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  1. Here sir, yes sir, sir yes sir! MY SAUCE!
  2. If I choose custom I get a picture of a girl commander picture I made... Isn't that supposed to be my flight officer Cassandra Flemming? hehehe... I guess there was a little mix up. I think my proper picture is No. 137 [ 01-03-2002: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  3. Kewl, I was wondering if anyone would notice I snuck my picture into there... hehehe. Thanks SC.
  4. Hey SC, you may want to use some of these pictures for avatars. Commander Avatar's Zip File
  5. I think I might have smurf for dinner...
  6. Speaking of sigs... is your quote right? It's different from the one at the BC Community forum there it's: 'Me Cadet? No? Wait, you're right!' here it's: 'Me Cadet? No? Of damn, you're right!' Of damn? Not very good english... but I suppose it is your second language? I'm not nearly as good at Japanese as you are at english, so i'm not really one to talk... hehehe.
  7. Alright Alright, I'll tell EB to cancel my order... and i'll order one from BMT Micro, shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks.
  8. Seeyou when you get back Urza, have fun
  9. Really? Well, i'll work all this out with them... at least they haven't taken my money and I can still cancel the order (They don't take your money till they ship the game!). Everyone, I suggest you just go back to congradulating the SC on his speech and game etc. I think we've gone a little off topic.
  10. Alrighty then, could people please stop using this RP thread for ship info? Heh heh heh, start another thread somewhere, I'm sure their's a forum for it. Please keep everything on topic!
  11. I just looked in the old BC3k appendix I got when I downloaded the game...
  12. quote:Originally posted by Tac: 6'2"? Youre not a man, you're a dinosaur 6'2"? My dads that tall! ...i'm 6'5"... hehehehe
  13. Check the log files commander, your Nightstar and a really big butt-ricking awaits! Heh heh heh.
  14. COMMANDERS LOG: JEROLD KEENAN RENEGADE STATION, ISS FLEET Station Status: Shields: 100% Hull: 100% Condition: Green Commander Keenan walked down the dark corridor, passing a couple of ensigns chatting as they fixed a broken ETS relay. He walked up to a large Titanium door, at least a foot thick. He placed his hand over the keypad to the doors left and entered his security code. The door seperated into two pieces with a hiss, both sides slid into the walls. Keenan walked through the doorway up to the cell in which a young commander was held. 'There he is, whoee. If he was the one that gave Shaddox that bruise on the noggin, I really don't want to get into a fight with this guy,' thought Keenan. "Deactivate the lock, and open the cell door private," said Keenan to one of the guards in the large detention area. "Aye sir!" replied the guard. He went over to the keypad next to the door, tapped a few keys and the door to Commander Rip's cell hissed open. "So your the young wipper snapper that caused all that ruckus in the lounge last night. I'm in the right mind to demote you and hand you a pilots uniform... so I don't want to hear any smart-arse comments, do you understand commander?" Commander Rip got up off his bunk and stood up straight. "Yes sir," he replied. "Good, now follow me. Your going to really need to suck-up to Ristar if you still want that Department head position," Keenan shook his head and thought, 'God... this guy is sooooooo dead when Ristar gets ahold of him. That guys like a drill sergeant on steroids, he even makes me look like a wuss. Suppose thats what you get when you have a FC with a background as a ground pounder.' Keenan started again. "Still, I doubt you've got a chance now. Did you know that Ristar was once a marine? Well, your in for a treat I bet. I'm just sorry that I couldn't be their when he decides to toss you out the nearest airlock." Keenan finished, showing off an evil grin. END OF LOG [ 12-27-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  15. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: I think I see your problem, Jerold. Lookie here Read the whole page. Looks like you can get in on the holiday offer.. [ 12-27-2001: Message edited by: Wolferz ] Yeah I wished I'd noticed it sooner, I was previously under the impression that I could only get the game from EB Games. Too late now I guess, they already have the order and the game ready... their just taking their time sending it. *Sigh*, well... I guess they have to enjoy the holidays as well.
  16. Let me see, the Starion is the new ship technolgicially advanced Heavy Carrier, nice and fast and doesn't really sacrifice armour or weapons. Few are allowed to have them in ISS (By order of FC DeSylva, because their suppose to be in demand or something ) Then their is the good old Galactan, the Battlecruiser Mk II which you fly in the original game bc3k. And my favourite, not only does it look kewl, it's a nice average Heavy Carrier... unfortunatly it doesn't have the firepower or speed of some of the larger Heavy Carriers such as the Megaron or the Starion. Oh and Finally, the good old Battlcruiser Mk. 1... and only those who have ever read the old RP threads or the bc3k appendix I think would know it's other name is the Constellation. It's pretty kewl looking, however it's one of the weaker heavy carriers I think... not sure, haven't checked it's stats in a while... Still, It's supposed to one of the faster and more maneuverable of the heavy carriers. I'm thinking I may loose my Galactan sometime and go with a Megaron or Starion... not sure, i'll try them out when I get the game... If I ever do get that bloody game! Urgg!
