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  1. Yeah, one of the FC's should hurry up and approve his registration on the fleet db. hehehe
  2. Who the Frell do they think they are? This is outrangious... I'm in the right mind to kick their butts from here a couple of astromical units away into the void. This is WRONMG! Yotz, Menchise... I think your Directory is going to need a little updadting
  3. I visited the Commander;s village last night, and someone had torn the walls OFF MY HOUSE! So I fixed it... 'nough said.
  4. ELITE FORCE MARINES LOG: MICHAEL NATHAN SHADDOX MARINE CORP, 7th Elite Force Battalion I just got off duty a couple a hours ago, so I went and visited the rec room on Renegade station... heh. Geeze, I can't imagine how so many low-lifes managed to get on board this station? Bah, the security around here is a load of [censored]. Iremember the good ol days when I flew a Interceptor, but then that got borin! No one could hit me, he he *cough* errrmmm... Ok, ahhh... I'm just going to end this log entry, Ive had maybe a bottle to many... and i'm going to [cernsored] hurl. END OF LOG [ 12-13-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  5. I'd like to welcome to the fleet a another new member, looks like your going to have a wingman Cur! Heh heh . Everyone give a warm welcome to Ensign Cedric Boseman aka Eihort. Welcome into the fray
  6. A yeah, sort of... ummm... Yes the mk 1 2 and 3 battlecruiser all have alternate names: Constellation - Mk I Galactan - Mk II Starion - Mk III I've listed you as a Starion in the roster... for now... it depends how DeSylva reacts to my request, but still, I don't see what all the fuss about starions is either, yeah their new, but their nothing really special! Ok, could someone upload the new Roster page I've put up at the insystemsupport yahoo group? thanks.
  7. As I've mentioned in another post, Starions at this point in time have been restricted by DeSylva... Only Wing Leaders and higher can use them at the moment, but all the Wing Leaders are using Firestorms anyway... hehehe. Don't feel to bad your not the only one who wants a Starion and can't get one, Jacen wants one two, you know how it is... supply and demand. Well according to DeSylva we don't have the supplies to meet the demand... and so far, we have only two Starions in the whole bloody fleet: Jamont's and Ristar's. HEY DESYLVA! Would it be possible to have a couple Starions in Intelcom? Right now, we're outnumbered by Defence Command a little over 2:1... and half their number are bloody Firestorms... hehehe . I think it would be a little fairer if CIOPS were given, at least for now a number of Starions we could award to members who prove themselves worthy, lets say three or so? That way, even though we're fewer in number... we have technology good enough to do our job well. Btw, fix your signature... the proper link to the CIOPS animated logo is here: http://www.hivemedia.co.za/images/ciops_web.gif [ 12-13-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  8. quote:Originally posted by Rip: I would feel bad about it taking me four tries to figure it out, had I not seen the umpteen posts by an unnamed senior officer. Gee, I wonder who I could possibly be talking about? Hmmmm.... I think you better talk to DeSylva about having a Starion (Battlecruiser Mk III), he has restricted their use for the time being, sorry . [ 12-13-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  9. Ask a simple question, and get an answer that is to complex to comprehend... *sigh*.
  10. quote:Originally posted by buckthesystem: I second that motion! firestorm all the way. It's slow, but so is a tank and thats what the firestorm is, an uber tank. and you can't go wrong with 8 super fighters. Heh heh, yeah. Now while i'm posting on this forum... WILL THE FOLLOWING COMMANDERS PLEASE! GIVE ME THEIR SHIP TYPE CHOISES?!?! [*]Harrison Salisbury [*]Melcar DeVaal [*]Paul Brown [*]Jared Denarim [*]Commander Rip Thanks for your time people. P.S. Reiner, check your private messages. [ 12-12-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  11. Judging by the Appendix on Nova's site (Outdated), I suggest you go with the firestorm if you want a super carrier
  12. COMMANDERS LOG: JEROLD KEENAN GCV-MYRMIDON, ISS FLEET, INTELCOM, FLIGHT GROUP CHIMAERA TIME: 11:49:54 04/04/15 Ship Status: Shields: 100% Hull: 100% Condition: Green Boy-oh-boy was the Myrmidon busted up in our last skirmish. There even was an undetonated STS-Vagrant lodged into the port nacelle, If that blew I would have had plasma fires raging across the sub-deck, phew. Anyway, we're all patched up and once I can pull my officers away from Galcom HQ's rec room... we'll head out, I've been receiving reports of increased numbers of raider ships in the Omicron Eridani system... I have to find out where their getting all these new ships. END OF LOG
  13. Just while i'm poking through the Roster and the Database, could one of the Fleet Commnaders please change my ship type and launch base to this: Ship Type: Battlecruiser Mk II Launch Base: ISS HQ
  14. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---Receiving Incoming Transmission--- Attention ISS Commander's Alright, seeing that i'm the official Roster-Man, I need to know what everyones ship is so I can make the changes... Check the roster to see what class your allowed, then check back here when you've decided the type... By the way, Epsilon five... what is your ship type and which station is your launch base, Orion? I've got you in the Roster as the wing leader of Destrier Lucky for you, you get whatever ship class you and your superiors see fit. I'll add Commander Rip to the roster shortly as well, PLEASE! Could people get back to me quickly about the type of ship they've chosen... I want to put all the ship types in quickly and then give the roster to DeSylva and Jamont to put on the site! *sigh* Unfortunatly, I haven't a clue how to put it up myself... That is all people, Commander Keenan out. ---Transmission Ends--- Whould you like to here it again?
  15. What's the matter Jamont? You feelin a little lonely in Unicorn wing by yourself?
  16. I can't change the shape of the default commanders face... all I can do is make a new skin for it, so this guys head is the same size, as is mine to the default commander's head.
  17. Welcome to the fray Don't forget to fill out the form at the ISS website! And to join the insystemsupport yahoo group! If you aren't happy with the flight group/wing you've been assigned to talk to one of the Fleet Commander's, that is either DeSylva, Jamont or Ristar... they're the only people with the ability to change a persons assignment. Once again, Welcome to the fray [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]
  18. You see your evil brother (who you suspect is a gammulan spy) so you decide to space em, your hand reaches down to pull your SCAT1 pistol from the holster and fire away but it's missing, "Damn, must have left it in my shuttle (car)!"
  19. quote:Look at all the pretty lights... I wonder what this button does... I think this is a big mistake... Gareth DeSylva is that you... What have you done to your hair? I've been sniffing medpacks again!
  20. I wonder what it would look like it I put DeSylva's face... or even the SC's on it... Mwuah hah hah hah. Bizzare indeed!
  21. Heh heh heh, I had a little fun in bc studio... tell me what you think! Gawd I look wierd in this!
  22. I've already put the modified page up in the insystemsupport yahoo group... in html format. Oh well, you can just open it in notepad if ya want...
  23. Is it just me, or is the roster so completely OUT-OF-DATE? *sigh*, fix-it-man Keenan to the rescue! I'll put the new one in the insystemsupport yahoo group, i've got one there already thats up to date, but the color scheme is still old. *sigh*.
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