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  1. Thanks for the intended revamping of speed controls, it's a lifesaver. The problem with the current layout on sticks like the x45 with the rudder and throttle on a second controller is that you needed 3 hands. One for the W key, one for the joystick and one for the rudder (its not on a twist stick on this Saitek stick/throttle combo). But problem looks like being solved. Great service.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Tyrn: For now, use the transporter for planetside troop deployment or man the shuttle yourself and manually deploy. The waypoint deployment issue is being reviewed in Area 51. Keep an eye on the VCF (you'll note that the issue is already listed there) for further developments. Thanks, will do. Thee are plenty of other ways i can get them all killed.
  3. quote:Originally posted by acintron: Hello all, I have been following this post carefully becuase I have the same problem. No manner what I do, I just can't get those marines out of the shuttle. I prep a few marines for combat, when they are ready I send them on their way to a shuttle. I set 2 waypoints with the second one with orders to deploy. I make sure that my set point is in an area of a city where there are no building so that the shuttle will not have a problem landing. The same thing happens as what SteveM describes. It shows the shuttle landing then a quick dustoff back to the CC. I did read 7.19 in the book and believe I did everything correct. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance acintron I've given up trying, I'm missing something about setting teams possibly, no matter how I deploy marines to a shuttle they are listed as crew and in the launch part of tacops I never get a "deploy team" option. Can't get a shuttle extraction either but no matter though, the teleport works fine for both, I can use that and get on with exploring other aspects of the game. Life's too short and the game too big to worry about a minor problem when there are other techniques to use and the Sol system to explore.
  4. I'll give it a go when Gold arrives, i'm sure once I crack it I'll be kicking myself silly.
  5. Thanks Sc, I'm certain it works as advertised, I'm just not seeing the blindingly obvious. I can get the shuttle to land but it just starts the dust-off count-down and RTB's. Hopefully i'll have better luck with the gold version. Is it possible I'm somehow setting a waypoint below ground level (he said grasping at straws)? Anyway, I can beam the buggers down and avoid the problem. It's minor anyway and in no way detracts from anything. Part of the fun is discovering all the possibilities and potentials. And even in instant action training the experience is awesome, the ship to ship battles, the constant tension of knowing there's a cloak ship lurking, the beating I gave my own shin when I forgot to turn off the power to the shuttle bay and intruders half inch my last shuttle. Cads and bounders. It's just not cricket! Pleased to say my proselytysing on the X2 forum, where i'm the moderator of the Off-topic bit (and am adopting your suffer no fools gladly approach), is paying off with at least one purchaser of Gold. Try not to let the influx of riches go to your head. I enjoyed FL for what it was, a jolly decent shoot-em-up, but couldn't shake the ghost of promises past or ignore the constant feeling that with just a few extra features it could have been great. Still, fun while it lasted.
  6. quote:Originally posted by AlephZero: I believe you have to send the marines you want deployed to an away team, and then deploy the team, I'm still new to this, but I've done something along the lines and I've had a squad of marines standing around outside of the shuttle waiting for orders, only thing is they didn't have any weapons! I guess I forgot to prep them for combat...still trying to figure that part out. Thanks I think it's the team forming that's the problem. No matter what way I deploy marines to a shuttle, even ordering them through the team option, doesn't work. The shuttle mission choice is always just none or evacuate team. Setting the last waypoint as deploy team does nothing so I guess there is no team onboard. Frustrating.