  17. [RP] Steam started coming out of Keenan's ears, his face turned tomato red, the veins in his eyes bulged out and his left eye twiched constantly. "Clean... the inside... i'll clean your insides you pompous windbag! PREPARE FOR OBLIVIONS EMBRACE! YA HYA CHOUHADA! ALL HAIL BBQ SAUCE!" Keenan got the waxing cloth and shoved it into Jamonts ear and pulled it out the other, then he dragged him by the cloth into a nearby shuttle, strapped him into the chair and gagged him with his bandana. Keenan set the shuttles course for the sun, and instructed the shuttle to engage hyperdrive once it left the planets gravitational field. Keenan then left the shuttle and ran as far as he could before it lifted off, flew through the hanger bay door up through the atmosphere and into space. About three days later, the shuttle finally reached the suns corona, the shuttles armour and integrity were steadily falling, Jamont was sweating like an egyptian slave pulling a 5 ton stone block. Ever so slowly, did the shuttle go closer... and closer to the sun until finnaly... And from Earth, Fleet Commander Keenan (Newly promoted because the previous fleet XO had dissapeared under mysterious circumstances), sat sunbathing in a chair by the beech looking at the sun through a special telascope which filtered out the harmful rays and part of the intense light. He watched as Jamonts shuttle dove into the sun and made a little *pip* sound. And everyone of importance lives happily ever after! [/RP] Enjoy the story? Their's a moral in their for you to find! Let this be a lesson to you... don't make me work to long without having a lunch break for a BBQ sauce and pepper sandwiches, or, you most likely will find yourself with a big old boot impression on your butt. Capeche? BTW, PLEASE DON'T DEMOTE ME! I WAS ONLY KIDDING! [ 12-27-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  18. [RP] Commander Keenan puts on his antique bandana which his ancestor got at a special showing of the movie "Karate Kid", Keenan walks up to Jamonts Starion and starts waxing. "I don't see why I have to bloody wax his friggen battlecruiser, thats work for flight engineers and ensigns! I'm bloody head of Intelligence Command for crying out loud, if I ever get alone with him in a dark alley or something i'm really going too... going too... bagh!" Keenan grunts and throws the cloth he was given to wax the ship with onto the dirty titanium floor. A couple of hours later Jamont walks into the hanger to check Keenan's progress and he thinks to himself, 'How can I possibly tease Keenan more with my superior rank?', Jamont grinned, 'I know... hah hah hah'. "ATEN-HUT!" Shouted Fleet Commander Jamont. Keenan was startled but quickly snapped to attention. [/RP] I'll let you Jamont think off something nasty... Might I suggest decarbonizing your ships sub-molecular quantum vortex disablization photon modulation inhibiter device? Where the **** did I pull that from?
  19. [RP] ... 'nough said... [/RP] Lets see, your fairly active, you've been here since when? January 2000 or something? You understand ISS's purpose, how it works... you've participated in RP threads which is a good thing to do! Thats all I can think of at the top of my head at the moment... hmmm... not very special... j/k (PLEASE DON'T MAKE BE WAX YOUR BATTLECRUISER OH FLEET XO PERSON!) hehehe
  20. quote:Originally posted by DeSylva: CIOPs is semi-autonomous. In the command structure, it is only placed under Intelligence Command for convenience. In reality, it is wholly outside the command structure. Commander Ristar answers to the ISS Fleet Commander (ie. me) and Galactic Command Fleet Command only - the rest of the ISS chain of command does not apply to him. I thought it was something like that.
  21. It isn't classified, heh heh... And the answer is Fleet Commander Ristar... I'm not sure if he's also my boss, being a Fleet Commander and all, I also don't know whether I'm his boss or we're equal... this command structure is a little confusing: See, I'm head of Intelligence Command: That is, Flight Group Chimaera and CIOPS And all the flight groups and CIOPS have their own individual wing leaders, and Ristar is the CIOPS Director (Wing Leader)... so he's above me, and he's also below me... I think I remember DeSylva once said that the real reason he put a Psychotic BBQ sauce-aholic in charge of IntelCOM was because i'm more active than Ristar (He's barely ever around). Anyways, if you want more info on CIOPS and how they operate, you'll have to ask Ristar... it's his baby. [ 12-27-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  22. I need the game to register, and it's not my fault EB games aren't sending my order! BELIEVE ME! I WILL TO REGISTER AS SOON AS I CAN!!! ...those 'not nice people', have been sitting on top of a crate with my order in it for the past 8 DAYS!... If anyone should be cranky, IT'S ME!
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