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  1. From my family I got a cheap watch that... and $255 so I can buy the presents that I want, first on the list BCM! WHOOHOO! I'm spoilt rotten! Well, if i'm lucky i'll have BCM by mid-late January me thinks... stupid EB games have had my order 'On Hold' for the past 8 days... Me wants the game!!! BCM... BCM... i'll give all my money for BCM! [ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  2. In-System Support Fleet: The ISS Flee's provides a multi-racial defensive network within GalCOM territories, and trys to coordinates intelligence and espionage activities between GalCOM forces. The ISS Fleet is divided into two Commands. The Defence Command consists of a number of wings which form a flexible defensive network throughout the home systems of GalCOM member nations. The Intelligence and Espionage Command coordinates intelligence and espionage activities on behalf of GalCOM throughout the known galaxy, and also operates Central Intelligence OPerationS (CIOPS). In short: ISS Fleet Mission 1. To follow all GalCOM directives. 2. To provide a security and early warning network for GalCOM Nations, and to respond in force to invasion or threat of invasion. 3. To coordinate intelligence and espionage activities within GalCOM. That enough info for you? Hehehe [ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  3. quote:Originally posted by demolition: Galactan battlecruiser? those are in BC3K, but not in BCM in BCM there are MK1, MK2, MK3 i suggest you adjust that i'll rp in here shortly Constellation = Battlecruiser Mk 1 Galactan = Battlecruiser Mk 2 Starion = Battlecruiser Mk 3 Get it? Got it? Good!
  4. Hey SC, great speech! As long as your making the greatest games on the face of the Earth, i'm going to be here waiting quietly for them to go gold... all the while eating my BBQ sauce sandwiches! [ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  5. People, you can forget most of what has happened before this post in the thread. I've changed the date of the story to 3017, re-arranged my ships characters to their defaults... and i'm forgetting all my crazy idea's for my story . Just join in and have fun people, I REALLY REALLY need something to do while I wait for bloody EB Games to ship my BCM copy!!!!
  6. I guess I'll have to wait for you to graduate before I can list you as the Wing Leader of Destrier again... hehe hehe. Welcome back, Cadet Epsilon 5... heh heh heh.
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    Down Time

    quote:Originally posted by Commander Jamont: Ill keep em in line ,hehe pass me the sauce No Comment.
  8. Once this forum is closed, log's shall be posted at the ISS Forum at the ISS Website here: http://www.extreemgaaf.nl/~crazyfxp/iss/index.ie.html Members which have not registered at that forum, please do so. And remember to check the site each day if possible, for updates. We can live through this people Keenan out.
  9. The universe is collapsing around us, looks like someone has used a Apocalypse device, or something similar... Fleet Commander Karl "Blades" Savage, of Orion Fleet has resigned and in his place, he has left Greg Millar as Fleet Commander. Blades, good luck to you... Hope one day you'll return to Galactic Command Keenan out
  10. If things don't look brighter soon, we may be needing a new village keeper in active worlds as well. To think, I was just talking to Epsilon 5 before all this happened. Damn shame.
  11. Hey Eihort, I suggest you choose what fighter your going to have! Right now your listed as a Heavy Fighter-class. Could Paul Brown and Salisbury choose their ships already? P.S. DeSylva, could you upload the new roster i'll put it on the insystemsupport yahoo group in a sec. thanks
  12. If I find out to the frelling did this... i'll.. i'll... HAND THEM OVER TO MY BEST FRIENDS SISTER... *eeewww* thats too mean! Seriously, i'll do something nasty! *evil grin* btw, nothing to do with active worlds... how long did it take for you to get BCM after you ordered it? I just did. [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  13. I guess I'm the only person who's stuff has been significantly damaged, what am I saying? Frell, ALL MY STUFF WAS SIGNIFICANTLY ANNIHILATED! I WANT REVENGE! Are you sure it's not just another tourist building wipe?
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    I've finally ordered the bugger, $180... god almight, i'm going to be mowing the lawn for weeks. heh heh heh.
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