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  1. The new Galcom HQ is absolutely AWESOME!!! GOD, THAT BUGGERS 30K LONG!

    XP1 is going to be so SWEET!

    BCO is going to be a pain, imagin how long it would take to walk from one end of the station to the other INSIDE it... Without using teleporters, lifts or trams if would take hours.

    I'm drooling in anticipation!

  2. As I said before, I'm ok with self defense, and protecting other peopl (ok I didn't say that one), but in both instances I won't try to kill the person anyway. Just prevent them from killing myself or other people.

    And with that, after they've killed/raped/whatever and once they've done their sentence are released, well, I'd think in that instance you just don't release them. Stick em in a room, give em nothin but three meals of bread and water for the rest of their lives and let them sit there and go quietly insane, teach em they were wrong to do it, prevents them from doin it again...

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  3. If you take the life of another for punishment, you are no different than the criminals themselves.

    You people are so happy with the death sentence, ok, so lets say someone was found guilty of murder, the evidence has been brought to question but the juries were pretty sure the person did, the judge decided he wound be executed. Now let's say if fell to you to pull the switch, and fry their brains... would you do it? Could you live with yourself knowing, that there is even the remotest possibility of them being innocent? I myself even if they were absolutely found guilty wouldn't press the button, for reasons that are my own. But I ask the question, would you do it? And I ask seriously, no jokes. Would you take anothers life?

    By supporting the death sentence you might as well be pressing the button yourself.

  4. Someone taking anothers life DOES NOT! In my opinion (And i'm always right ) justify taking the life of another, they should be kept from doing harm to other individuals, and their privileges such as TV, games etc. should be taken away.

    I perfectly happy here in good ol' Australia, no death sentence, well, 'cept for two crimes I know of, Treason and Cowardice in battle. But I think that's just inherited from the UK.

  5. Well, in my opinion. Killing is wrong as a punishment, self-defence is OK... but only then because It may be nessersary to do so to keep yourself alive.

    If a person kills another, I say lock em up for 5 decades... see if they still want to go on a psychotic crusade, and if they do... just keep'm in there. They can have a padded room next to mine!

    It also saves people from unfortunate screw-up's like what happened to that girl, although... life imprisonment isn't much better than death, it still is better.

    I wouldn't mind being locked up, so long as they let me read.

  6. I hope sometime to way siege to a world with a fleet or something, god, how long would that take... weeks?. You'd need a full carrer just to take/destroy a single base and sometimes more.

    Ahhh *day dreams*, I really look forward to the day when BCO comes out... I'll be fighting with a taskforce of marines on Lyrius helping Wraith fleet clear the planet of raiders. Grenades flying, fighters strafing overhead. Gunfire everywhere, TOTAL MAYHEM! *Laughs insanely*.

  7. eh, I think Farscape rocks... that and Stargate SG-1...

    If you don't agree with me, well then sue me!

    However I'm also looking foward to the B5 movie, unfortunaly I haven't seen the last 5 epsisodes of B5 or the last movie... they bloody don't have them at any of the video stores near me.

  8. Well if I had control over a shipyard of engineers I would design a ship like that with stealth ability (as in you can't target it, thats whats supposed to be stealthy about it ).

    You don't like my ships? Fine... I don't like some of your ships .

    Anyway, I mainly got the idea from Freespace 2, they have a ship... the pegasus, which hides from sensors due to its very low EM emissions. Not enough of anything for sensors to lock on to, however the ship is incredibly weak and poorly armed.

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  9. If I was to design a ship, it would probably be a stealth fighter (I like being stealthy, after all.... I am an Intelligence guy) and really fast too!... lets see here's a little picture and some stats:

    Hull: 150 Units

    Shields: 50 Units

    Speed: 2850

    Weapons: 1 IOD

    Spectre Image

    I'm unsure whether the image will appear at the link I provided, but take a looksie anyways

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  10. Christ, I won't be hosting any servers for some time!

    I guess I'll just have to settle for being occasionally let into the Fleet server or joining others.

    I think the only system req I have met is the 16mb 3D card to join a server as a client... thank god I have a Geforce 3 Titanium 500... the rest of my computer is ****. Except maybe the 21 inch monitor... WIDE SCREEN!

  11. Briefing of recent events

    By Jerold Ryan Keenan

    Commander, Head of Intelligence Command


    Alright DeSylva told me to make this for those ISS commanders who have been asleep for that past month, and haven’t been keeping up like a certain FC I know…*cough* *Jamont* *cough*, here is a little briefing to bring you up to speed.

    1. The Supreme Commander banned Commander Epsilon 5 from the 3000ad forum, the reasons for which I will not mention in this briefing, and the SC, fed up with having to police us all the time decided he was going to close down the forums.

    2. Most of the Fleet Commanders and Administrators got together and came up with the idea to create a new fan hub and forum to replace 3000ad… Starstation: Centron. Even now DeSylva and others continue to work on the site, the forum for the site is already up and can be found here: http://bcforum.i8i.co.uk/..

    3. The SC has decided to give ‘Cadet’ Epsilon 5 another chance, and has reinstated his posting privileges, and has delayed the act of closing the 3000ad forums. Once Epsilon 5 has ‘graduated’ from the Orion academy I’m sure Blades will reinstate him as the Orion-Flight Group Destrier Wing Leader.

    So Jamont? Still confused? Now hand over that BBQ sauce before I dunk you in acid! Heh heh heh…

    Now, I don't want to see anymore posts in this forum unless it's for roleplaying or tech support? You can use the new BC Commander's Community Forum for everything else!

    Keenan out.

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