  7. Sorry to have to ask this, I'm sure it's just me being dim. I've read the manual repeatedly and various documents here and searched the forum several times but after two solid days of trying I'm no closer to figuring it out. I can't get marines to deploy from a shuttle. I set two waypoints (as recommended in one of the threads I found in search) and can get the shuttle to land. I can get it to deploy a drone happily. Not sure if problem lies with setting up teams prior to launch. I prep the marines for combat, send them to the shuttle, set up waaypoints and launch shuttle. Any suggestions as to what I'm missing would be very much appreciated. Just to say i'm a great fan of this series (enough to have the gold version on it's way despite having BCM), smashed my right arm a year or so ago and it's only just strong enough to work a joystick in the last few months and have set aside easter to crack BCM so I'm very frustrated at my obtuseness. Could it be connected with my secondary problem of setting an altitude for a waypoint? Thanks very much in advance for your suggestions. The last game I played was Freelancer so perhaps my brain has died.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: It hasn't gone into production in the UK yet. It will later this month I'm told. And that site you mention is ordering them from the US. Thanks SC. Your help people emailed me it was out in mid April in the UK so I assumed it was a UK version. They charged UK prices so I don't mind. Still, at least according to their staff (and the GAME web-site)they have no plans to stock it. Peasants! Still waiting for the Gold version to arrive but i've been wasting Easter picking up on the original, patched release. I do believe i'm finally getting the hang of it. Superb.
  9. The 2 major retailers aren't stocking it (HMV and Electronique boutique/GAME) but you can get it from strategic-plus.co.uk.
  10. Great news, sounds like its basically a new game and at that price I'm happy to buy it new for the manual. Hopefully my smashed arm will have recovered enough for me to play it - the accident has stopped me doing more than read the manual of BCM dag-nabit.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: uhm, I don't think the article title is correct. Is it? That doesn't make any sense (at least not in English), I don't think.yes, its split over 2 lines, read it as having a colon after battle improver
  12. This is voice transcription of latest pc zone article in uk march edition, hope i've caught all the errors. Article title: battle improver battle cruiser millennium's ambitions may yet be realised little by little PCs zone has never been afraid to court controversy especially when it comes to uncompromising reviews scores, and we put ourselves in the firing line again last issue with our review of Derek Smart's latest bug riddled opus battle cruiser millennium. While our fair minded reviews score has since been vindicated by reader response, we'd nevertheless like to point out that Derek Smart's previous game was also work in progress on initial release, but, to his credit, he and the team at 3000ad stuck with the game and supported it to the end. That was battle cruiser 3000ad, released virtually unplayable in 1996, later finished, developed and released free online, then as a graphically enhanced budget title in 1998. The point is, it was eventually quite decent, and the same could easily happened to be BCM, though hopefully in a slightly shorter time span. In fact, 3000ad has already released several minor patches for the game, shortly to be followed by a more substantial patch to include support for full 16 player multi-player (perhaps up to 64 on official servers). On top of this it has promised 2 major expansions to the hard core Sim, both to appear later this year. The first, code-named XP1, is to concentrate mainly on expanding the list of units and their capabilities, as well as adding new scenarios, weapons, careers, planets and a massively detailed new city. However it also promises to significantly improve the games graphics and physics engines, and adds a list of other minor enhancements as long as your arm. Several of these address specific beefs we have with the game play, such as the inability to board, capture and control enemy vessels. However none of this compares with the ambition (some would say arrogance) of the second expansion, XP 2, which promises to totally convert the game into a real-world military simulator on a global scale. All the existing units will be replaced with real-world alternatives and the entire world modelled using accurate topological data. Overweening or not, it's clear that the BCM universe is a constantly evolving one and disappointed fans can rest assured that we'll be taking another look at the game when it's in a more presentable state. Of course a slightly piqued Derek has already sworn never to forgive us, so don't expect an exclusive like any time soon.
  13. just got latest pz zone. as i suspected my letter was completely ignored. an article asserted that reader feedback confirmed their review and said a few optimistic things about forthcoming expansions.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: uhm...and how does that prevent you from registering and adding the profile to your sig? All that data is stored on my servers and you can go back and update your registration profile when you upgrade. So, please go and do it. Thanks Have registered. No point posting spec as my game pc is now in the shop, posting here from work. When its back I'll know what to put in the profile.
  15. First - before anyone jumps - I have no sig as yet because I'm having a major upgrade done in a few days to replace radeon and other non BCM friendly hardware. Second - and i'm not usually one to gush - but I have to say that even with the radeon inspired texture problems that my upgrade will fix, BCM is the finest space sim I have ever played. The way those planets LOOM as you pass them! The depth and wealth of options! It's just great to see someone realise their vision like this and of course, great to benefit.
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