Active

    Jerold Keenan - Active

    Gareth DeSylva - On Leave

    Jeehun Ristar - MIA

    Roberto -

    Jared Denarim - Active

    Rip - Active

    Cur - MIA

    Cedric Boseman - Active

    Nimitz Adams - MIA

    Michael Shaddox - Active

  2. I suppose, the descision is yours Fleet Commander. We'll see how he goes with some added responcibility...

    With Reiner von Schaffen MIA, fleet group Pegasus is without a wing leader, its either that or CIOPs... CIOPs is probably the better option... and Urza has been quite active also, not in this forum perhaps but others... He is a member of Pegasus and would make a good wing leader for it also...


    Has anyone heard from DeSylva since August?

    Im going to finish the website at geocities, the most annoying thing about the site is though i'll have to upload the news page everytime I want to post, oh well... thats life.

    I'll add your profile Rip onto the roster page, and we'll see if I can't find those damn logo gifs...

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  3. I got the name Myrmidon from the game Freespace II, which gets all its Terran ship names from greek mythology, its Vasudan ship names from Egyptian religion and Shivan ship names from Hindu religion.

    Myrmidon in greek legend, is any inhabitant of Phthiotis in Thessaly.

    P.S. Epsilon 5, the SSD Executor is only 8 km long according to X-Wing Alliance and I think also the SW website.

  4. COMMANDERS PERSONAL LOG: Keenan, Jerold Ryan

    CURRENT LOCATION: Officers Quarters, GCV-Myrmidon - Saturn Region, Sol System

    TIME: 0700hrs, 18/5/15

    Ship Status:

    Shields: 100%

    Hull: 100%

    Condition: Green


    "Mother, activate encryption algorithim JRK-63311 Theta 19, begin log.

    Omicron's debriefing has been completed, and the Myrmidon is heading out now on its next mission. Course has been set to the planet Nevuela, we're to pick up some Class-12 Surveillance Probes, and transport them to Wraith HQ.

    I hope they enjoy their new toys. Mother, end log and save."


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  5. I assume that the site where Reiner von Schaffen uploaded the pics, has either cancelled his account, or is no longer letter other sites display pictures from their site.

    Due to Reiner von Schaffen's inactivity, we can't get him to fix it. We're going to have to find another place to upload them...

    Any suggestions?

    I believe I have a copy of all the different logos on my computer.

    Btw, Rip good work on your profile... i'll add it to the site once everyone else decides to hand theirs in too (Heh, like that would happen ).

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  6. Alright, I want to start seeing people posting their logs each month again! You've all had 10 months rest from doing it, but we're going to start again... so you've all got until November 30th to get your log entry in!

    I'm not asking anything from you that i'm not going to do myself, so here goes my log for the month:

    COMMANDERS PERSONAL LOG: Keenan, Jerold Ryan

    CURRENT LOCATION: Commanders Quarters, GCV-Myrmidon - Antis Region, Trenis Solar System

    TIME: 1845hrs, 13/5/15

    Ship Status:

    Shields: 0% (Cloaking Device Activated)

    Hull: 100%

    Condition: Green, Cloak Activated - Radiation Level: 46%


    "Mother, activate encryption algorithim JRK-38927 Lambda 46, begin log.

    After hours of avoiding Insurgent patrols we've reached the Antis region, and Spectre station. Radiation levels are rising, and we can't hide here to let them die down without being spotted by Spectre fleet. The mole, codenamed: Omicron, who we are here to extract is preparing to leave the station from its tertiary transporter room soon. We are maneuvering into position to receive him. As soon as he transports over, the stations sensors will detect the unauthorized beam out and attempt to redirect the tachyon-matter stream, fortunatly another agent in the stations operations centre has successful linked a device to the main computer core, which will convince the main computer that the sensors have been "accidently" knocked out by a simulated explosion destroying the power relays. Hopefully none of the ships patrolling nearby will detect the tachyon surge, and we will be able to get home without being detected.

    I better get to the bridge before he transports over in case of an emergency. Mother, end log and save."


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  7. Sick of flying dangerous, gung-ho combat missions for paranoid Fleet Commanders?

    Angry at the desertion of GALCOM's homeworlds while Prime, Wraith and Orion gallivant across the Galaxy and focus their attention on the Gammulan quadrant?

    Sick of ignoring the enemies in our own back yard?

