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  1. Your probably right Hamblin... How long does it take mail to reach america? a couple of weaks? I'll be happy when I know this jerk can't touch my stuff! (The last time I saw tringad's house it was in one piece, hmmmm.... Oh well)
  2. I found tringads house torn to shreds... NOW HE'S ATTACKING OTHER ISS FLEET STUFF!!! If this guy doesn't stop it... I'll hunt em down like a dog!
  3. Sorry guys, I've already fixed up my offices. This person is a real bloody CENSORED CENSORED with as much bravery as a CENSORED!!! SHOW YOUR FACE! IF I CATCH EM, I'LL DO REALLY NASTY THINGS! [ 06-24-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  4. The jerk's gone and changed the pictures in silks bar.. and at the front... I found out when i was telling Chrono where the directory was... WE'RE GONNA MAKE THIS $%#@#%@# PAY! I think...
  5. Someone's been changing the pictures in my house and moving the bloody floor around! I JUST BLOODY FINISHED THE BUILDING! IF I GET MY HANDS ON THE LITTLE WORM WHO DAMAGED MY BUILDING I'LL... I'LL... DO SOMETHING!
  7. I've started a site about my ship and crew, tell me what you think people! By the way, I had a look around the Commanders Village in active worlds... cool ISS HQ! the sites address is here: http://gcvmyrmidon.homestead.com/news.html [ 06-18-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  8. COMMANDERS LOG: JEROLD KEENAN GCV MYRMIDON, ISS FLEET, FLIGHT GROUP GRYPHON TIME: 10:47:23 18/08/10 Ship Status: Shields: 68% Hull: 43% Condition: Red We were patrolling around the... Lennen/Polaris-2 jump gate. They came out of no where, they must have had a cloak of some kind. We managed to fight off what seemed a small cruiser group, no more than 2 or 3 ships... No fighter escort. We have suffered heavy damage, bridge viewer is down! Nuclear reactor was heavily damaged during the fight but we managed to keep it from blowing. We're returning to Renegade station for repairs. END OF LOG
  9. Hey is anybody else having the same troubles with the ISS website as me? The Backgrounds aren't appearing, and they're just coming up with some kind of crosswinds place holder images or something. Is is just me?!?
  10. Hmmm... yeah, thats a good idea. Similar to those RP thread thingys at the ISS website. We could make stories using our logs, each log can be the next part in the story. For example if you look at my first log, I could continue the story and make it so i'm attacked whilst escorting the supply ships by insurgents of something in my next log. Pretty good idea, Wing Leader [ 05-07-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  11. This is Commander Keenan reporting in as ordered, sir!
  12. COMMANDERS LOG: JEROLD KEENAN GCV MYRMIDON, ISS FLEET, FLIGHT GROUP GRYPHON TIME: 17:04:54 05/07/10 Ship Status: Shields: 0% (Lowered) Hull: 100% Condition: Green We have been sent to Syrius System, we are currently 1500km from Lyrius and we are getting ready to make the jump to Lennen to escort a supply ship headed for Krystar, in Tau Ranis. I haven't been informed as to what the cargo is, however command gave me orders and im going to follow them. Once we reach Krystar the transport will land and unload the cargo at the base. Its probably just some stuff for the scientists there to tinker with. END OF LOG [ 05-07-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  13. I'd just like to say hello to all the members of the ISS fleet, i'm Cmdr Jerold Keenan, CO of the GCV Myrmidon... I'm joining ISS, and my info will probably be up on the site in a few days.
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