    The ISS fleet may be for you! InSystem Support coordinates home system defensive networks, intelligence and espionage information, and offers a position for ships who specialise in alternative combat roles, such as minesweeping, medical evacuation, or anything else. We may also be offering contracts to independent forces, and enquiries are welcome.

    The ISS is currently recruiting new commanders to fill their expanded defensive network. With the BC:Millenium multiplayer patch and BC:Generations on the horizon, the ISS Fleet is on the lookout for multiplayers who can provide services to the fleet. We are also looking for writers, RPers, or anyone else who wants to join a fleet that doesn't concentrate on L33T MPers with Cable...*grin*.

    In real-life terms, the ISS Fleet caters to both multiplayers, and role-players.

    In the new millenium, the darkness is approaching. Face it with support. InSystem Support.

    To Join the fleet, please do the following:

    [*]Send an e-mail to [email protected] requesting permission to join the fleet.

    [*]Fill out the form below and send it to the same address, an example of the form filled out can be seen below this list.

    [*]Join the insystemsupport yahoogroup, which can be located here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/insystemsupport/

    That's all!

    CHARACTER FULL NAME: Jerold Ryan Keenan



    CHARACTER SHIP/VEHICLE NAME AND CLASS: GCV-Myrmidon (Galactan - Battlecruiser Mk II)

    DATE OF BIRTH: 9th September 2976

    PLACE OF BIRTH: London, England (EARTH - SOL)

    CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: 6' 4.5", 95 kg, has dark brown/grey hair, beard and blue eyes.

    CHARACTER HISTORY: Jerold Keenan was born in London, England on Earth. He went to St. PaulÔÇÖs school and graduated in the 98th percentile. Later he attended Galcom Academy (Mars) in the year 3003. Graduated from the academy in the 97th percentile on the 27th January 3009. Served on the Solnar-class GCV Delacroix as flight officer for two months until its destruction at the hands of pirates. The commander put him in for a promotion because of his skill as a pilot and was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Senior Grade. He later served on the GCV Dionysus as flight officer. During a patrol of the space around Pluto the GCV Dionysus picked up an SOS signal coming from a civilian cargo barge, under attack from pirates. The Dionysus intercepted the pirates and drove them off to Pluto. The Dionysus pursued them however the only sign of the ships once they reached Pluto was their wreckage on the planets surface. Commander Samuel Cain, Lieutenant Keenan and a squad of marines transported to the surface to inspect the wreckage. 2 squads of pirate troops ambushed them, and the Commander Cain was knocked unconscious and wounded. Lieutenant Keenan took command of the squad and with his help they managed to fight off the pirates. For his skill in combat Lieutenant Senior Grade Keenan was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was assigned as Combat Officer aboard the newly commissioned battlecruiser GCV Myrmidon. The first mission of the GCV Myrmidon was a patrol through the Polaris system. During the mission, the ship was ambushed by Insurgent vessels, and then boarded. Commander Henry Moneo and Lieutenant Commander Caitlin Vern were killed in a firefight in the bridge. After their deaths, Combat Officer Jerold Keenan took command and so the Myrmidon managed to reach Polaris-1. Local Galcom forces destroyed the pursuing Insurgent vessels. Because of the GCV Myrmidons lack of a Commander and because of how well Lieutenant Commander Keenan handled the situation, he was promoted to the rank of commander and made commanding officer of the GCV Myrmidon. In the late 3010 Jerold Keenan given the position of CIOPS director, which he held until the ISS fleet was later restructured in the year 3015. In 3015 Jerold Keenan was made head of Intelligence Command.

    REAL NAME: Ben Stephenson


    E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]


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  8. quote:


    Guess ISS aren't the only ones who are being lazy...

    Don't count the Insurgency out or lazy, Jerold. Remember, even if the other fleets are temporarily out of contact, you still have Bishamon Fleet to contend with.[/QB]

    A well placed comment here, a little deception there... and your enemy can be completely blinded to your true intentions... Challenge your preconceptions, before they challenge you Shohashi...

    Don't take anything at face value, especially my Intelligence Command... mwuah hah hah hah, this will be fun.

    [ 11-04-2002, 04:44 AM: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]

  9. Jesus bloody Christ... I can't belive this!

    30 days!?! A MONTH!!! And still NOBODY manages to hand in a character profile. I'm absolutely stunned, I admit we all have lives and we have to live them but all it would take would be 30 minutes max to make a profile, and then another 5 max to make the post!

    oh well... "Shikata ga nai."...

    There's no helping it.

    I'm still a little dissapointed though!

    [ 10-27-2002, 02:32 AM: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]

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